Sales and inventory system Essay

I. Introduction

In this age. the effectiveness and handiness of a system is really important in concerns. This will greatly impact the success of the concern. The used of manual procedures in concern has diminution since the rise of computerized and machine-controlled systems. And in fact. presents. the usage of computer-based concern system has become prevailing all throughout the developed and developing states around the universe due to the increased productiveness and efficiency of informations treating. In the affair of Andok’s Litson Corporation. particularly in take-out mercantile establishments. they are presently utilizing the manual gross revenues and stock list system wherein computer science and hive awaying for these are done manually.

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But in covering with these minutess. truth. dependability. and effectivity in executing these minutess are limited because clerical mistakes are frequently inevitable. By that ground. we proposed to make a system that can execute this undertaking: the trailing of gross revenues. commanding of stock list. recording of merchandises. calculating of numerical informations and seeking. screening and filtering of point will translated into an machine-controlled procedure which considers speed truth. methodicalness. maintainability and efficiency of the system.

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II. Company Profile

ANDOK’S is chiefly engaged in the concern of selling litson manok ( roasted poulet ) . Over clip. ANDOK’S had evolved and added a new construct to its chief concern of offering roasted poulet. and that is the construct of forte food market shop offering a host of merchandises. including beer. an mixture of drinks. rice. sugar. and other food market merchandises.

ANDOK’S offers its frequenters the best quality litsonmanok ( roasted poulet ) and dokitofrito ( fried poulet ) . In add-on. ANDOK’S besides offers broad assortment of picks viz. litsonliempo ( roasted porc belly ) . bangus ( milk fish ) . porc barbecue. porkcharap ( fried porc chop ) . lechonkawali ( deep fried porc belly ) . kawaliroyale. crispy pata ( deep fried porc leg ) . porc sinigang. beef steak rice. beef rice. chicken leg one-fourth. porc sisig. chopsuey. all-day breakfast repasts such as beef tappa egg rice. bangus fish egg rice. corned beef egg rice. tocino egg rice. and langganisa egg rice and sweets such as banana con yelo. mais con yelo and leche flan. It besides offers soft-served ice pick and frozen drinks. ANDOK’S now has about 150 SKUs ( Stock-keeping unit ) offered in the market. and is likely to turn in order to run into the demands of its valued clients. ANDOK’S chief concern push has ever been to supply high quality merchandises at low-cost monetary values.


– To be acknowledged as a Homegrown Legend in the Filipino nutrient tradition. – To be globally recognized as the Supreme Leader in the Roasted Chicken industry. – To be the most loved and popular Filipino nutrient trade name in the Philippines and abroad through aggressive enlargement and uninterrupted invention in footings of merchandise development and service excellence. – To be the taking speedy service eating house by continuously supplying our clients the best quality nutrient. value for their money and first-class client service. – To supply every Filipino place the joy of household ties by giving them convenience in the handiness of all-time favourite Filipino dishes.

III. Objective of the Study

The general aim of this survey is to plan gross revenues and stock list system utilizing proponents’ cognition in system scheduling. This undertaking aims at bring forthing a dependable system that will relieve the public presentation and service of Andok’s Litson Corporation every bit good as to supply a solution for inaccurate end products caused by manual gross revenues and stock list strategy to do the undertaking easier. faster. relevant and more efficient. . The ultimate end is to develop a systematic point of sale system that enables truth and dependability in executing basic minutess.

This survey pursued the following specific aims:

1. Implement appropriate computer science system.

2. Supply information confidence to organization’s direction. staffs. and sales representatives.

3. To develop a system that has the capableness to do company minutess lighter and easier by integrating point of gross revenues

4. To plan a paradigm that will assist them determine their goods on manus at any given clip. and will calculate and automatically update databases for each gross revenues minutess and stock list inside informations with more truth and less time-consuming procedure.

5. To prove and measure the acceptableness and effectivity of the system in footings of functionality. dependability. serviceability. and truth by garnering feedback from prospective users and proficient experts.

IV. Theoretical Model

V. Conceptual Framework
Input Process Output

Figure 1. 1 Existing System
Figure 1. 1 above is full conceptual model of the manual procedure of Andok’s Litson Corporation.

Input Process Output

Figure 1. 2 Proposed System
Figure 1. 2 above is the full conceptual model of the proposed system of Andok’s Liston Corporation

VI. Significance of the Study

The consequence of this survey will assist them recognize the importance of holding an effectual system in their concern procedure. It will profit non merely the company but besides the staffs and gross revenues forces who will derive more cognition about the system’s use. It will do them more productive and less emphasis in their work. The survey will besides supply faster gross revenues dealing with the usage of Point of Sale system and will interpret more accurate coevals of studies.

The undertaking end is to assist the company in their client service by helping them a system that will do their clip more efficient and effectual. The research would be able to supply them the needed information about the system’s processes.

For decision maker or supervisor. it allows them expeditiously modify available merchandises by adding new 1s and taking and redacting bing 1s. They will easy supervise the stocks. For teller or gross revenues forces. it allows them to easy calculate the entire monetary value. revenue enhancement and the alteration after having hard currency from clients. It besides allows them to salvage. publish well-documented grosss.

VII. Scope of the Study

The advocates will concentrate on the development of Gross saless and Inventory System which will be conducted at Andok’s Litson Corporation. The proposed system can hive away. position. update. redact the current stock of the company and can besides bring forth a list of available points. It can ask handiness and supply gross revenues study. The system can automatically calculate the entire gross revenues of the mercantile establishment which will be used to pull off the stocks. It provides the capableness record. modify and take an stock list stock with informations screening and informations shoping capableness. It has a unafraid log-in for the authorised forces merely.

The system does non affect the usage of recognition cards during minutess. The system is limited to its point of gross revenues maps such as order acquisition and order coverage. As for the gross revenues and stock list system it is limited to measure use and point trailing. The system can publish gross revenues and stock list studies. The system is intended for gross revenues and stock list usage merely. The system does non include work outing jobs hardware jobs and malfunction. The proposed system will be utilizing Ocular Basic. Internet together with SQL Server.

VII. Definition of Footings

The Gross saless and Inventory System have some footings which are proficient and hard to understand for some people that are non familiar with mechanization. This subdivision will assist user to understand footings easy that the advocate used. Computer – is a general intent device that can be programmed to transport out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed. the computing machine can work out more than one sort of job. Current stock – pertains to the existent measure of stock on manus. Database – aggregation of information that is organized so that it can easy be accessed. managed. and updated. Inventory – a n itemized catalog or list of touchable goods or belongings. The value of stuffs and goods held by an organisation and must be accurately counted and valued at the terminal of each accounting period to find a company’s net income or loss. Gross saless Report – A record of calls made and merchandises sold during a peculiar clip frame kept by a sales representative or their direction.

Gross saless – The activity or concern of selling merchandises or services.

Inventory Management – Activities employed in keeping the optimal figure or sum of each stock list point.

Chapter II
System Plan

A. Problem Definition
1. Problem Definition

The manual system doesn’t work good any longer because of the legitimate reverberations that it may do like clip consuming and being susceptible to mistakes. It is through this real-life state of affairs that the research workers want to concentrate on seting up a system that will drop the work and decidedly assist the company salvage files and procedure minutess. specifically in the readying of gross revenues and stock list studies. in a more convenient manner. The system used by Andok’s Litson Corporation should take to acquire the gross revenues studies and stock list record rapidly. expeditiously and accurate.

The procedure of updating. checking and recording should be optimized for time-efficiency. However. the current pattern of the company is an inefficient usage of employee’s clip and resources by making a manual procedure of entering gross revenues and look intoing and monitoring of stock list. The procedure of happening and managing informations and information takes a batch of clip and mistakes are inevitable during this procedure. The information direction is uneffective and inefficient. It besides affects the service rendered to the clients or clients.

Other jobs that the company brushs are the undermentioned: Inability to supervise merchandise handiness. inconsistent recording of studies. deficits and over with respect to the teller or gross revenues individual.

Based on this job. the advocates urge a system that will do the company’s gross revenues study and stock list records accurate and up-to-date. By using a gross revenues and stock list system with through P. O. S. the productiveness of the concern procedure will be apparent and it will do the work easier and more manageable.

2. Anticipated Business Benefits

With the development of system. it will allow the company to group stock list by assorted Fieldss. This advantage permits easy look up and allows you to screen your ware. It will supply better record maintaining by holding a record of day-to-day gross revenues that is organized and easy to understand. The other benefit involves buying. In footings of buying. this system will assist the concern restock points efficaciously and negotiate low seller costs. The company can quickly bring forth purchase orders and add points. The other benefit is that the system permits the concern to diminish pricing mistakes and rush check-out procedures. The concern dealing processed will be more efficient by cutting down or extinguish human mistakes that occur in every dealing by the gross revenues individual.

3. System Capabilities

The proposed system has the capableness to track day-to-day gross revenues study of the company. supervise the stocks in the stock list and gives an qui vive if a specific merchandise reaches the minimal allowance stock sum. The system can enter gross revenues when it happens and the stock list will be up-to-date. It is capable of bring forthing reception for the client. It has a user-friendly interface.

C. Project Feasibilities

1. Hazard Analysis

Making the system takes several hazard. foremost the entry of missive proposal to a prospect company. Second the clip that the advocate will apportion to accomplish the creative activity of proposed system. is the clip tabular array were followed. The advocates besides site some hazard or job that the system might meet. Specifically with respect to security. unauthorised entree and/or invasion to the operator’s computing machine system. this include viruses that might start in the system. The calculated loss of

2. Economic Feasibilities

3. Technological Feasibilities

The procedure of the company does non utilize computing machine or engineering. they manually record their gross revenues in a piece of paper. With the execution of the proposed undertaking. the company will be utilizing a computing machine. they will merely put in the system with a high memory capacity and can run the application. This will necessitate proficient expertness or cognition by the user so that the system will run fluently. The computing machine should hold 1. 6GHz. 2Gigabit of RAM and 1GB available difficult disc. The proposed system will be utilizing Ocular Basic. Internet together with SQL Server.

4. Agenda Feasibilities

5. Operational Feasibilities

The current procedure of the company is manual calculating specially in their take-out mercantile establishments. They record gross revenues and proctor stock list manually. with this. the operation is less efficient. less unafraid and clip consuming. It makes the company’s public presentation slow and inaccurate. But through this proposed system. the current flow of the concern will alter dramatically and will give the company better procedure of dealing. The users can easy place points because of the elaborate information the system has. Besides. the company should cognize and larn how the system works by carry oning tutorials in their salesman or clerks to derive cognition on how to utilize the proposed system.

6. Human Resource Feasibilities

The company does non necessitate excessively many work forces to utilize this system. One individual can easy execute the undertaking the system requires and can understand the system in a short period of clip. It will be really utile non merely to the company but besides to the clerk or salesman assign because of the work burden will be lessen.

Chapter III
System Analysis

A. Information assemblage tools and techniques
1. Questionnaire

Questionnaire is a research instrument dwelling of a series of inquiries for the intent of garnering information from the respondent. It is frequently designed for statistical analysis of the responses. Direction: Please look into the column matching to your response:

High AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeHighly Disagree
A. Problems of bing company
1. The current consumes clip for ciphering informations.
2. Manual recording devour a batch of clip
3. Recording of informations lead to loss or misplacing of informations.

4. Redundancy and Mismatching of informations occurs

2. Interview Guide

a. What is your concern about?
B. Why do you experience that you need computing machine engineering?
c. What sorts of undertaking do you execute in day-to-day footing?
d. What make your demand to do your work easier and faster?
e. How make you believe. development of new system will work out your job? c. What sort of informations do you work with?
3. System Documentation

B. System Requirement Model

1. Event Table
Employee/sales individual
EventEmployee/sales individual will have the order of the client and look into if the point is available TriggerTo inform and give the order of the client SourceFrom the stock list points

Response The client will pay for the point and the teller will publish a reception for the client Finish

Customer or client


Event Administrator will look into and update the stocks in the stock list TriggerTo know the current stock. if an point is out of stock SourceFrom the bringings

ResponseThere will be a control in the stock list so that out of stock or over stock will be avoided DestinationEmployee/sales individual and finally to clients

4. Use Case Description

ScenarioCashier will take the order of the client. after that he will look into the position of the point Trigging eventTo record the gross revenues and update the stocks in the stock list Brief DescriptionIn the usage instance – the teller will take the order of the client. and so he will look into the stock if the point is available. After that. the teller will calculate the point sold and publish a reception for the client. Pre – ConditionThe system will add the informations in the database. Post – ConditionThe system will salvage the dealing processed and the database will be updated.

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