Role of Students in Ani-Corruption of Society

Our Indian poet Bharathi has told clearly the role of young students in our Indian society and about their patriotism and social service. In our life student phase is very difficult to get back. So at this this stage of life students must not waste their precious time and they must involve in social activities. Students must join in many organizations such as Blue cross society. They must have helping tendency and must be patriotic and must try their level best to bring up our country. Students must be mainly Disciplined in all aspects.

Discipline is greater than anyother thing in life. It makes our life cherished with all good moments filled up in it. Our ancient poet Thiruvalluvar has told a lot about Discipline. To quote few examples: *King Harichandra maintained his Honest policy of not lying till the end of his life. For maintaining this disciplined policy he even renounced his luxury life and his family. *The great lord Rama respected his Father’s word and abondened his life as a king and went to the forest for fourteen years. *Jesus even during his crucifixtion prayed god that his enemies must survive.

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We must not forget the discipline followed by these great men after finishing our examination. We must follow the disciplined policies of these great men in our day to day life. So it is very important for us to follow this kind of a good discipline in order to achieve something in our life. When these great men follow discipline why shouldn’t we? The role of student in a society entails various things. Firstly, to concentrate on studies so that they develop into well-educated individuals that make significant contributions to the society in the future.

Secondly, to pass on whatever knowledge they have to others. This can take on many forms ranging from helping your siblings to creating awareness about environmental issues such as global warming. Thirdly, to act as responsible adolescents. This means to steer clear of any unlawful activities. It also involves not damaging the society and avoiding acts of vandalism. Students should try and refrain themselves from all such activities for their benefit as well as the society’s. Fourthly, to do what they can to protect their environment and society.

Students should avoid littering places and should try to invest a few hours into community services if possible. Students should also behave respectfully to the elders of the society and take care of their needs i. e. help an elder to cross a road; stand up and make space for an elder to sit if there is none. Read more: http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_the_role_of_student_in_the_society#ixzz1UoC7BOVm ROLE OF  STUDENTS IN FREE INDIA The students must actively participate in the economic development of the country.

The ‘Green Revolution’ if taken up by the students can work miracles. Even in the towns students can do much. They can. for instance, fight against ticketless travelling in trains and buses, fight against smuggling, illicit distillation of liquor, and indeed can contribute a great a deal towards social reforms. ORIENTATION STUDENT: Students must be given military training. It shall keep them fit and strong to defend the country against aggression. Military training is essential for it imparts a sense of discipline which otherwise is also essential in life.

Moreover, the youth of the nation must not only be able to resist an attack but also strike a blow when the honour of the nation is trampled upon. The sense of patriotism and love for the country must be inculcated in the students. The glamorous attraction for western countries and civilisation must be firmly discouraged. If it is a necessity to make education practically useful, then it is also necessary to keep the students away from politics. The students should have nothing to do with active politics and politicians.

The academic peace and the sanctity of the temples of learning must not be polluted by politicians. The students on their part must also give up hooligism, violence and lawlessness. The criminal acts of burning buses’ and damaging public property must stop immediately. They must listen to reason and even if they have complaint, grievances and dissatisfaction, they must adopt peaceful ways of expressing them. A love for virtue, righteousness and a sense of self-respect and personal dignity must be inculcated in the student.

Moral and intellectual frustration must be removed. A sweet accord between the teacher and the taught must be established. Love for extra-curricular activities, debates, dramatics and cultural activities must be restored. Education must provide substantial activities and sufficient amenities to occupy the students. The main problem with the students is that they do not have enough incentive and definiteness of purpose, otherwise there is nothing wrong fundamentally with them.

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