Narrative report

The most awaited time has come; the time to reap the fruits of all the hard work and perseverance that we have done. We would not have come this far if not for the help, assistance and support given to us by some special people. We truly want to express to them our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. Unending thanks praises be to God Almighty for making all things possible.

Countless blessing He has showered upon us and our family that is why we owe everything to Him. We could feel His presence whenever hard and troubled times happen, making us a stronger and better person. Our parents and our family are the next in our list. God knows how responsible they are Just to give us financial and moral support. We could not forget how bothered our parents become when we need to pay our obligations and projects in school. Our Father patiently waits for us whenever class dismisses late at night.

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All these sacrifices have done by them Just to provide us with the better future ahead and for that, we want to express to them how grateful us for having them in our life. We would likewise want to acknowledge the role that our school, College for Research ND Technology, has played in giving us students the opportunity to acquire computer knowledge and skills necessary to find and perform worthwhile and rewarding Jobs at affordable tuition fees. Because of this, many students like us are so thankful for having a college education that is within our reach.

Our entire instructor also deserves our sincerest thanks for patiently imparting to us the knowledge we need and for honing our skills necessary in our chosen field of work. They even share some insights on how we could succeed and their various experiences worth emulating. We were so fortunate to have been given the chance to induct our on-the-Job training at HAWSER Financial and Management Consultants, Inc. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the HAWSER staff, especially Anger. Andrea G.

Fiesta, for being so friendly, supportive and accommodating throughout the training period. They treat us not Just as trainees but also as part of the family. They opened the doors of the professional world and allow us to enter through it happily and easily. Lastly, a Joyous and warmest gratitude goes to our classmates and friends for making our college life happy, meaningful and work remembering forever. The bonding moments that we share always lessen the pressures of examinations, assignments and projects.

A certain task, no matter how hard it may seem, becomes easy and enjoyable when friends and classmates our around ready extend a helping hand. The memories we have with them are worth to be cherished and valued for as long as we live. Introduction Company History Company Mission And Vision Organizational Structure Company Rules And Regulation Narration Of Experience 1 . Jailed A. Yukon 2. Ma. Christina G. Tog 3. Larval B. Muriel Problems Encountered Virtues Developed Conclusion And Recommendation

Documentation Appendices Certificate Of Completion Endorsement Letter Practicum Agreement Waiver Student”rain Information Sheet Trainee’s Evaluation Sheet Xerox Of Daily Time Record Sheet Daily/Weekly Work Activity Mock Job Interview Rating Sheet Student’s Resume INTRODUCTION What we consider first about On-The-Job training is one that allow us to practice what we learned from school to meet different people from different walks of life, to improve interpersonal skills and the one that could provide us the best training possible. We believed this will be the good for us to be able to achieve our goals, reams and aspirations someday.

The main objective of our narrative report is to understand the scope of the service industry, to have an idea or to know what a professional world is? In conducting our on-the-Job training at HAWSER. For almost 4 months of our on the Job training in this company we understand, experience and learned more things that we never experienced before in our lives. For every day of our duty during our JOT it made us more Professional, responsible and mature enough as a trainees, from that we learned how to manage our time in the duration of our JOT while schooling as well.

In our part not everything that we experienced and learned from our JOT is not that easy because we feel pressure because that was our first time to do professional tasks. So that, after doping all our activities and tasks in our JOT and we knew that our trainer really appreciate our presence, skills and abilities we are happy, flattered and very proud of our selves, for making Job well done and for making all these things possible. All the things that we experienced in our on-the-Job training whether it is good or bad, worst and best, even our Joys and sadness would be indicated in our narrative report.

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