Role of Youth in National Development Essay

Young people in any state represent the hereafter of that state. They have a critical function to play in the development of the state a responsibility they must execute.

There are many ways that young person can lend to national development. They can make so by working hard in any field they are involved in. be it the instruction. mechanic. or agrarian field.

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Working for one’s state with entire devotedness and committedness is an duty for every citizen therefore the demand to hold orientation events for our young person to learn them what national service is all about.

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However. to guarantee the active engagement of immature people in national development. they need to be supported and encouraged by the authorities. the private sector. the civil society and their parents.

One does non necessitate to belabor the point that there are many immature people who if given the needed support can lend meaningfully to national development. But conveying such young persons onboard the development waggon becomes the duty of those in authorization.

Having said that. it is besides indispensable to observe that immature people must besides believe in themselves ; that they can go a large plus both separately and jointly to national development if they work hard.

The continued over-dependency phenomenon can non take our young person anyplace. nor can it assist them to meaningfully lend to national development as expected.

It is true that today’s young person are confronting many challenges. such as HIV/AIDS. unemployment and drug maltreatment. but there besides exist chances to gradually get the better of some of these challenges.

In a state of affairs where chances are limited – like presents – youth seeking occupations must avoid the wont of pick-and-choose ; alternatively they should larn to take what is available boulder clay they get what they want.

This state needs more qualified applied scientists. pipe fitters. seamsters. economic experts and journalists. etc to take us to our developmental aspirations.

However. to assist our young person get to where they want and enable them go effectual subscribers to nation-building all custodies must be on deck in accomplishing this aim. as the young person need back up and motive.

Besides to heighten the engagement of young person in national development. they must be given the chance to efficaciously take part in decision-making procedures. particularly on issues impacting their lives.

“Let us admit and observe what young person can make to construct a safer. more jus universe. allow us beef up our attempts to include immature people in policies. programmes and decision-making procedures that benefit their hereafters and ours. ”

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