Rome vs. Han China Comparative Essay Ap World Essay

Similarities between Rome and Han China included gender functions. method of economical production. and architecture. Differences included household construction. category construction. and spiritual pattern. The gender functions within both Rome and Han China were similar. For illustration. both civilisations were patriarchal. The male was placed in charge because he was the closest to his ascendants. maintained the wellbeing of the family. and made sure to go on the family’s sense of award. A difference between Rome and Han China included the household construction. The people of Han China believed that the manner an person acted would reflect upon the whole household and their hierarchy ; in contrast. Rome was more indulgent on the single impacting the family’s hierarchy. The ground for the Romans’ leniency was that there was no equality of Confucianism in Roman society.

Roman hierarchy did non wholly trust on an individual’s codification and behavior. Although these two civilisations do non associate in their household construction. they are comparative within their method of economical production. Both Rome and Han China’s civilisations applied the same method of economical production. Agribusiness was the chief factor within the Roman and Han Chinese economic systems. During one-year crops both imperiums received a certain per centum of gross which funded authorities activities. The category structures included in the Rome and Han China civilisations were really different from one another. An chance for betterment of an individual’s economic and societal position was really limited in China ; whereas in Rome. it was non so limited. Trade and the deficiency of intervention from the Roman authorities resulted in more economic mobility within the hierarchy.

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Additionally. Rome and Han China besides compared in their agribusiness. Another similarity that the Roman and Han civilisations shared was architecture. Roadss were originally built to help the journey of the military military personnels ; nevertheless. these same roads were subsequently used to distribute trade and civilization throughout each imperium. Rome and Han China had different manners of spiritual pattern. In Han China. Buddhism came to be the taking faith. while in Rome the taking faith was Christianity. Unlike Christianity which maintained its original point of views. Buddhism was willing to accommodate to the Chinese traditions and beliefs.

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