Reaction paper to a movie: AeonFlux Essay Sample

This weekend a new science-fiction film gazing Charlize Theron captivated my involvement for one and a half hours. My fellow had given me the old history of the original sketch series ( a cult hit ) by Peter Chung. This short reaction paper will research the movie’s costumes. location. and the significance of the name “Aeon Flux” .

Let’s start off with a short outline of the film: This thriller is set 400 old ages in the hereafter. Charlize Theron stars as Aeon Flux and she is the top resistance secret agent at war with the totalitarian government. The government is seeking to regulate what appears to be a perfect society. However. the perfect life is concealing a perfect prevarication. Aeon is on the front lines of a rebellion that reveals a universe of secrets. The manager Karyn Kusama was able to make an dumbfounding vision of a possible hereafter. Aeon Flux is written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. based on characters created by Peter Chung from the open uping MTV alive series.

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Every clip I see a science-fiction film I find it highly interesting to see how they portray the life in the hereafter. where one portion is the costumes. In Aeon Flux the costumes have a extremely organic expression. They are clean cut and don’t have a batch of frills or accoutrements. The pieces of vesture have a thin design and there was hardly any usage of man-made cloths.

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The location where they filmed was in Berlin and besides in a studio. I found this fact singular – the gap scene shows a edifice that looks like the palace Sans Souci in Potsdam. There is besides a batch of Bauhaus architecture and manner nowadays. Walter Gropius was one of the individuals who tried to popularise the Bauhaus manner. He was manager of the art school from 1919 to 1928. He believed that the brotherhood of art and engineering could bring on new societal conditions through creative activity of a new ocular surrounding.

This is highly absorbing particularly with the secret plan of the film in head. The metropolis in the movie looks like an ordinary metropolis with functional architecture. This topographic point had a fresh. about sanitised expression to it. It appears cheery. beautiful and perfect. Quite the antonym of the standard portrayed sinister futuristic metropolis.

Another fact that I found intriguing was the name they picked for the film – copied from Peter Chung of class. but still highly suited. Aeon Flux: I think at that place could non hold been a better rubric. Harmonizing to the Webster’s dictionary the word “aeon” is a godly power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing assorted functions in the operation of the existence. “Flux” means flow. Hence. harmonizing to this information. the supporter gives the existence the necessary flow into the right way. Make it travel back into its normal manner – fascinating!

In my sentiment. the film was entertaining and it had a clear secret plan. It was non confounding or disputing. This is a really fashionable sci-fi film which has a batch of action. In futuristic films there are so many things different yet many things remain the same like tools. Windowss. utensils. etc. Furthermore. it was enormously pleasant to the oculus. The shots really attractively composed with slick lines and non much traveling on ; about minimalistic.

I would urge this movie to anybody who is interested in science-fiction action films. It is of a lower quality than The Matrix or The thirteenth Floor. yet it is deserving seeing.

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