My Dream House Essay Sample

My dream house would hold at least six sleeping rooms. 4 bathrooms. walk-in cupboards. a mixture of rug and hardwood floors. a immense kitchen. populating roon. household room. and hearth. There will be a bathroom & A ; balcony in the maestro and invitee sleeping rooms. My house would hold an indoor swimming pool. with a hot bath. A bowling back street is a must. I think that the household would hold soooooooo much merriment with that! Besides. I would hold a theatre because I LOVE to watch films. particularly with company. I would besides hold an fish tank. I love fish because of their colourss. They are such a beautiful sight. Furthermore. I would hold a game room with: Nintendo Wii. Pacman. Pool tabular array. fire hook tabular array & A ; etc. Another must is high ceilings. I think it makes the house expression broad and comfy. There would besides hold to be a room for ornament. significance that no 1 will sit in this country. Last but non least. I want my house to be an unfastened position. significance that I want to be able to see what is traveling on downstairs. while being upstairs. and I am non speaking about the whole downstairs country. merely portion of it.

My dream house: I want a nice house. . 2 degrees. . downstairs will hold a dining room with duplicate scenes. a large life room with leather sofas and a anteroom. really antique. . a unstained kitchen with ovens and a microwave on the wall. . one want everything in my kitchen to be unstained Ag. . electric refrigerator. oven. dish washer. . etc. . and of class a bathroom. . and one want curvey stepss to travel to the sleeping rooms. . I want my sleeping room to hold a walking cupboard and a bathroom with hot bath. . and a balcony. . there’s besides a invitee room with a bathroom. . a large room for amusement like pool. . game room. . and another room for offices. . so one can make my work. . and one want everything in marble. . and of class a large garage

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My backyard will be a large 1. . so one can make my horticulture and a large pool right in the center or possibly a small pond…theres traveling to be a barbeque setting…thats my dream house and hopefully one twenty-four hours it will come true

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My dream house includes a courtyard in the centre to which my cats have free entree to safely come and travel from our “family” room. Off the “family room” is a big “shower” type room where my cats get their nutrient and H2O and have their cat box. I can easy take their dishes and litter box and merely lavish it clean. The “family” room besides has stairwaies and overhead tracts every bit good as topographic points for my cats to sit and sun themselves near the full tallness Windowss. As for my ain amenitiess. there is a kitchen. dining room. formal sitting country all of which are unaccessible to the cats. I have non merely a maestro sleeping room and bath. two guest suites each with their ain bathrooms and a downstairs bath for general usage. but an exercising room. an indoor pool. hearths in both the life room and the maestro sleeping room. a immense library and a laundry room every bit good as a game room and YES have dreamed about this before.

There are plentifulness of different houses in the universe. I know: a Villa. a block of flats. a farm. a hut. a skyscraper or a collapsible shelter. In the old yearss people lived in the palace or in the castle. They were knights or really rich work forces. Young people like life in the camper during vacation. The houses are made from rocks. clay or cement. Nowadays people return to construct wooden houses. They are really healthy and beautiful but they are said to be really easy shred fire.

Now I am traveling to depict the house of my dreams. It should be in the suburb of the large metropolis. at the border of a little wood. I would wish to construct two metres wall around my belongings. I would drive into though an automatic gate. In my dreams avider avenue shred basswood trees on each side leads me to my place. Following to the house there is a garage for my autos. I get off my auto and I can see a beautiful juicy green grass around my house. The trees. which we planted which my household are rather high. I like fir trees really much so I take attention of them. My hubby likes larches really much and they are favorite trees. Our beloved amah Clara loves flowers and they are grooving on flower bed in forepart of my patio.

My house is non a high edifice. It is based on “U” missive. There are many large wooden Windowss in white walls. The roof is sleep and brown. Now the small bell invites us place. We are in really cozy broad hall with the hearth. It is the most of import topographic point at my place. The whole household meet here after our busy twenty-four hours. I have nice modern kitchen with all the machines assisting with kitchens plants. The dinning room is in cheery colorss and we can travel out the balcony when there are hot yearss.

In the western portion of the house are the sleeping rooms. Each sleeping room has got its ain bathroom. The kids wanted to hold a shower in their bathrooms.

My sleeping room is a beautiful and light topographic point. The furniture is made of pine with xanthous and brown stuff. My favorite topographic point in the sleeping room is a closet. There are plentifulness of frocks and suits and smart places in different colorss. I have got so many chapeaus. I could form a really interesting exhibition. It is really of import for me to hold the best cosmetics. There are a batch of little bottles of aromas on my dressing tabular array. When I look out the window from my sleeping room I can see a beautiful position of glistening lake. Following to my sleeping room is a land of my small girl. She is six old ages old and she loves Barbie really much so her room is pink like a confect. She has got all of Barbie tots.

I like my house really much and my household like disbursement clip together. We meet at dinner tome in our dinning- room and these are really happy minutes when we talk to each other about our passing twenty-four hours.

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