Renaisance Architecture

“How Architecture developed during the renaissance.

Sunday, September 22, 2002.

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The renaissance was a time of change and “rebirth.”” The renaissance brought into being some of the most significant and admired works ever constructed. The renaissance began in 1400 in Italy, from there the new ideas spread to northern Europe. The renaissance began in Italy because of their great amount of wealth and center of the trade world. The Italian people were more influenced by other cultures and could travel to other parts of the world to see new ideas. There were many reasons for how architecture developed during the renaissance. .


Though the renaissance had just begun in Italy, many families had become very wealthy and were interested in arts and architecture. Families such as Medici, Sforza, and da Montefeltro were wealthy through commerce and trade they were able to be patrons of the arts. This was shown in the great palaces wealthy families had built. The architecture and sculpture was magnificent and was very pleasing to the eye. This was a great step in how architecture developed, because now not only the church was interested in art and architecture, more and more people of the time were paying attention to how things looked.

A major reason why the renaissance had a changed the architecture was the rediscovery of Greek and Roman knowledge, this came through books and the remains of Roman Empire. The architecture was based around roman architecture and was much more beautiful then anything that had been constructed in the middle ages. The book by Vitruvius “Book de Architectura-, which contained many of the simple design elements had used in the classical ages. The Book de Architectura was the single most important thing rediscovered. Patrons of the renaissance time tried to make themselves look better in the eyes of the people by identifying themselves using great roman architecture that could no be build from the plans in the book.

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