Observation Techniques In Early Childhood and Education Essay

“By observation. we mean closely watch. listen to and by and large go to to what a kid is making. and enter your findings as accurately and nonsubjective as possible” .

Reasons why observations are so of import:

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To guarantee normative development
To cognize where kids are in footings of Holistic development To be after developmental appropriate activities.
To hold a record of children’s advancement in instance of be required for the stakeholders ( parents or other professionals )

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Through observations we can cognize children’s developmental advancement and place kids with particular demands.

Factors that need to be taken under consideration when we carry out child observations ( rules of good pattern ) :

Confidentiality: all information obtained in the observation must be treated with the strictest assurance ( rights of the kid and their household ) . Therefore: Ask for and acquire permission to transport out the observation from the parents or the workplace supervisor. Signature at the terminal of the observation is required. Never record the child’s name or the name of the child care installation. Use codes to call the kid ( TC= Target kid ) or depict the child care puting in general footings. Should non portion this information outside the workplace scene.

Accurate description: Record what is straight discernible. non our ain premises Examples: TC appears to be really angry alternatively of TC is really angry.

Objectivity: Observer must non be influenced for old cognition of the kid. ain emotional response to the kid or interpretative things in a colored manner ( prejudiced ) .

Children’s wants and feelings: If the observation causes hurt or uncomfortableness to the kid. you should halt. If a kid ask you what are you making. explicate that you are watching her making for illustration playing. you are really interested in what she is making. Show what you are composing down if the kid shows involvement. Stop the observation and intervene if a kid might hold an accident. is traveling to be hurt or bullied.

Disability: a kid who has a disablement may necessitate excess clip or support when being assessed.

Ethnic. lingual and cultural background: Find out signifier parents about a child’s place linguistic communication development. including if a kid is larning English as an extra linguistic communication. It is besides of import to understand the child’s household civilization. for illustration in some civilizations show respect to grownups is of import. so the kid seems “withdrawn” .

To Involve the parents: Parental interviews. informal confabs. place visits and questionnaires can give relevant information about the kid development.

Observation Techniques



The perceiver writes down precisely what the kid is making and stating while being observed for 10 proceedingss or less. Codes are normally used to assist compose down everything quicker. The most popular is code system develop by Kathy Silva and her colleges ( 1980 ) . Example: TC = Target kid ; C= Other kid. A=Adult ; ?= Speaks to. eg. TC?A


No particular equipment is needed.
Very nonsubjective method.
Enables to concentrate clearly on one kid.
Give elaborate information about the kid.


Difficult to observe down everything if the perceiver has non developed a good cryptography system. Difficult non to be interrupt.



Use a list of accomplishments typical for the age group of the kid we are detecting.
Normally used for Physical and Social development observations.


Quick and easy to enter and easy to understood.
Observations can be carried out during different yearss.
Familiar with mileposts of development.


Information record is limited to what is required by the checklist. Not relevant information may non be recorded. Great accent on the “milestones” of development. nevertheless kids follow a similar developmental form. but they all develop in their ain alone manner.

Time sample


Give information about:
Child’s activities ( what the kid is making )
Social group ( who the kid is with
Language interactions ( what the kid is stating )
Sometimes used when a kid has hard to interact with other kids. Series of short observations ( normally up to two proceedingss each ) at regular intervals that must be decided in progress. to guarantee objectiveness.


Good general image of the child’s activities and interactions. To be able to transport out the observation in the normal day-to-day modus operandi.


Give information merely of one or two countries of development ( societal with some linguistic communication ) . Can be hard to disrupt what you are making. or the perceiver may bury to detect at the clip required.

Personal acquisition

Child observation is an of import accomplishment that must be learned and practiced when you want to work with kids. We should hold in history when we assess the kid development that every kid is alone and development is non straight related to age. To accomplish decision about where kid is in footings of holistic development must be an on-going procedure of regular and periodic observation of the kid in a broad assortment of fortunes. Be cognizant that kids have different acquisition manners. rates of acquisition and penchants therefore the appraisal standards can be met in different ways to accommodate the kid. We should hold in consideration as good the cultural. lingual and cultural background of the kid and child’s parents and besides if the kid shows a disablement or an extra demand.

Assessment a immature kids is non any easy undertaking. it requires dedication. doggedness and clip. The perceiver needs to pre-determine what needs to be assessed with respect to the kid and so carefully be after what should be collected over a period of clip. In this manner the perceiver can determinate what the kid has learned or experienced.

However. no affair which method of appraisal is chosen. because each method has its strengths and restrictions. That is why is really of import to utilize different ways of measuring kids to acquire an accurate. dependable degree of the kid development.



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