Role of education in Rural Development in India Essay

As more than the half of the population of the state lives in small towns. Rural development is an of import factor for the development of our economic system. The of import motivation factor for the development of the economic system in today’s clip is instruction. Like in the organic structure of human being liver is responsible for the proper operation of the organic structure. in the same manner instruction acts a anchor for the economic system. Rural development suggests both the economic betterment of people every bit good as greater societal transmutation.

As more than half of the population in India lives in small towns. therefore the instruction system in rural country besides plays a important part in the growing of the economic system. The present system of instruction in India was introduced by the British in the twentieth century. The system so given has a western manner and content. disregarding traditional constructions and so has declined. Education has been a job in our state and deficiency of it has been blamed for all kinds of bad for 100s of old ages. Amusing thing is that from the colonial times. few things have changed.

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We have established. Law schools and other establishments of excellence. Students study merely to hit Markss in tests like IIT JEE. CLAT etc. Making a few more schools or leting 100s of colleges and private universities to rapidly is non traveling to work out the sudden alteration of instruction system in India. And a sudden alteration it is we are in a state where the people are passing their parents life nest eggs and utilize money on instruction and even so non acquiring standard instruction and fighting to happen employment of their pick.

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The head blunting competition and rote larning do non merely oppress the creativeness and originality of 1000000s of Indian pupils every twelvemonth. it besides drives superb pupils to perpetrate self-destruction. We live in state where the people see instruction as the agencies of turning the societal and economic ladder. There are several jobs being faced by the schools running in rural India. Some of these jobs are stated below- • Lack of Infrastructure- Many schools in small towns lack proper substructure installations.

There are no proper installations for sitting as sometimes kids are even made to sit on the floor due to non handiness of furniture. The school edifice lacks doors and Windowss and so the air current and carnal enter. • Lack of Transportation Facilities- This is one of the biggest jobs being faced by the kids traveling to village schools. As there are no proper conveyance installations available kids don’t like to go stat mis to come to school. • Low Income-

Teachers in the small towns besides get really less income in comparing to the instructors that teach in urban schools. As instructors are non satisfied with their income. they by and large do non give proper attending to the pupils. • Lack of Basic Amenities- Even the basic comfortss like imbibing H2O. clean lavatories etc. are besides non available in many of the schools at small towns. • Less in Number- In comparing to the figure of schools present in urban country i. e. metropoliss or towns. there are really few schools in small towns or rural countries.

• Lack of Extra-Curricular Activities- Apart from the class curriculum rural schools are non able to affect kids in other activities like athleticss. co-curricular activities and competitions. Such events and activities tend aid in the overall development of the kids. • Deficiency of funds- One of the terrible hurdlings in the instruction system in rural India is the inaccessibility of financess. Some schools do non hold financess even for buying benches. chalkboards etc.

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