Poverty Speech Essay

Speech on Poverty

Today we are faced with a problem; it isn’t a new one, but an enduring one. According to the United Nations, poverty in our world is still a very real and distressing problem. Based on their annual report, over 40% of the poorest people in our world live with less than ? 1. 03 a day. One may wonder who exactly these people are, and may think about all those poor people in Africa. You may take pity on them, but may be left puzzled on what exactly you can do to help. But what if poverty was a great deal closer to your home than thought possible? It is an alarming fact that over 40% of the British population is below poverty level.

It is very shocking how our so-called modern society, there are hundreds of families living with less than ? 6,113. 99 a year. People may think that the cause of poverty is laziness. This can be right but it is also wrong. The term poverty may have vastly differing meaning to people from different countries or backgrounds. However, when humans hear poverty, it will mean to them to have lack of enough income and resource to live adequately by community standards or in other words situation of being poor. This does not mean that lazy people are poor because they did not study well or work hard.

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Some people that are in poverty work hard and they are still poor because they have no fortune with them. Each individual in this world has different causes for being in poverty. There are voices in the chorus of the world that are stilled or silent from lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of fair treatment, lack of employment; who struggle to find food and clothing and shelter rather than raising their voices in joy and harmony. You can hear the emptiness if you listen; you can help lift those voices if you take the moment to move outside yourself to think of, and act on behalf of others.

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