Martial Arts Influence in Indonesia Essay

Soldierly humanistic disciplines in Indonesia wholly started when the Chinese raced Indonesians brought the Chinese soldierly humanistic disciplines to Indonesia leting Indonesian soldierly humanistic disciplines to develop. The soldierly humanistic disciplines depicted in Kho Ping Hoo and the film ‘Merantau’ both have similarities and differences.

Kho Ping Hoo was a celebrated Indonesian soldierly art writer with Chinese ethnicity who wrote narratives about soldierly art. Kho Pinging Hoo was inspired from Hongkong and Taiwanese movies. Kho Pinging Hoo wrote books illicitly since during that epoch. anything that was Chinese related was banned including the linguistic communication. The type of soldierly art Kho Ping Hoo wrote was KungFu. KungFu is a soldierly art of self-defence. Kungfu is a soldierly art where the purpose is to assail the force per unit area points and any other weak musca volitanss. Kungfu uses both manus and pes techniques. The kunfu techniques could besides be applied on bamboo sticks. nun chows. blades. lances and many other arms ; Kungfu techniques could pretty much be applied in anything realistic as a arm. Kungfu is one of the most popular and oldest good known soldierly humanistic disciplines. Kho Ping Hoo mentioned that Kungfu is a soldierly art of internal energy.

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The film ‘Merantau’ is an Indonesian soldierly art based film. chiefly silak minang. ‘Merantau’ means to seek for an chance in a new topographic point. Silak minang is a type of Indonesian soldierly art. pencak silat. The specific type of soldierly art used in the film was silat harimau. This soldierly art dressed ores on the motion of a tiger. Silat harimau is a soldierly art which can be fought with both legs and weaponries. Silat harimau has a specific arm used called the ‘kuku harimau’ which has a concaved form. This arm is used as an extension nail whereas can give terrible harm. The Silak minang is chiefly used for ego defence.

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There are many similarities and differences between the soldierly humanistic disciplines in the film ‘Merantau’ and the Martial mentioned in Kho Ping Hoo’s book. A difference is that Kho Ping Hoo didn’t reference any specific arm used in Kungfu apart from a bamboo stick. However. in the film ‘Merantau’ the people that demonstrate the soldierly art of silek minang uses a arm called ‘kuku harimau. ’ A similarity is that both silek minang and kungfu is used as a intent of ego – defence. However Silek minang could besides be performed in a ceremonial or a festival.

In decision. the soldierly humanistic disciplines depicted in Kho Ping Hoo and the film ‘Merantau’ both have similarities and differences. Even though both these soldierly humanistic disciplines come from different topographic points. they are both used as a intent of ego – defence.

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