Skill framework for the information age


In this study, incorporating what is Skill Framework for the Information Age ( SFIA ) , how is SFIA plants and how is SFIA been used late. The calling direction system been referenced is SHELL oil company which utilizing SFIA Version 3 started from 2008.

Question 1

In 21st century, the fast growth and traveling up of engineering, so there are needed of some identifying accomplishments for IT professionals and better their working effectivity. To get the better of the job of placing the needful accomplishments, a trustable and apprehensible model is needed, building-up this model ever a ambitious undertaking.

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SFIA, which stands for Skill Framework for the Information Age ( SFIA ) and besides pronounced sound like the name SOPHIA.SFIA is a citing tool for people to place and understand Professional IT Skills to construct an effectual Information Systems ( IS ) with utilizing Information Communications Technologies ( ICT ) . SFIA besides created for busy people who are pull offing IT professionals, and wish to better consequences. SFIA is a model that including planar which is Work and Level of Responsibility. SFIA can be a mention book for those new user who do n’t understand IT skills, and it defines professional accomplishments which needed and provided diagnostic information.

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The intent of SFIA is to assist employers of IT professionals to take down the undertaking hazard, retain employees, have more effectual enlisting and increase quality and efficiency of IT map. The right accomplishments would assist the employers have a best manner to do a proper calling manner for the staffs. SFIA foundation describes SFIA as “ SFIA enables employers of IT professionals to transport out a scope of HR activities against a common model of mention – including accomplishment audit, be aftering hereafter accomplishment demands, development programmes, standardisation of occupation rubrics and maps, and resource allotment. ”

SFIA is built as a simple planar matrix, one axis shows the accomplishments in classs and subcategories, another axis describes the different degrees of duty and answerability for IT staffs. SFIA including 86 accomplishments, each of the accomplishments has an overall definition and so recognized seven degree accomplishment with more elaborate form. There are entire sum of 295 forms. For user easier to acknowledge the countries of work in IT, the accomplishments are separated into Classs and so separated once more into Subcategories. The six Classs are defined in: Strategy & A ; architecture, Business alteration, Solution development & A ; execution, Service direction, Procurement & A ; direction support and Client interface. There are some Subcategories in each Categories to do the information and definitions be more elaborate.

There are seven degrees of duty in SFIA, all of the degrees define 4 cardinal dimensions of duty which is liberty, influence, complexness and concern accomplishments. For easier to mention, the degrees are set in figure from 1 to 7 with a simple description:

  • Degree 1 – Follow
  • Degree 2 – Aid
  • Degree 3 – Apply
  • Degree 4 – Enable
  • Degree 5 – Ensure, advise
  • Degree 6 – novice, influence
  • Degree 7 – Set scheme, envision

SFIA makes the organisation to supply what is the occupation ‘s demand or capableness to the interviewee and there is no fixed conditions for the occupation. Pull offing and developing accomplishments are the chief points due to both employees and employers. By utilizing SFIA, the organisation identifies each functions which needed to do the procedure of concern be successful. Through SFIA, the interviewee will be helped to map their accomplishments and experience within an IT occupation, and besides makes person ‘s calling way much clearer. Capability of individual would be the chief feature from the direction rhythm. SFIA besides used by the organisation to step and measure accomplishments to the industry criterion, other than that, SFIA can be a theoretical account to be after developing activities to the staffs and find accomplishments spreads between the clip.

Question 2

A calling direction system of a organisation has been research and mention which is SHELL Oil Company. As all of us know, SHELL petrol station located everyplace in our state and SHELL is the largest oil company in the universe. In 2008, SHELL used SFIA V3 Based IT Competence Framework. To better the concern demand, SHELL designed the new IT Competence Framework to assist them make the undertaking. The character of IT in SHELL is reviewing which means the what is the method for SHELL to supply IT services from is reviewing, so SHELL has created a New Integrated Delivery Model ( IDM ) . There are some different set competencies for new / different IT occupation households, which needed by the new IDM. So SHELL altering the IT competency model and better the opportunities for IT acquisition and development.

Why SHELL choose SFIA as their model. Because of SHELL ‘s chief market is non on Information engineering ( IT ) , so SHELL instead to utilize a built and common model than to construct a model by ain ego. SHELL as a world-wide organisation, so they have to able to get the better of all of the involvements, and SHELL merely can take the lone feasible competency theoretical account which is SFIA. SFIA provides the opportunity to SHELL to benchmark themselves and comparing with other major user.

The earlier model utilizing by SHELL started in 2001 which is BSC Industry Structure Model Ver.3 ( ISM3 ) . SFIA Plus was designed to map with the ISM3, SHELL were able to map ISM3 with the SFIA Plus and SHELL gain assurance in model. Harmonizing to SHELL, “ We were able to map the Shell Job Grade construction to SFIA degrees via the function counsel between ISM3 and SFIA. ” . SHELL had a measure frontward by altering to SFIA model.

The new model in SHELL list out the accomplishment / cognition to the persons must necessitate Analytical Thinking, Attention to Detail, Organizational Awareness, Decision Making, Goal Orientation and etc. These make the organisation and the persons have and know the basic status for the occupation application. The model describes the occupations and competencies in few stairss: 1. A place is including in a occupation household 2. Defined the occupation household by utilizing SFIA 3. Determine the cogent evidence points to each occupation household which has a competency profile. 4. Staff develop a personal competency profile 5. Comparing the personal profile with the occupation profile to place development needs 6. Plan staff ‘s future calling by utilizing occupation map.

SHELL had launch My: IT portal and brochure, which use to implement and utilize of the new IT Competence Framework. The My: IT provides IT staff about the information which needed in the services, and descriptions of the IT competency and the different degrees for every line in the organisation. My: IT besides provide the acquisition and development opportunities of occupation and for each IT functional Competence. There are 4-box theoretical accounts that use to larn and development guidelines to turn to competency spreads: Mention Materials, Training Courses, Professional Experiences and On-the-Job+Coaching.

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