Saudi Secondary School Teachers Education Essay

Research design

This survey employed a study research design which aimed to look into Saudi secondary school instructors ‘ phases of concern about the integrating of computing machine engineering in learning and larning. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The descriptive component of the survey involves scrutiny of the respondents ‘ phases of concern every bit good as placing the differences in their concern based on two demographic variables, learning experience and learning country.

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Population and Sample

The population of this survey consists of all male childs ‘ secondary school instructors in Al-Hassa part in the east side of Saudi Arabia. The figure of the secondary schools in this survey is 23 schools which are equipped with different ICT tools such as computing machine laps, Learning Resource Centres and computerized scientific discipline labs.

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Table3.3.1 Population and sample






65.2 %

3.3.1 Sample

Out of the 23 equipped male childs ‘ secondary schools 15 schools were selected in Al-Hass part that represents 65.2 % of population as shown in table 3.3.1. These schools are chiefly in Al-Mubaraz and Al-Hufuf the two chief metropoliss in Al-Hass part. The entire figure of returned questionnaires were 345 questionnaires. The uncomplete questionnaires were eliminated, go forthing a entire response of 302 participants. The sample consisted of instructors in different learning countries. Table 3.3.2 below shows the figure of returned questionnaires from each school.

Table3.3.2 the figure of return questionnaires from each school


Number of returned questionnaires


Number of returned questionnaires


































The survey used the Stages of Concern Questionnaire SoCQ to roll up informations about instructors ‘ phases of concern about computing machine integrating in instruction and acquisition.

The SoCQ developed by Hall et Al. ( 1977 ) is widely used to measure concerns about engineering. The advantage of the instrument is that it can mensurate, over clip, a continuum of the single concerns that may associate to the development of the engineering integrating in instruction and acquisition. Before and during any execution procedure, instructors go through a series of psychological phases of concern toward an invention Hall and Loucks ( 1978 ) . This instrument assesses 7 phases of concern: ( 1 ) Phase 0 is called consciousness, ( 2 ) Phase 1 is called informational, ( 3 ) Phase 2 is called personal, ( 4 ) Phase 3 is called direction, ( 5 ) Phase 4 is called effect, ( 6 ) Phase 5 is called coaction and ( 7 ) Phase 6 is called refocusing. The SoCQ has been used in assorted surveies on alteration and invention acceptance for the past 30 old ages and revised several times by its developers. In this survey, the SoCQ was used to mensurate secondary school instructors ‘ phases of concern about an invention. The invention refers to the integrating of computing machine engineering in learning and acquisition.

This instrument consists of 35 points that participants rate utilizing eight points ( Likert graduated table ) that range from “ non true of me now ” ( 0 ) to “ really true of me ” ( 7 ) . Participants choose the appropriate grade to which their concerns are true of them. High Numberss indicate high concern, low Numberss low concern, and 0 indicates really low concern or wholly irrelevant. Five statements represent each of the seven phases. All 35 points appear in the instrument in a assorted order. In add-on, the 35 points above a subdivision on demographic information are besides included for sample description intents. The information obtained as follow:

Teaching experience.

Teaching country.

Because the participants of this survey are Saudi instructors talking Arabic linguistic communication, the SoCQ was translated into Arabic version by a professional transcriber. The instrument was revised twice to guarantee that the Arabic and English versions are similar.

Validity and dependability

The cogency of the SoCQ and dependability have later been examined in other surveies since 1974 utilizing “ inter correlational matrices, judgement of concern based on interview informations and verification of expected group differences and alterations over clip ” ( Georg, hall & A ; Stiegelbauer, 2006, p.12 ) and the original thoughts have been supported. Harmonizing to Hall and Hord ( 2001, p.68 ) “ It has strong dependability estimations ( test/retest dependabilities range from.65 to.86 ) and internal consistence ( alpha-coefficients scope from.64 to.83 ) ” .

The cogency of Arabic SoCQ version is based on Al Shammari ( 2000 ) and Saif Al-Aghbari ( 2007 ) proof. In footings of the dependability of the Arabic version, the questionnaire was piloted to 35 secondary school instructors in Al-Hass part. Based on instructors understanding of the points, over all Cronbach ‘s alpha coefficients value =.91. The internal dependability utilizing Cronbach ‘s alpha coefficients value for each phase ranged from.64 to.93 on the seven graduated tables as shown in table 3.4.1.

Data aggregation

The informations were collected in Al-Hassa part during March 2010.The questionnaires were sent by electronic mail to my brother who is a secondary school instructor so he printed out the questionnaires and a missive to the General Administration of Education in Al-Hassa part bespeaking permission to make the research. In the first hebdomad of March, a missive allowing blessing of the petition was received from The Planning and Educational Development Department-Educational Research Unit in Al-Hassa General Administration of Education. Another missive attached with the questionnaire to secondary schools in the part to assist the research worker in administering the questionnaires. The questionnaires were distributed by the schools decision makers to the instructors in selected schools. After completion, the questionnaires were collected and coded by my brother so secured in certain envelopes and posted to researcher.

Table:3.4.1 Cronbach ‘s alpha coefficients value for each phase.

Phase of concern

Alpha value of the ( SoCQ ) ( N=35 )















Datas analysis

Analysis of informations in this survey is transporting out utilizing the ( SoCQ ) Quick Scoring Device and the Statistical Package for Social Scientists ( SPSS ) v.16 for Windowss package. Construction of respondents ‘ person ( SoCQ ) profile was by transition of the point natural mark sums for each graduated table into percentile tonss based on the phase of concern percentile transition chart ( see Appendix? ? ) .This accompanied with the instrument in the CBAM ‘s ( SoCQ ) manual by George, Hall and Stiegelbauer ( 2006 ) .

In this survey, both descriptive and illative statistics were used. The SoCQ manual for informations analysis and reading ( see Appendix? ? ) serve the primary demand of depicting instructors ‘ concerns about the invention. One manner of analysing group concerns is to aggregate single informations by developing a profile that provides the mean tonss for each phase of the persons in a group. Group averages reflect the dominant high and low Phases of Concern of the full group. Average tonss were converted to percentiles and plotted following the processs outlined by George, Hall, and Stiegelbauer ( 2006 ) . Each of the seven phases of concern was represented by five statements. The natural mark for each graduated table was the amount of the five statements for that graduated table. These were so converted to percentile tonss provided in ( Appendix? ? ? ? ) .

The information will be analyzed with respect to the three research inquiries. For the intent of replying the first inquiry: 1- What is secondary school instructors ‘ phase of concern about the integrating of computing machine engineering in learning and larning? The process of SoCQ information analysis will be used to make instructors ‘ profiles, including the entire sample profile to place instructors ‘ phases of concerns ( self concerns, undertaking concern, and impact concerns ) .

To reply the 2nd and 3rd inquiries which are:

2- Is there a important difference between secondary school instructors ‘ phases of concern about the integrating of computing machine engineering in learning and larning in footings of learning experience?

One manner between topics ANOVA will be used. ANOVA serves the demand of proving the differences between independent variable learning experience and seven dependent variables ( consciousness, informational, personal, direction, effect, coaction, and refocusing ) .

3-Is there a important difference between secondary school instructors ‘ phases of concern about the integrating of computing machine engineering in learning and larning in footings of learning country?

In drumhead, this survey uses a quantitative instrument in informations aggregation. The ( SoCQ ) is used to analyze instructors ‘ phases of concern. The demographic study gathers information about two factors related to instructors reported phases of concern. In information analysis, the ( SoCQ ) manual and one manner ANOVA will be applied to reply the research inquiries.

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