Reflection essay

We are a little more than half of the way through the first semester of my freshman year of college. The classes that I am taking are really not too difficult. I do know that as college moves on I will find that the classes will get harder and harder. At this point and time I am taking math D004 that is a really simple class. I think that I will finish this class with an A. I am in English 1510, its not that it is a difficult class there is just a lot of essays that we have to write during this class.

Then there are Reading and UC1000, Reading is a really easy class and so is UC1000 there is just more material covered. The first quiz in UC1000 was hard and I did terrible on it. One reason why it was so hard was that I didn’t prepare myself for the test like I should have. In high school I could just go into any class and not study for a test and not fail and get a pretty good grade on it. Not in college though the tests are a lot different, the assignments and material is a lot different then that of my high school.

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The stuff that I am still struggling with is not procrastinating on doing my homework. I still wait till the last minute to do everything. Sometimes I’ll do the assignment the day it is assigned others I wait till the night before to do it and I’m up all night working on it. I am starting to get a little better though unlike the first couple weeks of school. I’m still not where I would like to be on studying and doing my homework. Hopefully next semester things will change and I will make better efforts toward my studies and doing homework way before the night before.

My UC1000 class has been very beneficial to me, by helping me manage my time a little better than before. It has helped me to look at things differently and to study more. The time track exercise really opened my eyes to how little the amount of time was spent towards my studies and doing homework. I have been working to change my study habits and doing homework. I look forward to next semester being a lot better than my first. I will learn from the mistakes that I have made in my first semester and use them to move forward in the second semester.

I am starting to figure out what I want to pursue in my college education. Coming into college I did not have a clue what I wanted to study. Having my UC1000 class and doing the Majors and Occupations Exploration Project has really broadened my views on what I would like to study. While doing this project it makes you research the careers and find the pros and cons about the job where if you didn’t have to do this when would you ever look this information up. I know if I didn’t have this class I still don’t think I would have any idea of the career I would want. I still haven’t narrowed it down to one thing but it’s a start.

The only things that I will change for next semester is how much I procrastinate on doing homework and studying. The amount of time that I spend studying should increase. That I have to pay attention more in class and not daydream.

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