Should students who work very hard in a course earn very high grades

Whenever Social Studies teacher Karen Greene sits down to grade a stack of papers, she wonders what the grades really mean and whether they convey useful information about student learning to the students themselves, to parents, counselors, or even to colleges. While most would agree that the general purpose of grading is to provide feedback on student performance, finding consensus on what criteria to use for grading is a different story. Should Karen reward high grades to a hard-working student with very low skills and limited achievement?

Or should she risk discouraging the student by giving him the D that his work really warranted? What about grading a student capable of doing excellent work when she puts her mind to it but who rarely does the work? An F for lack of effort might prod her to work harder, but would it accurately reflect the real quality of her work? Adapted from Lisa Birk, Harvard Education Letter, October 2004 Assignment: Should students who work very hard in a course earn very high grades, or should achievement rather than effort determine students’ grades? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your observations, experience, studies, or reading.

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ESSAY I agree that general purpose of grading is complex topic.And we should provide that how we can grade ones.I think that there are two ways for grading ;first way according to students who work very hard in a course second way academic achievement.I agree first one because teacher can only know students with their works not academic achievement. Firstly we should support first point of view .

For instance,Person who works very hard and always try to do the best in all semester has right to expect high grade however when we compare this person with one who doesn’t work hard and he/she only has achievement we can see the big differences .I think that at school first important thing for students who want to get high grade is working very hard .Only this way students can show themselves to the teacher. Nevertheless some people think academic achievement is also important for grading .They think it is possible to get high grade without working very hard .They suppose teacher can determine students’ grades only academic achievement it sounds ridiculous . To summarize the topic in my opinion it would be better if the teachers pay attention both of them academic achievement and working very hard .Because only this way teacher completely grade students without any doubt.

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