Auto accessory industry is an of import section of the economic system in any state. The Indian car industry has the possible to emerge as one of the largest in the universe. Soon, India is The largest two Wheeler maker in the universe. The largest three Wheeler market in the universe. Second largest two Wheeler market in the universe. The 4th largest commercial vehicle market in the universe. Auto accessory company comprises of OEM ( original equipment makers ) . Replacement Market. The automotive sector in India contributes to 5 % of the state ‘s GDP. This envisages the Auto accessory sector “ end product making a degree of $ 145 billion accounting for more than 10 % of the GDP ” by 2016.


There are many factors Consists of internal environment and external environment will impact the determinations of the directors of any administration. This analysis is indispensable for all organisation before get downing its selling procedure. 3

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Investings in Industry

Foreign Investings:

India enjoys a cost advantage with regard to casting and forging as fabrication costs in India are 25 to 30 per cent lower than their western opposite numbers. Sing the turning popularity of India in the automotive constituent sector, the Investment Commission has set a mark of pulling foreign investing worth US $ 5 billion for the following seven old ages to increase India ‘s portion in the planetary car constituents market from the bing 0.9 per cent to 2.5 per cent by 2015. i‚· Gallic Sur major, Michelin, has gained clearance from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board ( FIPB ) for its US $ 2.26 billion Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) proposal to put up a fabrication installation in Tamil Nadu. i‚· Ford motor auto is puting about 500 $ million ( Rs. 2,445 nucleuss ) to dual capacity at its India works, which will Become a strategic planetary production hub. i‚· Bosch will go on to keep its focal point in India in malice of planetary recession as it is be aftering to put up fabricating units for electronic control units ( ECU ) by puting US $ 26.76 million. i‚· Renault in association with Nissan is to beginning USD 440 million worth of car constituents from India in the coming old ages. i‚· Italian auto maker Fiat is be aftering to increase sourcing to USD 330 million by 2010 and do India its planetary sourcing Centre. i‚· Volkswagen has set mark to capture 8-10 per centum of market portion in the rider auto section in India by 2014 with a series of launches and by duplicating the figure of traders.

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Domestic Investings:

The market is so big and diverse that a big figure of participants can be absorbed to suit purchaser demands. The Sector non merely has planetary participants looking to put and spread out but taking domestic constituent companies are besides pumping in immense amounts into spread outing operations. Indian Sur shapers are turn overing out investing programs worth US $ 1.24 billion, due to the lifting popularity of radial Surs in the commercial vehicles section. Some other investings include: i‚· Hero Motors will put US $ 19.84 million in association with Austrian house BRP Power train for fabricating Automotive transmittals in India. i‚· Indian arm of Swedish automotive constituent shaper SKF is puting US $ 30 million in new ball bearings fabrication works at Haridwar. i‚· Mahindra & A ; Mahindra will put approx US $ 400 million for puting up an incorporate car installation in Tiruvannamalai ( Chennai ) . i‚· an car park is coming up near Hyderabad with investings deserving over US $ 409.30 million from around 34 automotive accessory units. A lower labor cost gives Indian car accessory companies an absolute cost advantage. ACMA Numberss suggest that pay cost histories for 3 % to 15 % of grosss for Indian makers as compared to 20 % to 40 % for US participants. Historically, India ‘s strength in exports prevarications in forgings, castings and plastics. But this is altering with more component industries puting in up step of engineering in recent old ages.


Demand – supply scenario

Demand is generated from two sections viz. OEMs and replacing markets. The volume of demand varies by merchandise sections. The replacing market has 45 per centum of its gross revenues coming from unorganised participants. There are no regulative criterions predominating in the market. The degree of engineering is non sophisticated in the replacing market. The replacing market is a safe stake even when the economic system faces a lag. Hence, it looked as an country of focal point by major participants of the car constituent industry. The borders in the replacing market are by and large higher because of low cost operations and forgery gross revenues. Success in the organized market depends on the presence of an established trade name name and a broad distribution web. Unorganized sector enjoys immense advantages over the organized participants in footings of excise responsibility freedoms and lower operating expenses. The providers to OEMs have to adhere to demands of high quality, tight bringing agendas and lower borders.

Duty construction & A ; Regulations

Government Policies:

Decrease in excise responsibilities in choice section of cars. Extension of revenue enhancement vacation for 100 per cent export oriented units ( EOU ) until 2010-11 will profit lone participants with established EOUs. Scheme to supply enhanced Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation ( ECGC ) screen at 95 per cent has been extended up to March 2010. This strategy will help participants to extenuate hazard of payment defaults in the export market. Automatic blessing for foreign equity investing up to 100 per cent of industry of cars and constituents is permitted. The car industry has been delicensed. There are no restraints on import of constituents.

Free Trade Agreements:

The turning figure of FTAs ( Free Trade Agreements ) that are being signed by India with states like Thailand, Singapore, China etc is likely to ache the domestic participants as they pay a comparatively higher responsibility of around 25 % as compared to 1 % -10 % being paid by its Asiatic opposite numbers. P- POLITICAL FACTOR Political factors the most of import influence on the ordinance of any concern. How stable is the political environment Influence the Government Policy / Law on your concern Government ‘s place on Marketing Ethics Government ‘s policy on the economic system Government ‘s position on civilization under faith Political System is responsible for Law Making. Immediate Torahs which affect any concern in general are Central Excise, Gross saless Tax/ VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax & A ; Service Tax Controls if any on Selling Schemes Like Marketing / Ad of Cigarettes, Tobacco, Alcohol etc. Government Policies on the Economy Role of Public Sector Role of Private Sector Role of Joint Sector E- ECONOMIC FACTOR Inflation Employment Disposable income Business rhythms Energy handiness and cost Government mentality towards Bank Financing Interest Rates Exchange Rate Mechanism Incentives for Exports Restrictions for Imports Inflation Labour Policies Level of Government Spending Avenues for Capital Creation Size of the Capital Market Role of the Regulator Type of the Instruments Nature of the Investors Business Cycles Monsoon Energy Availability Cost of Energy S- SOCIO CULTURAL FACTOR Demographics Distribution of income Social mobility Lifestyle alterations Consumerism Levels of instruction Demographics & A ; Distribution of Income Division of population – Male / Female Age Group of the Population Disposable Family Income Disposable Income in the custodies of the different Age Groups Education Level of the Age Groups Life Style Changes & A ; Consumerism Attitude to populating Different Age Groups In melody with available disposable income Thrust on taking attention of present demands by disbursement than salvaging for the hereafter. Joint life and atomic households Availability of assorted media tools Reach of the media to the population T- TECHNOLOGICAL FACTOR New finds and inventions Speed of engineering transportation Ratess of obsolescence Internet Advantage of Technology In footings of Economies of Scale E- ENVIRONMENTAL Environmental factors include the conditions and clime alteration. Changes in temperature can impact on many industries including agriculture, touristry and insurance. With major clime alterations happening due to planetary heating and with greater environmental consciousness this external factor is going a important issue for houses to see. The turning desire to protect the environment is holding an impact on many industries such as the travel and transit industries ( for illustration, more revenue enhancements being placed on air travel and the success of intercrossed autos ) and the general move towards more environmentally friendly merchandises and procedures is impacting demand forms and making concern chances L- LEGAL Discrimination jurisprudence Consumer jurisprudence Antitrust jurisprudence Employment jurisprudence Health and safety jurisprudence


The car accessory industry is in the growing stage. As, the car sector grows, the car accessory sector besides grows. The industry is graduating towards the world-class engineering by implementing TQM, TPM and Six-Sigma. India is going the planetary fabrication hub for the little autos. European companies are showing involvement in India for sourcing their demands. Many other companies are looking to consolidate their planetary operations ; India is now a provider of high value and critical car constituents to planetary car shapers such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen. India is expected to shortly go a finish for sourcing the car constituents. The Automotive Mission Plan 2016, states to increase the turnover to $ 145 billion and increase the export gross to $ 35 million by 2016 and besides to supply employment to 25 million people. With investings around US $ 15 billion slated for the sector over the following few old ages, the chances for India ‘s car market are bright. The consequences for the month of November and December’2009 of the car sector and the improved sentiments have already resulted in the BSE Auto Index surpassing the Sensex over the last one twelvemonth. Therefore, the car constituent industry is expected to turn in the close hereafter. SUBMITTED BY: PANKAJ KUMAR YADAV

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