Nurture strongly influences early human development

Primitive human evolution is a vital conditions that outcome the children’s future, which most people believe that it was affected by nature and surroundings environment. This view is still a long-running crucial debate throughout the centuries, of which one of these is more influential.

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Nature is the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to the other. Nurture is the neighboring environment that we live in. It seems that both nature and nurture strongly impacted the newborn but upbringing tends to play an important role than genes. Nature is determined as the heredity or inheritance that is passed from our family or ancestors.

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It is the fact that human genes essentially take part in this action. The genetic structure decides the human genders, the outward form of the fetus such as the color of the skin, hair, eyes, the body size and especially the characteristics.

For instance, social skill and learning ability are determined by genetic structure more than the way that we are reared up by our parents, according to science correspondent, Nick Collins’s experiment on twins that share the same home environment. For this reason, it has been considered that their genes play greater role than practical knowledge and the neighboring environment. In addition, human growth is another main factor.

The motor development of the babies goes through a similar progression includes rolling, sitting up, standing, crawling and walking (Atkinson, 1999). This means that natural influence is constantly occurring in heredity and behavior. On the other hand, nurture has many facts that have even greater impact on human development. Initially, infants experience the world by learning from the surroundings via their sensory system and everyday routine.

Education is one of the environmental factors that have the power to modify human characteristics. The idea of John B. Watson and B.F Skinner indicates children can become any kind of people depending on how they are educated. Therefore, the personality does not rely on the genes. Furthermore, training in motor development can accelerate the motor behavior to some extent. As stated by Zelazo, babies have an inborn stepping reflex.

Encouragement from adults, like practicing step movements related to walking, can make them walk earlier than expected. (Zelazo, Zelazo & Kolb, 1972) In addition, the progress of verbal communication is influenced by both personality and expertise. Children who are born and brought up in a society, in which the adults encourage them to talk often, can talk before others that were not given much care.

The improvement of human is powerfully affected by nurture. In conclusion, it seems that this debate between nature and nurture will be eternal. It may come from the fact that both sides can be easily backed up with supporting information.

Therefore, we can say that both nature and nurture play a notable role in their support for human life. Even though, nature is admitted to have influence on human development and yet, surrounding conditions has a stronger impact on human evolution. Overall, it is believed that nurture is the main factor that affects human life. Bibliography

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