My Dream House Essay

Populating life big as people may state it. is my sort of life style. my dream is to do it large and bask the finest things in life. Indeed. this can merely come with dedication. difficult work and a maestro program. My dream house can be described in two words. classy and comfy. The scene should be at the beach where I can see the ocean and bask cool zephyr ; this would besides give me the opportunity to bask my avocation. that it swimming.

The design should be a mixture of the old and modern architecture and rises above the land to be held by big beacons. The high rise would guarantee that the trees do non barricade my ocean position. The colour would be sky blue that would fit and intermix with the nearby ocean Waterss and which besides happens to be my favourite colour. The roofing should be fitted in that it is able to supervise the beach and ocean activities and Acts of the Apostless as a distant conditions station.

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In the interior. the field white colour would poise the walls with pictures from exhibitions. I like pictures from the Africa continent and the ancient Asiatic art. In add-on. sculptures would come in ready to hand in the interior ornaments. The black leather sofas would hold a clear entreaty to the house and do it comfy. Supplying the house would be really easy as my penchant would be artistic furniture. A lazy bag is besides a favourite piece. non because am lazy but because it ensures creativeness and relaxation ; to boot. the Jacuzzi would be a no missing characteristic. I would non travel for the many roomed and big houses since they have a feel of solitariness. In decision. my dream house stands out because of the scene. design and the blend of a modern and ancient construction.

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