Research Paper on Cell Phones

A cell phone is a wireless device which enables people communicate with each other from any place of the world. Cell phone is an alternative of a common telephone people have at home; the only different is that it can be used everywhere.

Cell phones have influenced the development of the human society and the rhythm of life considerably. Mobile phone is very useful for businessmen, because it enables them communicate any time and from any place and solve the urgent problem very fast without the need to go to the office.

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Cell phones enable people be always in touch. The device is very effective to control children. Parents who want to know where their kid is, give him a telephone and ring him up to make sure he is alright. On the other hand, cell phones have a lot of disadvantages. For example, modern phones are very powerful and possess many functions, so they are treated by children mostly like toys. It provokes many problems at school and college, because young people, instead of studying, spend time at classroom play games on their cell phones. Furthermore, cell phone is serious source of radiation which affects badly human health, that is why it is not recommended to give mobile phones to children.

The problem of the proper use of cell phones is very important nowadays, because a lot of traffic accidents are caused by mobile phones. Drivers often speak over the telephone and lose their attention on the road. The same problem is met among pedestrians who cross the road with a cell phone in a hand paying no attention to the cars passing by. A successful research paper dedicated to cell phones should explain the topic in detail. One should analyze the topic from positive and negative sides. Student may present a brief history of the development of cell phones and illustrate its advantages and disadvantages on the examples from the real life. One should present all the problems connected with the use of mobile phones and brainstorm effective and interesting solutions to them.

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