Point of Sales and Inventory Essay Sample

Sophie Martins which is located at # 202 Sophie Office Pantalan Street Caniogan Morong Rizal. Sophie Paris’ journey to success is fuelled by difficult work. exceeding accomplishments. supreme endowment. strong motive and pure backbones. Encouraged by the strong credence in the Indonesian market and about saturating the population with the Sophie febrility. there was no other manner to travel but to spread out internationally.

So in 2002. Sophie Paris invaded the Filipino market as it opened its first affiliate in the state. Puting up its first Manila Head Office in Shaw Boulevard. Mandaluyong City. Sophie Martin Philippines. Inc. ( SMPI ) immediately established itself as a important participant in the country’s Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing Industry as being the company of pick for high quality yet moderately priced manner merchandises.

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With a broad array of French-designed bags. tickers. garments. places. and other manner merchandises to take from and offering extra 80 fresh new manners every 6 hebdomads. members and clients likewise ever happen something to fall for in every catalogue. Backed by extremely competitory merchandises. a moneymaking selling program. and efficient gross revenues and selling tools. SMPI’s member base continues to turn numbering up to more than 260. 000 members and over 100 Business Centers nationally.

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Driven by the grim support and passion of Sophie’s loyal members. SMPI’s dynamic squad of 65 employees are committed to function Sophie members nationally to assist them turn their Sophie concern. As one Sophie household. we will be with you every measure of the manner as you achieve your dreams.

In today’s coevals. we are engaged in extremely computerized engineering taking to heighten single life style and most particularly in the universe of concern. The manual system is now considered obsolete after the birth of the computerized system. On-line dealing is now really common to widen the mark market of the companies. It becomes more attractive to the clients sing it can salvage clip and considered hassle-free. The most normally used system by several companies is the gross revenues system and stock list system making a web-based system. Advanced system on gross revenues provide more dependable recording of gross revenues of the company with comparing to its existent cost. In add-on. the information needed by the company to make up one’s mind affairs in relation to stock list can be easy generated. Furthermore. the stock list system promotes effectual stock list control which ensures carrying the in demand and right points in the right measures.

This system can assist the company to avoid overstocking. When an organisation overstocks. money is wasted since procuring. storing. and accounting for unnecessary points require clip. infinite. and money which could hold been used on more critical assets. Likewise. when under carrying occurs the organisation will more likely to merely partially run into their mission or perchance non run into the mission at all. Besides. a weak stock list control system is more prone to mistakes and fraud. Having advanced systems on gross revenues and stock lists makes the company more productive. efficient and convenient both to the company and its client. The system is meant to assist people show to clients more relevant points. trusting to hasten and increase the gross revenues and most significantly to increase the net income of the company. With the assistance of gross revenues and stock list systems. direction can easy do consistent. dependable. and timely determinations.


Point of Sale ( POS ) and Inventory direction is vitally of import for any concern that sells a physical merchandise. An stock list system must equilibrate holding adequate stock lists on manus to run into the demand of clients while puting as small money as possible in stock list. An stock list system is fundamentally a procedure whereby a concern keeps path of the goods and stuff it has available. In its simplest sense it can be done manually by a count at the terminal of each twenty-four hours. In this manner it is possible to maintain a record of the goods coming in to the concern and goods being sold. However this is merely truly appropriate for little concerns that do non hold a batch of stock. For larger concern it is more likely that a computerized system will be required. These yearss a computerized Point of Sale and stock list system is the most likely to be used by medium and big concerns although some little concerns may besides utilize this. These typically use barcodes or wireless frequence designation tickets to maintain a record of stock list objects.

This can be used to maintain a path of client orders. supervise the stock a concern has available for carry throughing orders and besides provide inside informations of when stock list needs to be restocked. Using computerized Point of Sale with Inventory will give benefits to the concern proprietors. employees and to the clients. Computers and saloon codifications allow for a more efficient direction of stock list degrees and supply a clearer position of stock list motion. More concerns are utilizing transactional reappraisal systems because computerized systems can associate to the point of sale with automatic debiting of stock list happening in existent clip when the sale occurs. Is a multilevel selling company that was established by a Gallic husband-and-wife squad ; Bruno Hasson and SOPHIE MARTIN – who came to Indonesia in 1995.

Sophie Martin’s endowment in planing manner merchandises. peculiarly bags. coupled with Bruno Hasson’s direction accomplishments. have resulted in Sophie Martin turning quickly over the last 12 old ages. Thankss to the extraordinary concern acumen of Bruno Hasson. Sophie Martin has been able to endure the storms that buffeted the Indonesian economic system during the dark yearss of the crisis. Not merely has the company weathered the storms. nevertheless. it has besides grown to be Indonesia’s No. 1 Multilevel Marketing Company in the manner field. with over a million members and more than 350 concern centres spread throughout Indonesia.

Sophie Martin is a direct merchandising company freshly introduced in BRUNEI. Their line of merchandises range from fashionable and posh bags. billfolds. accoutrements. cosmetics. and skin attention. Sophie Martin used to plan bags for Christian Dior but has since established a new line of merchandise for herself. Womans who have seen their catalog merely fall in love with their array of bags and billfolds. Be portion of the battalion of adult females utilizing and basking Sophie Martin merchandises in the market today! If you want to be smart and posh. so Sophie Martin is the right merchandise for you as they offer voguish and low-cost points.

Theoretical Model:


Statement of the Problem:

This survey attempted to place the job of the manual stock list system. Sometimes they forget to name down some dealing thenceforth more allotted clip consumed when making monthly gross revenues and stock list. Based on the observations that the squad conducted during the interview. we found out that due to manual recording of their gross revenues are non tally based on their tally sheet.


The proposed action of our group is to make an Point of Gross saless and Inventory System. A new system will be introduces therefore. computer science of the gross revenues and stock list of the merchandises are accurate and fast. It’s significance is to minimise the work of manual stock list dealing so that work is/are done in efficient and effectual mode.

Significance of the Survey:

This survey will assist Sophie Martin Paris to overhaul their gross revenues and stock list record from manual entering to computerise recording ; and for the proponent side this survey will assist our and ability to bring forth friendly user system.

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