Personal Reflection OJT Experience Essay

Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.
Company Profile / Brief History

Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines. Inc. offers distribution and bottling services for soft drinks. It distributes soft drinks. bottled H2O. and juices. with outstanding trade names. such as: Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Light. Coca-Cola Zero. Lift. Powerade. Real Leaf. Royal Tru. Samurai. Sprite. and the bottled H2O trade names Viva and Wilkins. The company was once known as Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines. Inc. and changed its name to Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines. Inc. in January 2013. The company was founded in 1981 and is based in Makati City. the Philippines. As of January 24. 2013. Coca-Cola Femsa Philippines. Inc. operates as a subordinate of Coca-Cola FEMSA S. A. B de C. V.

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Coca-Cola FEMSA. a subordinate of FEMSA. is the largest public bottler of Coca-Cola merchandises in the universe in footings of gross revenues volume. accounting for one out of every 10 Coca- Cola merchandises sold globally.

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Founded in Mexico in 1890. FEMSA has grown from a regional brewery that started operations with merely 72 employees to one of the taking companies in Latin America with presence in nine states and in the Philippines. Today. FEMSA employs over 170. 000 people.

In the face of a complex. competitory. and altering universe. FEMSA productively manages its concern to run into the demands of an ever-growing. ever-evolving pool of clients and consumers.

Mission / Vision Statement

The mission statement of the Coca-Cola FEMSA is “To satisfy and please drink consumers with excellence. ”

The vision statement of the Coca-Cola FEMSA is “To be the best bottler in the universe. recognized for its first-class operations and the quality of its people. ”

Organizational Chart

Functions and Duties
Name callings and titles/positions of the employees in my section ( include their functions in the organisation )

Dennis Bunoan – Operations Executive
He is the caput of our section. His overall occupation is to oversee the other employees and organize all the work done inside the office. Since he is the caput. he is the 1 who approves petitions and other affairs.

Richard Guamos – Warehouse Supervisor
He leads a squad of workers who receive and record new stock as it comes in. and travel stock onto trucks or shop shelves as needed. He is the 1 in charge to oversee. evaluate and develop new employees assigned to warehouse.

Victor Carreon – Warehouse Supervisor
He is in charge to oversee reception of all cargos. He besides evaluates ailments received on cargos of equipment and supplies and take appropriate actions.

Rogelio Pamintuan – Warehouse Supervisor
He directs and maintains a safety plan for all employees assigned to warehouse. He operates tools. equipment. and machinery harmonizing to prescribed safety processs. He besides corrects insecure conditions in work country and describe any conditions that are non correctable to higher ups instantly.

Carlo Roel Pacis – Warehouse Coordinator / Operations
He coordinates the motions of goods from the works warehouse up to the point of sale. He manage and prepares all paperss related to transportation. He besides proctors and assists the burden and unloading of ware inside the works.

William Nuqui – Settlement Analyst
His chief undertaking is to settle every minutess particularly those goods coming in and out of the works. If there were some elucidations and corrections on the minutess ( e. g. returned Purchase Order ) he is the 1 who settle such job. My Duties and Responsibilities ( include the sum-up of the activities done in the office )

One of my responsibilities is encoding information to the computing machine or database. I was besides tasked to register or screen some of import paperss that are traveling to be submitted to the higher ups. Furthermore. I was besides asked to trouble-shoot a certain job in one of their computing machine. Last. I was asked if I could urge any hardware ascent for one of my office mate.

An Evaluation of my Training
Describe your work environment

I was assigned in operations section. Despite being one of the busiest section of the company. the atmosphere inside the office is good. Our officemate are really friendly and easy to travel with so I ne’er had a difficult clip working in my new environment. Although tonss of paper plants are coming inside our office everyday particularly those paperss related to transportation of goods. the employee manages to keep the good atmosphere inside the room. The office is cooled by two air-condition unit since the office has a batch of computing machines.

Describe the different office equipment / devices in your section There are a batch of computing machines in our office. Their trade name are largely dell and their operating system is Windows 7. They use radio communicating system in order to pass on with other people since the company is large.

Identify and depict the acquisition experiences / accomplishments acquired during your practicum I learned a batch of things during my stay in the company. The undertaking that were given to me improved my accomplishments significantly. My communicating accomplishments was enhanced because of how I communicate with my fellow office couples. My typewriting and Microsoft office accomplishments were besides enhanced since the undertaking that were given to me is where it is focused.

What were the challenges/problems had you encountered during your practicum and did you work out them? There is one clip that I had to hotfoot some paperwork since I was told that they had to go through it every bit shortly as possible. With my typing accomplishments. I was able to complete the work on clip. I besides had a job with the use of the plan that they were utilizing since it’s somewhat complicated to utilize.

Make you prefer to work entirely or with a squad?

I prefer to work with a squad. Bing an houseman in this company made me recognize that working in a squad will do the work faster and more convenient. For illustration you are confused with what you are making. you can ever inquire for your teammates’ suggestions or aid on that peculiar affair. In that manner you can certainly bring forth an effectual end product.

5 Photos taken in the workplace with short description

Inside the Coca-Cola FEMSA works.

Inside our office. This is where I normally do my work.

My desk after registering and screening of paperss

The heap of documents with information that I have to encode in the computing machine

Encoding informations on MS Excel
Observed Organizational Valuess

Interpersonal Relationships / Working relationship with colleagues They respect the hierarchy of authorization when it comes to work. They know where and to whom they should describe any issues refering them. When it comes in covering with officemates. everyone treats each other every bit irrespective of their place. They respect everyone. Those who belong to the top direction don’t use their place to take advantage from those who belong to the lower place.


Coca-Cola FEMSA is a large company. so everyone must lend to the success of the company. Different work loads are given to different employees. Sometimes it is difficult to carry through the undertaking given. fortunately. employees are helpful and sort. They help each other every bit long as they can even if it is already beyond their occupation. They pattern working as a squad inside the office because they believe that two caputs are truly better than one. By making so. employees can bring forth an effectual and efficient end product.

Quality of Service Delivered

Coca-Cola FEMSA San Fernando Plant has been in the concern for more than 30 old ages now. For me. they own their success non merely to their hardworking employees. but besides to the quality of service they delivered to their market. They make certain that every clip a client purchase their merchandises. they will be satisfied. By seeing this. I learned that quality of service is truly an of import tool in accomplishing success. particularly in a existent on the job environment.

Attendance / Punctuality

The company is really rigorous when it comes to attendance and promptness because employees are being paid based on their working hours. The gate near the guard house where the employees sign in and out is protected by a CCTV camera to do certain that employees’ clip in and out is accurate. Coming on office beyond the official time-in is a tax write-off on their wage. For exigency absences. the company is really considerate every bit long as the ground for being absent is valid. For us housemans. they implemented the same regulation to fix us for future employment.

Personal Training

The company wants to keep decency anyplace inside the works. Employees. particularly ladies. are non required to have on do up to look presentable unlike other company. Equally long as they wear the proper uniform and pattern good hygiene. they are free to come in the works. This regulation besides applies to the housemans. The lone difference is we can take whether to have on our school uniform or to have on nice civilian garb.

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