?Market Position of Blackberry Essay

The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 as a bipartisan beeper. In 2002, the more commonly known smartphone, BlackBerry was released, which supports push electronic mail, nomadic telephone, text messaging, cyberspace faxing, web browse and other radio information services. It is an illustration of a convergent device.

Developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion ( RIM ) , it delivers information over the radio informations webs of nomadic phone service companies. BlackBerry foremost made headroom in the market place by concentrating on electronic mail. On 25 Sep 2008, RIM announced the figure of BlackBerry endorsers has reached about 19 million. The success of the trade name was because of one nucleus factor and that is that the company was able to place a echt mark client demand in the signifier of demand for accessing electronic mails while being on the move. Corporate executives by and large have to go a batch and therefore they value extremely the thought of staying “connected’ at all times.

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Blackberry capitalized on this really need and provided a platform to persons and corporate to assist the executives remain affiliated. Blackberry’s placement has ever been as an concern executive phone. The design of the merchandise, the integrated characteristic, selling communications have besides reflected this placement. This placement helped the company to carve out a niche for itself and avoid any direct struggle with any other nomadic handset participant.

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The Changed Scenario

Blackberry foremost with the “Pearl” and now with the “Storm” is trying a alteration in placement and traveling more towards the “Lifestyle segment” infinite. This can turn out counterproductive for the company because it straight places it in competition with Nokia, LG, Samsung and Apple I phone. In fact the storm is being actively compared to theoretical accounts like N95, LG Viewty, and Apple iphone. This state of affairs can merely work against blackberry and in favor of Apple… . Apple stands for lifestyle blackberry does non.

One may set forward the statement that the offering of similar characteristics ( connectivity ) along with a host of other value adding characteristics by the other participants may hold prompted Blackberry to do such a move. But the error in such statement is it assumes that Parity in the physical degree has nil to make with para i cognitive degree. The physical ever conditions the cognitive, physical cues act as ‘hints’ for the head to organize readings or in other words “positions” . I personally believe Blackberry could hold done without this scheme of looking slipperiness and characteristic laden. There is overpluss of other ways to spread out market which the company should hold tried before fall backing to alter in placement. hypertext transfer protocol: //brandpositioning.blogspot.co.uk/2009/01/blackberry.html

Market Position of Blackberry 2012 Sunday, October 21,

1. Although Blackberry made by RIM Corporation is still used by 1000000s of people in the United States, its use in nil compared to other smart-phone that are turning so rapidly. Blackberry is now traveling downward while Apple’s portion of nomadic traffic is traveling upward. The ground for this is that iPhone5 have some characteristics that blackberry don’t have them. So, people don’t want blackberry. Alternatively, they want to hold Apple merchandise since Apple keeps invention and promotion in their merchandise and they fulfill what people ask for.

2. RIMs place in footings of the Porter Model:

Menace of entry: the menace of new entrants into the nomadic industry is high. For case, Apple’s entrant into the market is a menace for RIM.

Supplier power: the dickering power of providers is low because processors of the same architecture used by RIM are produced by many companies such as Intel, Freescale and Texas Instruments.

Buyer power: the dickering power of purchasers is lifting up since there is an increased pick of new smart-phones in the market.

Menace of replacements: RIM has menace of replacements since engineerings have advanced really rapidly.

Competitive competition within an industry: competition within this industry seems to
be high and this is unsafe because it consequences in reduced mean profitableness for the house. hypertext transfer protocol: //dashnemustafa.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/market-position-of-blackberry.html

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