Native American Boarding Schools Essay Sample

Native Americans have had a long and hard experience since the Europeans had arrived to their land. They had relocated the indigens. committed a race murder on them. and even reeducated them to bury their civilization. Many Native American kids had were forced to travel to get oning schools ; the parents were either given supplies to populate. or the parents were forced to give up their kids. The whole point of get oning school was to extinguish the native civilization and replace it with European civilization. This was a dark history for the American people that committed these awful offenses.

The Native American had a long history dating farther than anyone can happen and was normally passed down through unwritten told narratives. “It is non merely that the sounds are unusual to the ears of non-Native people… [ to European ears this was gibberish ] . ” ( Midgette 2 ) . Europeans realized that their history was passed through narratives. so the Europeans decided to forcefully educate the Native kids to extinguish their history and civilization. This had a great toll on the Native Americans over the many old ages that this plan started to take consequence.

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Many Europeans had a rough position of Native Americans and their civilization and life.

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“… I think no great God will be done boulder clay they be more civilized” ( Eliot 1 ) . Many Europeans idea of the Native Americans as barbarian. barbarian people. Even though the Natives shared many things in common in society construction. As Europeans thought they were different they were non so different. This lead to issues later. War broke out between them and subsequently get oning schools were used to extinguish the Native civilization.

To Native Americans European society was a new unusual universe that they were non accepted into. “I was both scared and insulted by such trifling” ( zitkala-sa 50 ) . In this citation the writer who is merely a small miss at the clip does non understand the ways that the European adult female treated her. She feels that she is seeking to abash and mock her. Most Native Americans could non understand the manner that Europeans acted. This is a good illustration that there were some misinterpretations between the Natives and the white people.

Many of the parents disowned their ain kids once they started to go to the embarkation schools. “… [ M ] y mother [ was ] far off on the western fields. and she was keeping a charge against me” ( zitkala-sa 80 ) . In this quotation mark the parent of the kid resented the immature miss merely because she went to the boarding school. so the female parent idea of the miss a “Whiteman. ” This was non merely the instance with this immature kid. Many other parent of kids abandoned the kids merely because they thought of them as “White-men” .

This torus households apart and caused favoritism between the Native folk. Reasons for kids go toing these schools are shown in this quotation mark. “ [ C ] hildren populating on reserves were ordered to go to mission schools [ ( get oning schools ) ] far from their families” ( stan 1 ) . The household that did non follow the order was denied rations. Or in many instances the household would be forced to direct their kids to the schools without rations. This shows that it was non a pick for the Natives. It was forced upon them by the authorities.

The boarding school plan was used to destruct the Indian civilization through learning immature Indian kids to bury their Native civilization. “ [ I ] n 1879 the U. S. authorities launched an attempt at what is now called cultural genocide…” ( Ernie C. Sagado jr. ) .

The U. S. had tried many ways of contending the Indians through war. resettlement. and “cultural race murder. ” This method worked for a really little per centum of the clip that this plan ran. The kids who were sent to these schools stayed there for three or more old ages to extinguish their native linguistic communication and civilization to profit the authorities in taking the Native land. This is a petroleum and unusual maneuver that the U. S. authorities used on the Indian people to derive control of their land.

American indians were non accepted to European society because of their civilization. linguistic communication. and visual aspects. There were many misinterpretations between the Europeans and the Indians even though they are non so different from one another.

The kids were sent to schools to bury their civilization to change over them to the European civilization. The U. S. authorities started this plan in 1879 as a war maneuver. This tactic did non work every bit expected. though. Many Native American kids had been forced to travel to get oning schools ; the parents were either given supplies to populate or the parents were forced to give up their kids ; the whole point of get oning school was to extinguish the native civilization and replace it with European civilization.

If the two found a better manner to coexist would this all have happened and would it better everyone.

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