My Core Beliefs And Theory Of Practice Education Essay

Nationally, there is an outlook that all pupils, by the terminal of high school, will be college and calling ready, and diverse scholars to include English Language Learners and pupils with disablements, every bit good as those who are educated in urban scenes are no exclusion. As schools prepare pupils to run into this outlook, they must supply them with non merely the societal consciousness, attitudes, and beliefs needed to be successful in post-secondary instruction and employment, but besides the character and unity required to be productive citizens in our planetary, technological, and multidimensional society. Among other twenty-first century accomplishments, this includes the ability to believe critically, work out jobs, and pass on efficaciously.

It is my belief that all pupils, irrespective of circumstance or difference, should and must be held to the same high academic criterions. Because learning and larning ne’er truly ends, the educational procedure is a “ life, organic ” one. All pupils are capable of geting cognition and developing accomplishments, and must therefore accept ownership in the procedure of going life-long scholars. As pedagogues, it is our duty to learn, challenge, and support pupils in recognizing and accomplishing their upper limit larning possible as we move them towards proficiency. This is accomplished by supplying for activities and experiences inside and outside of the schoolroom that are knowing, seasonably, and timeless, based on pupil demands and involvements, separately and in groups.

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Each pupil can and wants to larn.

Therefore, as a instructor, it is my duty to actuate the pupils in my schoolroom to larn by assisting them to understand how what they are larning is relevant to them as persons and as members of the community. When this duty is carried out as intended, pupils will convey significance to freshly learned information, doing connexions across subjects and to their mundane lives.

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All pupils, when given the appropriate support, are capable of executing at or above the adept degree as defined by the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.

Therefore, as a instructor, it is my duty to supply the pupils in my schoolroom with course of study that is strict, which both challenges and supports them in run intoing high academic criterions. Direction and appraisal must and will be aligned with the course of study. When this duty is carried out as intended, pupils will develop a repertory of accomplishments and schemes that enable them to entree the content-specific, rate degree information contained in the province criterions.

Every pupil counts and demands, wants, and deserves a high-grade instruction, every bit good as the support of caring grownups.

Therefore, as a instructor, it is my duty to animate the pupils in my schoolroom to work harder and accomplish more by edifice meaningful, productive relationships with them based on trust, single duty, and common regard. When this duty is carried out as intended, pupils will understand they are valued members of the acquisition community and they will show their committedness to the instruction and acquisition procedure.


As it relates to education, a theory of pattern is, harmonizing to Argyris, Putnam, and McLain Smith ( 1985 ) , the lens through which an pedagogue positions their pattern. One ‘s theory of pattern is influenced by their personal values, every bit good as their cognition and beliefs about the instruction profession and their sentiments about what is considered “ good plenty ” based on their past experiences and present context and state of affairs. Not merely does a theory of pattern provide a model for decision-making, but it besides provides a model for cognition acquisition and information processing.

McAlpine and Weston ( 2000 ) highlight the value of contemplation in the instruction profession, asseverating that it is a accelerator for the betterment of instruction and acquisition. As I reflect – looking closely at and believing carefully approximately, in peculiar, my beliefs about how kids learn, grow, and develop best, and acknowledging the diverse perspectives that are present in today ‘s schoolrooms and schools – I am reminded of the celebrated quotation mark from Transcendentalist American writer Henry David Thoreau ‘s ( 1854 ) critically acclaimed book, Walden, and this serves as the anchor for my theory of pattern:

“ If a adult male does non maintain gait with his comrades, possibly it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, nevertheless measured or far off. ”

The schoolroom as a community of scholars: I like to believe of the schoolroom as a community of scholars where pupils and the instructor are ever larning from each other. To me, the pupils in my schoolroom are, in kernel, a “ set ” of different drummers, each coming with different endowments and abilities. As the leader of the “ subdivision, ” I believe I must be accountable and committed to quality at all times. Because of this, I use my cognition and apprehension of my pupils ‘ endowments and abilities, every bit good as their single demands and involvements to make a productive instruction and acquisition environment for the group.

Committed to high accomplishment regardless of the cost, I remain dedicated to fixing every pupil for informed, responsible citizenship in our planetary, technological, and multidimensional society. I jealously guard the right of my pupils to a first instruction and maintain them as the focal point of each determination I make. I believe that instruction is my “ naming, ” and in carry throughing this assignment destined to me by the Most High Power, I believe that I can assist open doors to brighter hereafters for the pupils I serve. Relationships are the footing of all acquisition ; consequently, I pledge to work with pupils, households, co-workers, and the community in the nurturing of such in an attempt to give better results for pupils.

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