School Ethos Essay

They are based on the school’s moral codification. which will inform its development. They are at the bosom of many communities and belief systems. They will normally include: regard for ego. regard for others and are related to Personal. Social. Health and Economic instruction ( PSHE ) and Citizenship Education. These four things should ever be reflected in the on the job patterns of the staff. Students and staff likewise should transport them out in their daily pattern. * Children at the Centre of everything – Children should be valued in the school and their civilization. acquisition and development should be celebrated in a assortment of ways.

* Working together – It should be clear that kids should work together efficaciously to accomplish portion of the acquisition procedure and organizing relationships with each other. * Attitudes of students and staff – There should be a positive ambiance. demonstrated through the manner in which students and staff take pride in their milieus and where their acquisition takes topographic point. * Community coherences – This is the manner in which the school develops links with external members of the community.

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* Inclusive environment – A positive support of diverseness and equal chances should be portion of a schools committedness for a safe and unafraid acquisition environment for all students. 3. 2EVALUATE METHODS OF COMMUNICATING A SCHOOL’S ETHOS. MISSION. AIMS AND VALUES This should be communicated every bit much as possible. Some of the ways in which to make this Would be to set literature on the web site every bit good as in the school. These beginnings will be where parents and others gain their first feelings. 4KNOW ABOUT THE LEGISLATION AFFECTING SCHOOLS 4.

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1SUMMARISE THE LAWS AND CODES OF PRACTICE AFFECTING WORK IN SCHOOLS Schools have to run under current statute law like any other organisation. Some cardinal Pieces of statute law are: * Data Protection Act 1998 * UN Convention on Rights of the Child 1989 * Education Act 2002 * Children Act 2004 * Childcare Act 2006 * Freedom of information Act 2000 * Human Rights Act 1998 * Special Educational Needs ( SEN ) Code of Practice 2001 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005 4. 2EXPLAIN HOW LEGISLATION AFFECTS HOW SCHOOLS WORK THE DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998.

Meanss that schools need to maintain and utilize information merely for the intent for which it was intended. It besides needs to be kept firmly on site. Anything necessitating updating should be done on the school premises merely. All information about students should be considered confidential. it should non be shared with others. unless parental consent is given. i. e. if you were working as a support helper you portion merely necessary information. THE UN CONVENTION ON RIGHTS OF THE CHILD 1989 There are 54 articles included. those which straight relate to the schools are as follows:

* Article 2 – Children have the right to protection from any signifier of favoritism. * Article 3 – the best involvement of the kid is the primary consideration. * Article 12 – kids are entitled to show their positions – which should be given consideration in maintaining with the child’s age and adulthood. * Article 13 – Children have the right to have and portion information every bit long as it is non damaging to others * Article 14 – Children have the right to freedom of faith. although they should besides be free to analyze their beliefs.

* Article 28 – all kids have an equal right to education * Article 29 – children’s instruction should develop each child’s personality. endowments and abilities to the fullest. They should besides larn to populate peacefully and esteem the environment and other people. EDUCATION ACT 2002 This bought in several alterations to school ordinances. staffing and administration. This means that the school is required to work aboard other community-based administrations and develop links and a shared sense of belonging. while valuing he parts of different persons and communities.

CHILDRENS ACT 2004 AND CHILDCARE ACT 2006 This came along with the Every Child Matters model and has a immense impact on the manner in which schools address issues or attention. public assistance or subject. It took its path from the Victoria Climbe instance in concurrence with joint demands i. e. the societal services and the wellness authorization. There are five basic results and these are: * Improve the wellbeing for immature kids and cut down inequalities * Ensure there is sufficient child care to enable parents to work * Provide information to parents about child care

* Ensure that local child care suppliers are trained * Introduce the Early Years Foundation Stage for the under 5’s * Reform the ordinance system for child care. with two new registries of child care suppliers. To be run by Ofsted. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 This promotes transparence and answerability in the public sector ; this means that information can be sought at anytime from the past. Any individual may bespeak information from the school. although this has to be requested in composing. Schools have a responsibility to supply aid and advice to anyone bespeaking the information.

However. certain information has to be protected which may be confidential. HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998 This ensures that all kids have the same entitlements to instruction. Some of the articles. which have a direct nexus to the school proviso. are: * Article 2 of Part 2 – The First Protocol – the right to instruction ( although this does non give one the right to travel to a peculiar school ) * Article 8 – the right to esteem for private and household life * Article 10 – the right to freedom of look.

Restraint of students is permitted under the Act. to protect the rights of others or to forestall offense or hurt. However. a school does hold a policy on this. THE SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS ( SEN ) CODE OF PRACTICE 2001 AND DISABILITY DISCRIMNATION ACT 1995/2005 Children with a disablement or particular demand have the right to larn in a mainstream environment. Schools should be able to pull off kids with a more diverse scope of demands. This means more kids are integrated into mainstream schools. which has a positive consequence.

The Disability Discrimination Act has meant that every school built now must hold commissariats for students with disablements – for illustration they should hold inclines. lifts and handicapped lavatories. Existing schools do non necessitate to make this unless they have alterations to the edifices. such as extension blocks. The Act besides ensures that students should non be excluded from any facet of school life due to disablements. for illustration school trips. 4. 3EXPLAIN HOW THE ROLES OF REGULATORY BODIES RELEVEANT TO THE EDUCATION SECTOR WHICH EXIST TO MONITOR AND ENFORCE THE LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK. INCLUDING:

* GENERAL BODIES SUCH AS THE HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE This provides counsel and proctors the legislative model for all organisations. whether these are industrial. concern or instruction based. Schools are required to follow with the Health and Safety at Work Act ( 1974 ) . It depends on the school how this is done and it is required to: * Carry out hazard appraisals and appropriate steps put in topographic point in new state of affairss or those which may present a hazard to grownups or kids i. e. like on a school trip. * Complete and hold appropriate paperwork ( accident entering for illustration ) . which can be requested for by the Act.

* Have a school wellness and safety policy and alarm all staff to this. * SCHOOL SPECIFIC REGULATORY BODIES Ofsted was bought in to modulate and inspect the proviso and instruction of kids and immature people and describe their findings. All registered instructors are required to be members of the GTC. its maps are that of a regulative function of the instruction profession. There is a Code of Conduct that all instructors are required to adhere to. The Independent Schools Council exists to supply information on independent schools. and besides to inspect and modulate them.

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