Reflective Practice In Pastoral Ministry Education Essay

The focal point of this paper is brooding pattern, which is the ability of persons to larn from critically analyzing events and experiences that they encounter in their day-to-day lives besides the values and theories that support those activities. This is employed in assorted professionals such as in instruction, nursing, conservationists among other professionals as a addendum for formal professional acquisition.

In this survey, brooding pattern will be examined from a pastoral point of position. The term brooding pattern will be examined with mention to its definition, the assorted types of brooding pattern that exist and the theoretical accounts of brooding pattern that are in usage today. Additionally, brooding pattern will be analysed from a pastoral point of position whereby the assorted ways in which it can be used in Christian ministry will be explored every bit good as the ways in which it has enabled the author of this paper to develop or alter their public dealingss every bit far as the ministry is concerned. Finally, the function of brooding pattern in the learning experience of the author will be examined.

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2.Reflective pattern

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1 ) Definition

Brooding pattern is one of the nucleus features in professions such as instruction, wellness, environmental direction and divinity among others and normally refers to the ability of an single to reflect on actions or Acts of the Apostless in a manner that facilitates further larning for the person. This normally involves paying particular attending to the activities of mundane life with particular mention to the values and theirs that are the footing for these actions. Brooding acquisition encourages practice-based professional acquisition whereby persons are able to larn from their experiences as opposed to formal and structured instruction.

The term brooding pattern is composed of two words ; contemplation and pattern whereby the term contemplation means to critically and accurately measure an point, an person or a state of affairs while sing them or after one has encountered them. Practice on the other manus refers to larning or command through repeat.

Brooding pattern has been defined by Moon as “ a set of abilities and accomplishments, to bespeak the pickings of a critical stance, an orientation to job work outing or province of head ” whereas Cowan has defined brooding thought as the state of affairs “ when they analyse or evaluate one or more personal experiences and effort to generalize that from believing ” . Biggs on the other manus defined brooding thought as “ a contemplation in a mirror is an exact reproduction of what is in forepart of it. Reflection in professional pattern, nevertheless, gives back non what it is, but what might be an betterment of the original ” .

In decision hence, the procedure of brooding acquisition may be thought of as a procedure through which persons critically evaluate their actions, ideas and experiences and through this critical assessment, are able to see independent acquisition. The connexion between cognition and pattern is farther facilitated by the handiness of an experient professional within the subject, in this instance divinity and pastoral ministry. In layperson ‘s footings, the patterns and schemes for brooding pattern includes oppugning the mode in which 1 carries out assorted activities and comparing it to the mode in which others carry out the same activities ; the hunt for options in the class of carry throughing the same activities ; comparing and contrasting ; maintaining an unfastened head ; looking for the model, theoretical footing and implicit in principle for those activities ; sing from assorted positions by inquiring for the point of views of others ; consideration of the effects ; speculating, proving, seeking, placing and deciding jobs.

2 ) Advantages of pattern reflective

Brooding pattern in pastoral ministry is associated with a higher apprehension for the curate of his or her ain manner in the class of ministry besides proof of his or her ain thoughts, good challenges to traditional attacks, acknowledgment of the function of ministry in society and the regard for diverseness in the class of using theories in pattern.

3.Types Of Reflective Practice

1 ) Content Contemplation

This refers to the relation of something that happened by the practician who in this instance is the curate. This may be the straight-out description of a state of affairs or of a job such as “ Mr. Stan did non state me anything that may hold been disturbing him in malice of the fact that I reassured him that I was ready to listen and despite his disclosure that his household was unreceptive to him ”

2 ) Procedure Contemplation

This is where a practician the procedure that was involved in the occurrence of an event such as “ as I narrated in the brush with Mr. Stan what my intent was, so I began to transport out an intense physical appraisal. I asked once more about any concerns one time in the center of taking temperature, and did non advert it once more. Mr. Stan failed to do oculus contact when he said everything was all right. ”

3 ) Premise Contemplation

Premise contemplation is where a job, issue or state of affairs is evaluated with the position of understanding why it happened or occurred. For illustration “ I wonder why he failed to react to my inquiries. How come I did n’t notice and respond to his organic structure linguistic communication so? Why did I non experience comfy “ excavation ” a little more? Did I ask about her jobs excessively early in the interview and excessively frequently once more when in the center of the undertaking? Was I comfy? What should I make otherwise in a future state of affairs? Do I experience comfy moving otherwise in the hereafter? What would help me in the hereafter? ”

4 ) Action Contemplation

This is besides known as “ contemplation on action ” and is used to mention to the contemplation of actions, activities and events that happened in the past and may affect certification of those past events and experiences and may be referred to as Schon ‘s theoretical account of contemplation.

5 ) Critical Contemplation

Critical contemplation is the procedure of “ analysing, reconsidering, and oppugning experiences within a wide context of issues ” and can be broken down into assorted dimensions for the intents of turn toing assorted activities besides assorted degrees of contemplation. The first, 2nd and 3rd dimensions constitute the ordinary procedure of contemplation whereas the 4th dimension constitutes the nucleus of critical contemplation.

The first dimension involves critical observation for the intents of understanding the issues in a deep and accurate manner through the usage of models such as past experiences. The 2nd dimension involves an thorough description of what has been observed whereas the 3rd dimension involves the devising of the significance of what has been described. Finally, the 4th dimension refers to the add-on of comprehensiveness and deepness to the issue through inquiring inquiries about and associating significances to a assortment of professional and personal issues.

6 ) Contemplation In Action

Contemplation in action refers to the contemplation of an person on action while in the class of transporting out the action. This is manifested in changeless thought throughout the continuance of the action and is referred to as “ cognizing in action ” , “ believing on your pess ” and “ maintaining your marbless about you ” besides “ acquisition by making ” as described by Schon.

4.Models Of Reflective Practice

The intent of these theoretical accounts is to enable professionals to pull lessons out of experiences in the class of enabling professionals to develop independency and to make a uninterrupted, life long, larning experience.

1 ) Argyris and Schon 1978

In 1978, Argyris and Schon proposed the “ individual cringle ” and the “ dual cringle ” theoretical accounts of brooding pattern on the footing of the designation and rectification of an mistake, mistake or error. “ Single cringle ” acquisition is where the person continues to trust on the old processs in malice of the designation and declaration of a job whereas “ dual cringle ” acquisition is where upon the designation and declaration of a job, new processs are adopted and in instance the same job appears once more, a new solution is found.

Subsequently, Schon brought up the thought of “ reflection-in-action ” and “ reflection-on-action ” whereby the former may be defined as “ believing on their pess ” and the latter may be described as “ felt cognizing ” . The thought behind these two constructs is that in the class of any pattern, a professional usually experiences feeling, emotions and ideas that are derived from a similar yesteryear experience and which enables them to confront the state of affairs at manus straight.

2 ) Kolb 1984

This theoretical account was to a great extent influenced by the plants of Dewey and Piaget in the 1970 ‘s and besides concentrating on experimental acquisition, is centred on the alteration of information into cognition. This occurs when an event has already come to go through and involves the contemplation of the person on the experience in order to derive understanding and penetration of the constructs, which are so transferred into a new state of affairs. Therefore, cognition obtained from a specific state of affairs is invariably and on a regular basis utilized and physiques on an person ‘s experience and cognition.

3 ) Gibbs 1988

This is an betterment of Kolb ‘s experimental learning rhythm whereby structured debriefing is used as a manner of enabling contemplation. The phases of a full structured debriefing in order are: the initial experience, the description of the experience, the description of the feelings that an person encountered, the rating of the experience, an analysis of the experience, the general decisions that an single makes from the experience and analysis, the specific decision and the personal action programs in instance a similar state of affairs is encountered in future. These stairss are besides known as the “ Gibbs theoretical account of contemplation ” or the “ Gibbs brooding rhythm ” and are summarised as: description, feelings, rating, analysis, and decision and action program.

4 ) Johns 1995

This is a structured theoretical account of contemplation that consists of a usher for persons to derive higher apprehension and is designed to include the engagement of a co-worker or a wise man, who facilitates faster transmutation of the experience to larn cognition. This theoretical account is based on the earlier plants of Carper and puts accent on the ability of a professional to entree, understand and set into pattern information gathered through empirical observation through looking in on one ‘s ideas and emotions and looking out at the events that took topographic point. This theoretical account includes “ Carper ‘s four forms of cognizing ” which are: empirical, personal, ethical and aesthetic and automatic.

5 ) Rolfe 2001

The footing of this theoretical account is Borton ‘s developmental theoretical account of 1970 and involves a simplistic rhythm consisting of three inquiries that a professional asks. These are: what, so what and what following. This enables an person to depict a state of affairs accurately, which further enables examination of the state of affairs and building of cognition that was learnt through the experience. After this, the assorted ways and methods in which 1 may better every bit good as the consequences of one ‘s response to the state of affairs are evaluated.

6 ) Baud ‘s theoretical account

Baud ‘s theoretical account topographic points accent on the feelings and emotions of an single besides being cyclical. This theoretical account recommends a critical analysis of an experience or an event with mention to the emotions or feelings that were experienced in the class of the event or after the event and application of the lessons that were learnt from this experience.

7 ) Greenaway 3-stage Model

This theoretical account is based on three activities that are performed in cyclical patterned advance. These are “ program ” , followed by “ make ” , which is followed by “ reappraisal ” and so on. It is suggested that this theoretical account is closely related to the Gibbs theoretical account of brooding pattern.

5.Use Of Brooding Practice In Christian Ministry

The function of brooding pattern in Christian ministry and Pastoral work can non be overemphasised. This is particularly so taking into consideration that ministry involves the bringing of the word of a perfect God, through an imperfect person to other imperfect persons with the purpose of conveying them close and closer and closer to the crease. Additionally, Christian ministry is much more than sermon and one of its other constituents is to put a good illustration to the fold and therefore the demand for brooding pattern among the Christian curates.

1 ) Reflective Practice in Church Ministry Leadership

To get down with, brooding pattern is of import for a pastoral curate to carry through his or her leading function within a ministry. The leading of any ministry is of import in the accomplishment of the ends and aims of that peculiar community in add-on to act uponing their folds to see and value these in the same manner. The function of leading demands certain behaviors from the Christian curate and therefore the curate needs to constantly reflect on his or her behavior and follow behavior and actions that will function as an illustration to the community. This would enable the attainment of ends and aims besides maneuvering the fold to greater highs.

2 ) Reflective Practice in Prayer and Instruction

Brooding pattern may be used by the curates to promote fold to reflect on their ideas, experiences and events with mention to Biblical instructions every bit good every bit supplication as a manner of promoting them to populate lives that are more godly. This may besides be used by the curates themselves every bit good in endeavoring to populate lives that are more godly.

3 ) Brooding Practice in Bettering the Running of the Church ‘s Affairs.

In the class of direction of the personal businesss of the church, non everything that the curate comes across will hold been taught in category and it is prudent for him or her to come up with ways of managing such state of affairss. Additionally, the curate may happen that some of the direction that he or she may hold learnt in the schoolroom are non so practical in some state of affairss and it is in such times when brooding pattern should be used to contrive more olutions to direction jobs.

6.Role Of Brooding Practice In The Course Of Learning

1 ) Reflective Practice in Time Management

In the class of acquisition, brooding pattern has come in ready to hand particularly in the class of clip direction. By looking at past events and experiences, I have learnt how to be after in front for activities, how to prioritize activities and the importance of apportioning clip both for working and for relaxation intents. Unlike in the past, I am now able to run into my duties and the emphasis that comes with undone work has dramatically reduced in my life. Consequently, in malice of carry throughing my duties, I am able to prosecute in activities that I like.

2 ) Reflective Learning in Accommodating Others

Adjustment of others has been a challenge all along in my life and more so in the class of Christian ministry surveies as a consequence of the diverse point of views that are held by my fellow pupils. However, by reflecting past cases of my intolerance towards the sentiment of others, I was persuaded to seek and suit the feelings of others. This turned out to be worthwhile as I learnt that it is of import to accept the positions and sentiments of others no affair how violative they are to me, since I realised that people like being listened to and understood even if non needfully agreed with. This, I have learnt is perfect for harmonious life and coexistence even with my schoolmates.

3 ) Reflective Practice and Challenges at Work and in personal life

Brooding pattern has been instrumental in helping me to cover with challenges at work and at place. In the past, troubles and work would slop over when I got place and troubles I experienced at place would impact my work. As a consequence of reflecting on these state of affairss, I learnt that there is a clip and topographic point for everything and that what happens at place should non impact what happens at work and what happens at work should non impact my life off from work. This has enabled me to happen fulfillment at place and at work in malice of whatever troubles I may be sing. This has made me more effectual in my work and duties.


This paper has been centred on brooding pattern within the context of pastoral ministry. To get down with, the definition of the term brooding pattern has been defined in layperson ‘s footings but the definitions of assorted experts such as Moon, Cowan and Biggs have besides been included. The advantages of the pattern of brooding pattern particularly among pastoral curates have besides been mentioned besides the types of brooding pattern. The types of brooding pattern that have been discussed in this survey are: content contemplation, procedure contemplation, premiss contemplation, action contemplation, critical contemplation and contemplation on action. This paper besides contains brief treatments on the assorted theoretical accounts of brooding pattern that have been proposed by experts over the old ages which are: Argyris and Schon theoretical account of 1978, Kolb theoretical account of 1984, Gibbs theoretical account of 1988, John ‘s theoretical account of 1995, and Rolfe ‘s theoretical account of 2001. Additionally, the importance of brooding pattern in Christian ministry has been explored and in this instance, its function in church leading, supplication and direction and in the running of the personal businesss of the church has all been discussed. The impact of brooding pattern in my personal life has besides been outlined with mention to its effects on the challenges that I encounter in my personal and professional life, in suiting others, and in clip direction.

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