National Education Essay

National instruction is a topic that aims to increase the national individuality of pupils and citizens in Hong Kong. There are several stairss to assist carry through this subject’s aims. As it is believed to hold benefits to the pupils in analyzing every bit good as assisting critical thought.

There are some. nevertheless. some people see the content of this topic is brain-washing which hinders pupils to larn the existent history of China. so that this topic still remains as the non-core topic in the primary schools or secondary schools. In this essay. both the advantages and disadvantages of national instruction in Hong Kong will be examined before pulling a decision based on the giving grounds.

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Moral and national instruction ( MNE ) is a school course of study proposed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in 2012. Hong Kong authorities wanted to advance national instruction in both primary schools and secondary schools. There are several advantages while advancing national instruction for pupils. One of the benefits is assisting pupils to increase the national individuality. Consultation on Moral and National Education Curriculum ( 2011 ) has reported that one of the course of studies aims is to ease identity-building through developing fondness for the state. this can assist increase the national individuality to pupils.

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Since the publicity of state to Hong Kong pupils were non plenty in their perusal phases in the authorities thought. therefore the authorities propose this topic to pupils every bit good as the citizens to assist them hold a more accurate and clear head of the state which can assist acknowledge the individuality every bit good as raising students’ acknowledgment and sense of belonging towards their household. society. state and the universe and assist them to go responsible household members. citizens and subjects ( Moral and National Education Curriculum Guide Primary 1 to Secondary 6. 2011 ) .

Equally good as addition the national individuality. assisting pupils to develop moral qualities and a positive attitude is besides the other advantages of advancing national instruction. In the course of study of the national instruction. pupils could hold more clip for critical thought. Harmonizing to Moral and National Education Curriculum Guide Primary 1 to Secondary 6 ( 2011 ) ”The course of study aims screen values and attitudes. cognition and accomplishments. and concentrate on: development of moral qualities. taking a pregnant life. growing in cognition. judgment moderately and being responsible and rational. ”

This can assist pupils beef up their moral qualities in continuing Chinese virtuousnesss. develop an fondness for the state and aid pupils develop positive values and attitudes. What is more. when pupils holding their lesson of this topic. they may larn how to develop a positive and optimistic attitude ( Education Bureau of Hong Kong [ EBHK ] . 2002 ) . This can assist pupils holding a better manage of their survey and assist the pupils to alleviate their survey force per unit area.

Apart from the above advantages. there are besides some disadvantages in advancing national instruction. Harmonizing to the course of study of this topic. some history of China had been cancelled or changed. The “China Model National Conditions Teaching Manual” which is the theoretical account text edition of the National Education was found to be biased towards the Communist of China and the alleged “China Model” ( Oriental Daily. [ 13 July. 2012 ] ) . The learning manual called the Communist Party an “advanced. selfless and united opinion group. while denouncing Democratic and Republican Parties of the United States as a “fierce inter-party competition that makes the people suffer” .

Mok ( 2012 ) points out that the members of Scholar and Civil Alliance against the National Education against the brainwashing national instruction course of study before school commences as most of the content were pretended to be brainwashing to both primary and secondary schools pupils. Parents thought that this may impede pupils to larn the truth of their state and alter their heads when they learned. Thus. some of the parents were afraid their kids would larn the incorrect history and bad mode in this class without deriving any benefits.

What is worse. adding one more topic in the core-subjects to the primary and secondary schools pupils may increase the work load of the pupils and may increase their survey force per unit areas. There are different focal points in this topic for different signifiers of pupils. Education Bureau of Hong Kong ( EBHK. 2002 ) mentions the moral and national instruction covers four Key Stages from P1 to S6 across primary and secondary degrees.

Each Key Stage comprises five spheres including personal. household. societal. national and planetary. with a position to advance the development of positive values and attitudes every bit good as identity-building in pupils. This reveals that pupils need to larn one more topic in their primary and secondary school lives. This will increase their work load and more survey force per unit area will be released.

It is clear that there are both advantages and disadvantages in suggesting National Education. Proposing National Education can increase the state individuality to pupils every bit good as citizens which help them to be responsible national in states. Furthermore. this can assist pupils to develop moral qualities and a positive attitude. However. there are several disadvantages while suggesting this topic. The content of this topic has non cover all the truth of China to pupils and this may encephalon rinsing the pupils and this may increase the work load of the pupils. Thus. national instruction still remain the non-core topic in schools.

Taking these statements into consideration. National Education can increase the state individuality to the citizens and aid pupils foster the positive attitude. However. these benefits can merely be realized through proper instruction stuffs. guaranting that the instructor. pupils and capable are focus on the direct content and non merely brainwashing the pupils. Students today are frequently have high survey force per unit areas they can let go of their emphasis when they holding appropriate classs in National Education.

No affair this topic would be proposed or non. there are both pros and cons to the pupils. More inside informations of this topic should be consulted and examined by both Hong Kong authorities and citizens.

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