Skills vs Knowledge in Education Essay

Skills V. Knowledge in Education

Education systems all over the universe are based on the thought that pupils get and retrieve information from instructors and books. These systems test this cognition with standardised trials which compare pupils to each-other. They merely test the sort of information which is possible to mensurate in trials. The end is deriving information. non developing accomplishments by which to utilize and do information. Unlike the old manner of instruction where people remembered things in order to go through trials and acquire higher tonss than other pupils. the modern universe calls for a new sort of instruction in which the focal point is deep apprehension. creativeness. and information direction accomplishments. Most education systems in the universe are designed to do pupils retrieve things. One ground is that schools feel the demand to compare pupils.

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They do this by giving trials. They want to be able to give classs and make up one’s mind which pupils are smart and which are non. They function as a sorting mechanism for society. From the earliest classs. pupils are put on paths that will make up one’s mind their hereafters. Another ground schools like to do pupils retrieve things is that by making so they will be able to prove their cognition and find if they remember or non. They believe that if pupils remember things it is the same as understanding those things. Schools besides like to leave cognition because in this manner. although pupils can hold different single accomplishments. they can all have the same cognition.

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Einstein said “Imagination is more of import than cognition. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” ( Needle. 2007 ) . All the cognition in the universe is useless unless you are able to utilize information in originative ways. Knowledge is what other people have created. Understanding is all about what you think about something. Everybody sees. hears. feels. and thinks otherwise. No two people in the universe have the same apprehension of the same thing. It is impossible to give trials on a point of position. Because of this. trials are unlogical.

The lone ground trials exist is to label pupils as “smart” or “stupid. ” There are many sorts of intelligence. nevertheless. One of the most celebrated research workers in the field of intelligence. Gardner. found at least seven different sorts of intelligence ( Gardner. 1999 ) . Intelligence and apprehension are related. Unfortunately. trials merely mensurate one type of intelligence. In the modern universe accomplishments are more of import than cognition. If a individual knows many facts. it is impressive. but non really utile. It is of much greater importance to be able to happen information rapidly. form that information. analyze and understand the chief thoughts. set different pieces of information together ( synthesise ) . and make new information. Together these accomplishments make what we call information direction and invention. the accomplishments which are most desired in the concern universe. Most people in the universe believe that instruction is about retrieving things to take trials which measure one’s public presentation against other people who have studied the same information. However. this thought no longer matches the world of the modern universe in which cognition is less of import than creativeness and deep apprehension. To be successful in the age of engineering. instruction must concentrate on assisting pupils derive information direction and invention accomplishments.

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