Sex education

New Zealand has developed several better heath and well-being curriculum for young people. Sexuality education is taken to the public, because the government realizes it is important for young people to learn. However, sexuality education is difficult to turn to reality, because some groups of people are afraid of talking about it. In an effort to history the developments in sex education in from its conception, this essay will discuss two popular approaches that most institutions operate in teaching sex education among children: the comprehensive and abstinence approaches. A discussion of their differences and effects on children and the success on the study of sex education will be the primary concern of this paper, in order to generate a general outlook of the situation of sex education in the present New Zealand society. Furthermore, this essay will explain what the relationship between sexuality education and moral panic is; also does moral panic take place when sex education is taught or not in school? .

Significance of Teaching Sex Education.

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In society there are many factors that contribute young people to be good citizens or bad citizens. In addition, there have been little said and known about sex education and awareness in the society, especially among the younger generation of the society, comprised of the adolescents and early adults of the society. This particular social group in the society is the targets of the society campaign for the proliferation of sex education. Sex education is defined as the “instruction in the processes and consequences of sexual activity, ordinarily given to children and adolescents” (Microsoft Encarta 2002). The concept of sex education in the society is unheard of until, wherein unwanted pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases became prevalent, unknowledgeable of sex and these factors bring moral panic into society and because of these circumstances, it became imperative for parents and communities to unite and cooperate together in an effort to inform their children about sex and its possible effects if children are not properly leaning about it.

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