Relativism and Morality Essay

There are moral picks made on a day-to-day footing. no affair the civilization or race. people make these types of picks. The moral picks we make based on our civilizations can be viewed on a graduated table of right and incorrect by other civilizations. In the authorship of “Some Moral Minima” . Lenn E. Goodman views several facets of morality and relativism. and argues that certain things are merely incorrect. I must state that I agree with her when she says some things are merely incorrect. and in this paper I will province my sentiments on some of the challenges Goodman presents to relativism. The first subject I am traveling to talk on is terrorist act.

In the article “Some Moral Minima. ” Goodman asked the inquiry why is terrorist act incorrect. Of class I think that terrorist act is incorrect. There are so many grounds that we the people that terrorism incorrect and that it should be against the jurisprudence. “Terrorism is wilful aiming of non-combatants. taking to intimidate and pull attending. It is a war offense. since war. if merely at all. seeks merely to barricade an enemy’s ability to do war. ” ( Goodman. 2010 ) No 1 should be targeted because of a war that is go oning. killing guiltless people merely because of their race. or because of their civilization.

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Harmonizing to Goodman. “Terrorism today is a manufactured claim to authorization and genuineness. cultural or regional liberty. or the infliction of Shari ’ a jurisprudence and haqq punishments on diverse and variously inclined populations. ” ( Goodman. 2010 ) Other than the subject I merely finished discoursing. Goodman besides addressed more countries in her articles. Just to advert a few. she discussed. ( 1 ) surety taking and child warriors. ( 2 ) Bondage. Polygamy. and Incest. ( 3 ) Rape and female venereal film editing. and ( 4 ) race murder. politically induced dearth. and germ warfare.

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These countries that she discussed are some major jobs countries for many states and civilizations around the universe. I am traveling to discourse these countries more in deepness get downing with race murder. politically induced dearth. and germ warfare. If you are like me I truly did non cognize what the term genocides meant. I had to look up the word and came to the decision that genocides mean that violent offenses committed against groups with the purpose to destruct the being of the group. While discoursing race murders. Goodman asked the inquiry. “Why is genocide uglier than slaying?

” She besides answered the inquiry by stating that. “The reply lies in the purpose. non merely the graduated table of the offense. Clearly. more dreams are broken and more hereafters cut short when more lives are taken. But genocide marks persons as members of a group. seeking to destruct a race. a civilization. a lingual or cultural individuality. even a category. ” I agree with Goodman because I do non believe it is up to us to find whether a group or a specific person should non be in being. We do non hold the right to kill people because of the group they belong to or because of their beliefs.

I think we all were put on this Earth for a intent and a ground and it is non up to adult male to kill off the group members or destruct a race or civilization. Even though it is go oning around the universe. I do non believe that it should. That’s why I entirely agree with Goodman on the things she said refering this subject. Genocide. politically induced dearth. and germ warfare are Acts of the Apostless of slaying and slaying is incorrect because it is the destroying of a human topic. A right that human existences have is to be alive and to populate at our ain free will. The following issue I am traveling to touch footing on is colza and female venereal film editing.

Rapes happen every twenty-four hours. non merely are females but males are raped as good. but it happens more to the female population. Rape is a misdemeanor of another person’s will. A individual does non hold to be touched to be raped and there is more than one sort of colza. Even though I feel all instances of colza are bad. but in my sentiment statutory colza is the worst. To harm a immature individual that has no power to halt their marauder is merely apparent sad. Rape is incorrect because it stands at the utmost bound of a continuum of sexual Acts of the Apostless. from the most committed to the least so. and the most alienating.

Rape is exploitatory. exteriorizing. and. yes. once more offensive. ( Goodman. 2010 ) The last issue I am traveling to turn to is slavery. polygamy. and incest. Theses last Acts of the Apostless are really bad and may be the worst in my book. Slavery is an issue that I truly hate to discourse because as I have done plentifulness of research I would happen myself in cryings due to some of my findings. But slavery keeps its victim alive while depriving her of bureau. delegating it to others who do non portion her undertakings. hopes. or involvements. but subordinate her capablenesss to their wants.

( Goodman. 2010 ) I think crushing people and know aparting against them because of the colour of their tegument is a really barbarous act that should hold ne’er happened. Then there is polygamy. I do non like to speak about other civilizations but I think polygamy is incorrect every bit good. I think a matrimony should hold merely two members and no more. Bing married to more than one individual should non be allowed no affair what civilization you come from. The bible says that. “Whoso findeth a married woman findeth a good thing” ( Proverbs 18:22 ) non whoso findeth many married womans or hubbies.

Again I say I do non believe that polygamy should non be go oning. In decision to this paper. I think that Lenn E. Goodman made some really good points in her article. “Some Moral Minima” . I can reason this paper by stating that I agree with her sentiments and I think that this article was really helpful. Mentions Mosser. K. ( 2010 ) . Introduction to moralss and societal duty. San Diego. Bridgepoint Education. Inc. Goodman. L. E. ( 2010 ) . Some moral lower limit. The Good Society. 19 ( 1 ) . 87-94. Retrieved from the EBSCO Host database in the Ashford Online Library Proverbs 18:22 King James Version.

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