Organizational Structure Essay

The coverage construction is a really of import tool in an organisation. This construction is a chart that serves as a roadmap of direction degrees and places. Every concern has a concatenation of bid and it is structured unambiguously. depending on the organisation. The construction of an organisation. if non built right can destruct the organisation merely like a edifice with hapless architecture. The designs clear up and construct a strong foundation in which to turn or construct an organisation. Chipotle is a Mexican Grill Restaurant in the fast nutrient industry that started out with one location in Colorado back in 1993.

Today it has merely more than 1. 400 locations in the United States. Canada. England. and France. The construction of this organisation has had to alter and accommodate to the growing of the concern over clip. Like a bulk of concerns and organisations the perpendicular organisational construction is similar with multiple degrees of hierarchy. At Chipotle. the top of the pyramid is fulfilled by the board of managers whom have the ultimate duty of doing determinations for the full company ( Chipotle Mexican Grill. Inc. 2010 ) . At the underside of the pyramid there are the shop directors. helpers. displacement directors. and employees finishing the mundane operational undertakings that brings in the money. Between these two degrees there are territory and regional directors seeing over the many locations spread out across America and beyond. It is for this ground the horizontal organisational construction of Chipotle is divisional. A divisional construction groups units around merchandise. clients. or geographic parts.

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Chipotle’s mission and committedness is to present great quality savoring nutrient with unity to its clients no affair where the clients are ; hence. the undertakings in finishing this end do non alter from shop to hive away. territory to territory. or part to part. Each of these parts has the same undertakings. the same degrees of direction within them. and the same higher-ups to describe to in the concatenation of bid. Dividing the organisation into divisions based on the geographic part makes it possible for each part to buy their ingredients locally and organically.

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This divisional construction besides allows the company to measure and compare the parts. This divisional construction is really different from that of others. A functional construction is organized into sections harmonizing to the concern maps. In this construction each section has its ain outlooks and duties. they are non like that of any other section. so the undertakings in each section are different from one another. In this type of construction each section is built with persons that have the accomplishments and expertness in relation to that section.

All 1. 400 plus Chipotle eating houses are owned by the same corporation. If this was non the instance and some shops were franchised out. so a web construction would necessitate to be created. A web organisation looks for ways for undertakings to be completed outside of the organisation by outsourcing. A shop that agrees to licence contracts and franchises with the company would be responsible for presenting and finishing the ends at the specific location ; these concern maps include direction. employment. merchandise telling. etc.

Chipotle would be cutting a batch of cost and doing money by lending small in return. This is the chief ground an organisation would take a web type of construction. The responsible party for the outsource map has the power to take whatever manner he or she pleases to finish the undertakings and ends assigned. The divisional construction within Chipotle is coordinated by standardisation and a formalisation that is in topographic point. Basically. each degree of direction is really clear on the activities required by them because they are normally the same responsibilities repeated over and over.

Some responsibilities may be scheduled daily. hebdomadal. monthly. quarterly. or annually. Regardless of the agenda they repeat like a rhythm. This standardisation besides makes it possible for the organisation to compare and contrast studies and activities by territory and regionally. The statistics and consequences of these studies and the comparings give top direction information needed to do of import determinations for the company as a whole or divisionally.

Each division and each concern map within the company has clear processs. and because regulations and ordinances are clearly written within policies the organization’s formal direction can measure the public presentation of both. The divisional construction requires great communicating accomplishments. Chipotle is besides a centralised organisation where all determinations are made with the top degree of direction. Management is required to pass on these determinations. ends. and undertakings downward to the destined degree of direction where execution takes topographic point.

If these thoughts and undertakings were non communicated right hapless public presentation and failure may happen. This may besides happen if the information communicated upwards the concatenation of bid is wrong or ignored. The selling section relies on information sing the parts in which operations take topographic point when doing determinations and finishing the undertakings assigned to that map of the company. Operations has the biggest consequence on the organisations determinations ; hence. spliting these operations into parts became of import when the company grew larger outside of its ain part.

An organisation must see the facts that defines and describes itself. Factors like the concern it conducts. the size and figure of employees it has. and the locations in which it facilitates concern will find the type of construction needed. The success of the concern depends on the construction built within the organisation. Everyone in the full organisation demands to clearly understand the place they have and the duties expected of them. An organisational chart serves precisely that intent.

Chipotle’s divisional construction maps out a broad span of control where fewer degrees of describing exist. Fortunately this divisional construction has turned out to be good chosen for Chipotle. Clearly Steve Ells. Founder. Chairman. and co-CEO knows precisely what he wants and needs from his organisation. This coverage system has given him a competive border. And. this cognition has led him to great success. Once upon a clip he owned a individual location in Colorado and now there are Chipotle locations around the Earth. Communication plants good when it is mapped out right.

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