Similarities and differences between two societies

Today we are traveling to discourse the similarities and differences between two societies, Turkish and Saudi Arabian, from the cultural and moral point of position. Firstly it is of import to acquire familiar with these definitions.

Culture is the manner of life, shared beliefs, values, imposts and behaviors, that the members of society usage to get by with their universe and with one another, and that are transmitted from coevals to coevals through acquisition.

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Norms specify the type of behavior that is considered appropriate and normal in a society. For illustration, norms of frock give guidelines on what to have on. Norms are set of regulations that vary from society to society. A alteration in society leads to new ways of behaving and therefore civilization and norms are ever altering.

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Valuess are general regulations and rules that tell us what is good, of import and deserving endeavoring for in our society. Valuess lay down general rules and guidelines.

Inequality concerns differences in entree to scarce resources when one group is better positioned than the other in society. Social inequality involves voting rights, freedom of address, instruction and many more. Inequality is present in every society, even if it is said that all members in society are equal.

Both states portion similar history, civilization and values. Religion in peculiar dramas a large portion in people ‘s lives. The major faith is Islam, the 2nd largest faith in the universe. In Saudi Arabia, Islam is the lone officially recognized faith and other faiths in the state are non tolerated. Turkey is more democratic in this manner. While in Turkey province and church are separated, faith in Saudi Arabia influences every facet of societal and political life. Even the legal system is based on Islamic laws ( Islamic ) jurisprudence. The signifiers of penalty in this state are, harmonizing to some organisations, against human rights. For illustration, larceny is punishable by amputation of the right manus. Whipping is manner of penalty for discourtesies against faith, inebriation and gaming. The decease punishment is the highest signifier of penalty in the state and is used for a scope of strong beliefs including the distribution of drugs from abroad. The decease sentence was besides practiced in Turkey, but it has since been reduced to thirty old ages imprisonment. Homosexuality is purely forbidden in both societies ( a position strongly linked to spiritual beliefs ) , and is punishable by floging, prison or decease.

Inequality, in both societies, is most distinguished between work forces and adult females. Saudi adult females suffer favoritism in a scope of countries within their day-to-day lives. For illustration, adult females are non allowed to drive autos or sit bikes on public roads and the impulsive age of 25 is one of the highest in the universe. Saudi Arabia is besides one of the four staying states that have non granted adult females the right to vote. Womans can non go abroad without the permission or presence of a male defender ( mahram ) , and besides have to be accompanied by a close male from the household ( male parent or brothers ) when outside of house. As celibacy and sexual modestness are really extremely valued, adult females can be arrested for socialising with a adult male who is non a comparative and may be charged with harlotry. In public, dancing, playing music and demoing films is out. Womans make up merely 5 % of the work force in Saudi Arabia, which is the lowest proportion in the universe. A adult female ‘s position within the household is high, particularly in the functions of female parent and sister. However, their rights may go on to be restricted, for illustration, it is believed that adult females should remain at place, caring for their hubbies and kids. Most matrimonies are arranged and polygamy is permitted up to four married womans.

Similar attitudes towards adult females had existed in Turkey, but in 1926 new reforms brought alterations to the place of adult females in society. Polygamy was abolished and it is really rare presents. Along with spiritual matrimonies and divorce, child detention became the right of both adult females and work forces. Education degrees of adult females have increased since the reforms and many Turkish adult females are able to entree instruction, have occupations and callings. The right to vote was granted in 1930.

Although the place of adult females outside of household has changed significantly, inside it remains more or less the same. Husbands remain at the caput of household and adult female must hold their permission to work or their blessing if traveling out. Both Saudi Arabian and Turkish societies place immense value on the household and take their duties earnestly. Families tend to be big and the drawn-out household remains near.

Significant inequality besides exists between adult females from different sectors of societies. Womans in these two provinces have different life manners and rights. For illustration, abortion in Turkey is legal up to ten hebdomads, while in Saudi Arabia it remains illegal, except in state of affairss where the female parent ‘s life may be at hazard.

The norms for public behavior in Saudi Arabia are highly conservative. To guarantee that these criterions of behavior are observed, the Saudi spiritual constabularies can collar aliens for improper frock and other alleged misdemeanors, such as ingestion of intoxicant. Turkish adult females no longer hold to have on the head coverings and long garments, whereas in Saudi Arabia it is still required by the old spiritual beliefs. While intoxicant is banned in Saudi Arabia, it is allowed in Turkey. In Turkey, Friday is considered a normal on the job twenty-four hours, irrespective of the fact that to Muslims it is considered a holy twenty-four hours. Saudi Arabian ‘s continue to admit this tradition – most stores and other public topographic points are closed on Friday and persons pattern their supplications. All Muslims pray five times a twenty-four hours and during the holy month of Ramadan they must fast from morning to dusk ( this includes feeding, imbibing and smoke ) . Harmonizing to Islam, the left manus is considered dirty and reserved for personal hygiene.

To reason, Turkey is now considered a secular province, the first of all time Islamic society to be considered as such. In contrast, Saudi Arabia ‘s alone civilization makes Markss it as a distinguished Islamic state. Peoples in these states are highly proud of their civilization, heritage and nationality.


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