Question Pool for the MIS Mid-term Exam Essay

Ch. 1 Introduction

What are the three activities in an information system that produces the information organisations use to command operations?

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What is an intranet utilizations?

Define operational excellence. How can information systems help accomplish it?

Describe at least three of the general information skills indispensable for all concern callings.

Ch. 2. E-business

What is enterprise application system?

What is e-commerce?

What is SCM and how can a good SCM system addition net incomes for a company?

What is CRM and how can a good CRM system addition net incomes for a company?

Ch. 3. Competitive advantage

What is the difference between TQM and six sigma?

Discourse the impact of the Internet on the competitory forces theoretical account.

Value concatenation analysis is utile at the concern degree to foreground specific activities in the concern where information systems are most likely to hold a strategic impact. Discourse this theoretical account. place the activities. and depict how the theoretical account can be applied to the construct of information engineering.

Why should a company engage in concern procedure reengineering? How would a company know if it needed or would derive from BPR?

Ch. 4. Hardware and package

What is the difference between ace computing machine and grid computing machine?

What is cloud calculating?

List and depict the major tendencies in computing machine hardware. Which of these do you believe will make the biggest alterations in concern information systems. and why?

Identify and depict some of the current tendencies in modern-day package platforms.

Ch. 5 Database

What is data warehouse?

What is data mart?

What makes information mining an of import concern tool? What types of information does informations excavation green goods? In what type of circumstance would you rede a company to utilize informations excavation?

What is OLAP? When would you rede a company to utilize OLAP?

Ch. 6 Telecommunication

Which is package exchanging?

What is a protocol in telecommunications web architecture?

How are RFID systems used in stock list control and supply concatenation direction?

Blogs. wikis. and societal networking sites were designed for persons to pass on with each other. What uses do concerns hold for these tools? Give specific illustrations.

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