Montgomery Boyscott

It’s knowable that African-Americans have been treated inferior and biased.

throughout the past decades in the United States. December 1, 1955’s event aroused hopes for the African-Americans. Apparently, a black courageous woman shaped this hope for the African-American. .

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In Montgomery, Alabama segregation was part of everyday life. Blacks that lived there faced segregation in almost everywhere including parks, schools, restaurants, public bathrooms, theaters and also in the bus system. Can you imagine this happening to you or in the train station when the conductor will tell you to be segregated from others, or if you want to get an education you won’t be able to because of your race? If we think this is inhumane then it would have been miserable for the African Americans. The African Americans would have felt so much times humiliated and maltreated compared to us because they practically experienced through their eyes. . .

It’s all started on a Thursday, December 1, 1955 when a forty-two years old black woman, named Rosa Parks boarded into a city bus after finishing work as a tailor’s assistant at the Montgomery Fair department store. She sat in the middle section of the bus because the first four rows of the bus are forbidden for the blacks, and only white passengers would have the privilege to sit. Some bus drivers required the blacks to pay in the front and then order the blacks to get on the bus at the back door.

At that time it was an established rule for the blacks to give up their seats to the whites if whites were left standing and even if a row is sat by blacks, they would have to clear the row to let the whites sit even if it were just one white passenger. Three other blacks were sitting with Rosa Parks. When a white passenger boarded and saw that all the seats were taken the driver, James F. Blake ordered Mrs. Parks and three other blacks to give up their seats and move back.

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