Signature Strengths My Strengths Quest Education Essay

Many people, including myself, do non cognize where to get down when finding a calling way or class of survey to prosecute. The StrengthsQuest appraisal tool utilizes new theories in positive psychological science and strengths based development to seek to recognize ancient doctrines in modern times. I conducted research trusting to larn more about the theories behind the StrenghtsQuest appraisal and besides about my findings and how they relate to my hereafter planning. I have found that my personal strengths are really much in line with my involvements and future calling possibilities.


Positive Psychology

Traditional positions in psychological science have described psychological wellness and wellbeing as the absence of disease and hurt ; concentrating attempts on developing interventions to care for persons who are afflicted someway. Positive psychological science, harmonizing to Peterson and Park, stresses that “ felicity and fulfillmentaˆ¦entail more than the designation and intervention of jobs. ” They continue to depict it as “ the survey of optimum experience-people being their best and making their best ( Peterson & A ; Park, 2008 ) . Positive psychological science is a comparatively new construct in the field of psychological science ; nevertheless it is going more popular. Advocates do non reason that diseases and emphasiss are non a job for some, but that everyone can profit from the theories behind positive psychological science.

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Strengths-Based Development

Positive psychological science purposes to advance wellbeing and general life satisfaction. One manner this is accomplished is by analyzing one ‘s endowments and concentrating on beef uping them. For many old ages, and still to this twenty-four hours, people around the universe believed that cognizing one ‘s failings, and trying to better on them, would assist them go more successful than cognizing their strengths and working around their failings ( Hodges & A ; Clifton ) . In contrast, many top directors recognize the benefits to detecting the natural strengths of their workers and utilizing that cognition to better manage workgroups. These thoughts besides appeal to many in the educational field, including decision makers, counsellors and pupils.

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“ Everyone has strengths. They need to be recognized, celebrated, strengthened, and used ( Park & A ; Peterson, 2008 ) . ” Simple and logical, but this manner of thought is frequently ignored in favour of preparing “ all-around ” persons. In surveies, pupil populations that concentrated on utilizing their strengths gained assurance and were subsequently able to work on their failings ( Park & A ; Peterson, 2008 ) . Besides cited was defeat by those lone working on personal failings and non strengths. Aside from assurance, those on a regular basis utilizing their strengths were less down, happier, and more fulfilled.

Practical Application

Positive psychological science and strengths based development in peculiar, are greatly valued by school counsellors and organisational behaviour specializers. Both pupil and worker populations that actively participated in strength development exercisings experienced greater school or workplace battle. Higher degrees of battle are associated with less absenteeism, much lower failure rates and higher GPAs among pupils ( Hodges & A ; Clifton ) .

Personal strength development and greater worker battle have a positive impact in the workplace. Workers who have the “ chance to make what they do best, ” are much more occupied and have more occupation satisfaction. In the workplace, occupation satisfaction is frequently tied to occupation public presentation and to higher chance of success ( Hodges & A ; Clifton ) .

Personal Relevance

My StrengthsQuest Consequences

Upon finishing the StrengthsQuest appraisal, a study was generated uncovering my signature top five strengths with definitions and illustrations of each. First listed was context, context gifted people enjoy believing about the past and understand the present by happening out more about its history. Second was learner, they have great desire to larn and continuously better ; to them, the procedure of acquisition is particularly exciting. Following, deliberative people are characterized by the attention taken when faced with decision-making undertakings. They anticipate obstructions. Achiever talented people are difficult workers and take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. Last, analytical people search for grounds and causes ; they think about all the factors act uponing a given state of affairs.

I can non state any of the signature strengths reported came as a surprise, but holding them pointed out to me helped to reenforce my involvement in prosecuting a degree-and hereafter career-in the field of history. Until late I had non considered history as a possible calling way. My recent involvement in it, I fear, may hold influenced my StrengthsQuest appraisal consequences. I am dying to reiterate the study, if I am able, and see if my consequences line up a 2nd clip. However, this may merely be a manifestation of my deliberative and analytical sides.

Past Evidence

Looking back with this new cognition, it becomes evident that these endowments have been exercised throughout my life. Examples of each semen to mind without much problem. It is besides easy to see how many of these endowments, if exercised excessively much, might be counterproductive ; there are several illustrations here every bit good.

Turning up, and still to this twenty-four hours, I am fascinated by history. I have visited legion museums, garrisons, battlegrounds, and other historical sites. I find seeing the artefacts and the topographic points where historical events really took topographic point really absorbing. My learner talent ties in nicely with these jaunts and farther explains my frequent impulses to larn about slightly random subjects to fulfill my wonder. Deliberative and analytical talents-along with context and learner-show themselves when I am faced with tough determinations such as buying a used auto. My achiever endowment, I have read, is the thrust that keeps me traveling, both at work and in school.

Though these endowments all appear to be positive, and they are, they can show drawbacks. Several times turning up I found that wonder born organize my scholar endowment was an enabler of cunctation and a distraction from finishing of import research or prep on clip. My deliberative and analytical endowments make it hard for me to do determinations sometimes, make up one’s minding on a major to prosecute in college is a premier illustration. Finally, my achiever endowment thrusts achievement, and it is great when I accomplish things. However, when I am less productive, or when attempts take longer than expected, this endowment can do me to experience down on myself.

Future Goals

As I stated earlier, I intend to prosecute a grade and finally a calling related to history. I received a press release from a representative of Western Michigan University detailing many of the accomplishments developed in chase of a history grade. High on the list were research, critical rating, assemblage and forming informations, use of past events to explicate the present, construing events, and analyzing grounds. It is easy to see how my signature strengths outlined in my StrengthsQuest study consequences align with the accomplishments needed to win in the field.

Further grounds of the alliance of my endowments to the accomplishments required in chase of a grade in history can be found in an article by O’Connnor and Cordova entitled “ Learning: The Experiences of Adults Who Work Full-Time While Attending Graduate School Part-Time. Many of the calling waies in the field of history become much more inviting with an advanced grade and my state of affairs closely mimics that of an grownup returning to school more than a traditional college pupil. They found that no affair the external ground these grownups returned to school, their primary motive was that they were per se motivated to larn ( O’Connor & A ; Cordova, 2010 ) . Similarly, In an article called “ Analysing History ” the writers clearly describe analysis ‘ function in learning history by inquiring how to happen significance in complex, upseting, or distant events, or how the different facets of analyzing history come together ( Counsell et wholly, 2010 ) . Truthfully, the reply here is in their analysis and find of how these little, complex, upseting or distant events fit into the large image.

One last thing I noticed while carry oning research, is that all of these signature strengths seem to feed into each other in some manner. Part of this is expressed in a quotation mark from O’Connor and Cordova ‘s “ Learning ” ( 2010 ) :

“ Research workers have explained the function of experience by stressing the function of contemplation in the acquisition procedure. When grownups reflect on their experiences, they are doing significance of them. Experiences by themselves are non larning chances, unless we think about them and measure them. ” ( p. 361 )

This illustrates one combination of several of these strengths ; context, analysing, and larning. When examined, my StrengthsQuest consequences show several other logical ways these endowments compliment and advance each other.


While I have non thoroughly studied every possible calling way related to the field of history, I do believe the field of survey truly involvements me. I will utilize the information I have learned from taking the StrengthsQuest appraisal to assist concentrate my programs for higher instruction and a future calling. The theories and grounds behind the StrengthsQuest appraisal tools are converting ; why should people do themselves suffering seeking to better on their failings when developing and integrating their strengths is far more piquant and honoring?

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