Muslim Societies Essay

The deceit of Islamic societies is nil new. particularly when they are being covered by the Western media. Islamic communities. in world. cross a wider scope of traditions and civilizations particularly when compared to Christian communities. Then once more. as they are represented by Western media. Muslim communities are considered as massive. This is merely one of the many instances that prove how distorted the word picture of Islamic communities are.

Western media besides tends to see Muslim provinces as Islamic without even to the full groking the differences of the ways in which Islam coexists with the province in assorted states. It is besides of import to see the complexity of these interactions which most Western media fail to recognize. To supply a wider position on this issue. a book entitled “Comparing Muslim Societies: Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization. ” edited by Juan R. I. Cole. is penned. This book contains eight essays from different authors across the Earth. It besides provides the reader several suggestions for farther reading.

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Below is a list of some of the essays included in the book and reappraisals of each essay are as follows: First Reviewed Essay: Nikki Keddie’s “Material Culture. Technology and Geography: Toward a Holistic Comparative Study of the Middle East. ” This essay is about the influence of altering engineerings in the development of Middle East history. The writer argues that it is of import for historiographers to interact with applied scientists and archeologists. because this is a more effectual manner to better understand the civilization taking topographic point in the Middle East.

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The writer suggests that a historiographer. when non intimidated by Altusser. Foucault and Freud. will most likely merely bury about the chief thesis of the topic when simple subjects on fabric looms are included. Yet. these simple treatments on tools used in history are extremely important parts of the rich history of Islamic communities ( Yee. 1992 ) . Second Reviewed Essay: Charles Lindholm’s “Quandries of Command in Classless Societies: Examples from Swat and Morocco” . What Charles Lindholm did to this essay is to happen the challenges of accommodating obvious unfairnesss of power and resources with classless ethos and an classless faith.

He made particular reference of the Berbers of Morocco and the Swat Pukhtun of Pakistan. What made this essay interesting is his first-class comparings between the mentioned societies and the United States because the disagreements between these groups are extremely manifested and evidently bing ( Yee. 1992 ) . Third Reviewed Essay: Dale Fickelman’s “The Art of Memory: Muslim Education and Its Social Reproduction” . It is this essay that made readers larn more about the transmittal of larning taking topographic point in Morocco during the first old ages of the century.

In traditional system of instruction in Islamic communities. rote-learning is extremely observed. This facet of their tradition is ne’er magnified and frequently ignored. However. with Dale Eickelman’s essay. he showed his readers the more complicated image of this type of instruction. He emphasized the thought of rote-learning and related it to the function of this type of pattern to a societal context. Comparisons were made possible with the usage of Western educational traditions and Muslim societal systems ( Yee. 1992 ) . Comparing Muslim Societies is a book that is nil short of a mastermind.

What this book caters to are pupils taking up sociology and anthropology. particularly if they are get downing to be introduced to the Islamic universe. Then once more. since this book has to hold a broad readership since it deserves that anyhow. this book so besides entreaties to general readers who want to larn more about Islam and Islamic communities. Readers will be given a more thoughtful expression on a topic such as the representation of Islam which is the same topic that is given really light attending by mainstream media today.

Readers of Comparing Muslim Societies will doubtless larn to be more considerate when nearing surveies and treatments about Islamic communities. Mentions Cole. J. R. ( erectile dysfunction ) . ( 1992 ) . Comparing Moslem Societies: Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization. University of Michigan Press. Yee. D. ( 1992 ) . Comparing Moslem Societies: Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization – A Book Review. Danny Yee’s Book Reviews Website. February 26. 2009. from hypertext transfer protocol: //dannyreviews. com/h/Comparing_Muslim_Societies. hypertext markup language.

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