Network Design For The Architecture Computer Science Essay

This study included the web design for the architecture house. Tauten the houses office consists of five suites plus a response country all on a individual floor. This study includes 3 parts. Part 1 is the web design within the office. Separate 2 consists of company intranet and extranet design including informations storage and bandwidth demands. Separate 3 includes the security steps need to be taken to procure the extranet and internal web. Undertaking 1 includes different options available for web design and cabling. Task 2 includes the design of an intranet and extranet. Final portion includes the security steps need to be applied to the web and the waiters.

Out of the different options available option 3 loanblend of wired and wireless networking is the preferable method for this scenario.

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This design usage IEEE 802.3 Ethernet criterion with start topology. This topology avoids individual point of failure and possible cringles and congestions.

Wireless criterion usage will be IEEE 802.11n.

Choice of a web overseas telegram depends on the figure of personal computers and size of the web, protocols and topology used. Out of the Ethernet topologies used such as coach, star, ring and additive coach, nominal ring this design utilize start topology.


Installation easy

Simple constellations and alterations.

High handiness

Support for UTP, Coaxial and fiber ocular overseas telegrams.


More cost than other options

individual point of failure

Require more overseas telegrams than coach topology

Diagram 2- Star Topology ( RohitDhingra. 2012. Types of Network Topologies. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // . [ Accessed 10 November 12 ] .

Expanded star topology

This topology uses the start topology with additive coach topology as back bone. Often the anchor used fibre overseas telegrams for long distance and velocity.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Diagram – 3 Extended star topology ( Florida Center for Instructional Technology. 2011. Cabling. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 10 November 12 ] .


Supply support for future enlargements

Multi-vendor and engineering support


High cost

Complex constellations

When compared with cost, enlargement options, Cable types, and length of overseas telegrams required and besides the figure of personal computers and the waiters every bit good as informations storage demands start topology is the best option.

Star topology supports UTP, fibre overseas telegrams whereas bus topology supports coaxial, UTP merely.

Types and connections

Unshielded Distorted Pair ( UTP ) Cable

Diagram 4- UTP Cables ( Florida Center for Instructional Technology. 2011. Cabling. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 10 November 12 ] . )

Two types of UTP overseas telegrams use for Ethernet LAN

1. Cat 5 and CAT5e

2. Cat 6

CAT 5 supports up to 100Mbps ( 2 brace ) , 1000Mbps ( 4 brace ) and CAT5e supports up to 1000Mbps. Cat 6 10,000Mbps. Maximal distance of UTP is between 80M-100M.

Connection used for UTP is RJ45 connection.

Shielded Distorted Pair ( STP ) Cable

UTP overseas telegrams are exposed to electromagnetic intervention ( EMI ) and perturbations. STP overseas telegrams are shielded with foils to resists EMI.

In this scenario where the PCS are non susceptible to EMI and does non necessitate usage of STP.

Coaxial Cable

Diagram 5 -Coaxial overseas telegrams ( Florida Center for Instructional Technology. 2011. Cabling. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 10 November 12 ] . )

Coaxial overseas telegrams use a metal music director shielded by plastic bed insulated by a metal bed. Metal layer provide resistant from EMI. Coaxial overseas telegrams can be used for long distance than UTP overseas telegrams. Thin coaxal overseas telegrams can be used up to 185M where as thick coaxal overseas telegrams can be used up to 500m. Disadvantage of coaxal overseas telegram is hard to put in.

Coaxial overseas telegram connection

Connection used with coaxal overseas telegrams is BNC connection.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber overseas telegrams use glass protected by several beds to defy from EMI. Besides fiber optics can convey informations for long distance over many stat mis linking several edifices.

Diagram 6-Fiber Optical overseas telegrams ( Florida Center for Instructional Technology. 2011. Cabling. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 10 November 12 ] . )

Harmonizing to the scenario fibre optics is non required as the offices are within short distance and within one edifice.

Wireless connexion

Use of wireless entree points in this design is rearward compatible with 802.11a/b/g.

Technical requirements-Recommendations

Out of the above options design will be done utilizing start topology of Ethernet utilizing CAT 6 overseas telegrams. Server room will hold a 19 ” U rack with UPS power. Use of CAT 6 overseas telegrams support extra characteristics such as POE, higher velocities. Connections use is RJ45 connections and the two port faceplates use one port as a backup. All the overseas telegrams connect to a spot panel and arrange utilizing overseas telegram direction units. Cisco Linksys manageable 24 port switch used to link devices. This port includes 2 Gigabit uplinks and 1 jazz band port which can utilize for both fiber uplinks and UTP uplinks.

Internet connexion should hold 1Mbps bandwidth hence a T1 line would be used. As a backup cyberspace connexion ADSL connexion with 512 Mbps uplink and 1Mbps down nexus can be used. This nexus should back up the upload and download of big capacity architectural drawings and for electronic mail.

Within the LAN 100Mbps velocity

Table 2 – Cabling/connectors demands

Diagram 7-Network design

Undertaking 2

Requirements to plan the intranet/extranet

Table 3 – Hardware/network specifications

Choice standards

Cisco 1751 router provide VPN, double WAN, and voice IP features with built in firewall.

Cisco SR224G switch has 2 Gbps uplinks an SFP /UTP support jazz band port for future enlargements

HP Z210 workstation high in writing arranger and constellation is suited for designers. Drawings

UTP CAT6 overseas telegrams provide higher velocity up to gigabit and power over Ethernet ( POE ) .

Hp DL 380 waiter with RAID 5 provide redundancy high public presentation.

Cost of Hardware and installings

Table 4 – Cost of Installation and hardware


Diagram 8- Extranet

Undertaking 3

Following security issues are considered


Email security

Internet security

Wireless security

Other security issues

Physical security

Table 5- Security controls


The design of web for architecture house LAN, intranet and extranet is a ambitious undertaking. An extranet is a positive every bit good as negative hazard to a company. Therefore the web design should hold redundancy every bit good as security. The design provide the opportunity of acquiring cognition of security and web design constructs including cabling, topologies, web capacity planning, and security.

This design is good support for future web enlargements.

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