Rural differ from rural areas still both

Rural areas vs. urban areas

Migration has become something very popular these days. A lot of people move from rural areas to urban areas for a lot of reasons. These days urban and rural areas became something very exclusive and exist and a lot of people know that there is a measure difference between them. Everyone prefer one of the areas over the other because of the reason. Although urban areas differ from rural areas still both of them can have some benefits. There are two main compared things between the rural areas and urban areas which are lack of technology and education. (98 words)

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There are a number of theories regarding to migration. (The World Policies, 2013) report states that “among 185 countries with available data in 2013, 80 per cent of governments had policies to lower rural to urban migration, an increase from 38 per cent in 1996”. This means that 185 countries made policies so they can lower the migration and increase it. Another idea by (McCatty, unknown) is that “people voluntarily decided to move to urban areas to access to better living conditions”. (The UN, 1970) defines migration as “a move from one migration defining area to another was made during a given migration interval and that involves change of residence. Another idea says that “In some cases only ‘push’ factors will be of major importance and in other situations, ‘pull’ factors will be of overwhelming importance which includes those positive attributes perceived to exist at the new location, such as job opportunity, better climate, and educational opportunity”. (Witherick, 1994).yet another idea by (McDowell and De Haan, 1997)is that “Depending upon length of time it is said to be short-term and long-term migration as well as temporary and permanent migration” . (190 words)

All in all, I have found two reasons why people move from rural areas to urban areas which are: lack of technology and education. Since urban and rural areas became exclusive and noticeable everyone decided to move from rural to urban areas. The first reason why people move is the lack of technology and since technology became very important these days a lot of people move from the areas where there is lack of technology to cities where there is a lot of technology and internet. People use technology for different kind of things and without it they can’t live. The second reason is education and since a lot of people also move to get a better education which leads to higher income. Education is very important to a lot of people because it puts them into higher positions and also because if they got into a higher position it will improve their living conditions.(155words)

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