Skinny Models on Negative Influence

Essay – skinny models are setting a bad example for teenagers Skinny models are not role models for teenagers. However, it is hard to distinguish the perception between fashion models on catwalk and realistic people, for vulnerable teenagers. According to the government last year, ultra skinny models will be phased out of the fashion industry. The government believes that skinny models are affecting fragile teenagers, including those who have eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. It is becoming a serious issue in society.

Some people assume that ultra-skinny models promote delicate people to imitate their small body size and this could cause serious social problems for teenagers. This essay will look at what are indeed core problems: body size and social issue. Firstly, skinny models can encourage unrealistic body size for your people. Young people can be exposed to skinny models effortlessly through TV fashion show and fashion magazines. Teenagers have vulnerable characteristics and a much higher feasibility to imitate the unrealistic ideal beauty, which is glamorized through the fashion industry.

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For example, when a teenage girl watches a fashion show on TV, she will be attracted to a specific gorgeous dress. Then she would use the internet, magazines, and chatting with friends to get information about a particular clothing. On the other hand, she would recognize that a specific dress is too small and tight, in order to suit that dress, she will start excessive diet and exercise to lose her weight which is an unhealthy method. As it turns out, skinny models can lead to juveniles suffering eating disorders.

Secondly, we should consider that eating disorders are related to social lives. Teenagers may have a misconception about skinny models. As professional models, they would deliberately display features to look more glamorous and to sell a particular product to potential customers. This is exactly their job. Due to and the uneducated and misconception about skinny models, young people can be obsessed by unrealistic body size. This can cause an eating disorder.

It is very important to nourish adolescent period as they are continuing to develop and grow their body size. Teenagers can concentrate on their tasks as long as they are nurtured well. Brain working spends a lot of energy. It is vital priority to eat nutrient foods for them in their future life and social life. In conclusion, skinny models can have a negative influence on teenagers and their fragile personality. Teenagers can follow ultra-skinny models to make same size.

Furthermore, when they excessively strive to get small size, they may get illness such as bulimia or anorexia. These can cause the problem with their social lives. Conversely, body image is affecting the health and happiness of substantial sections of our community. Thus, to cause fewer problems and misconceptions for teenagers, we need to teach them on what is the right way for their development and correct standards for teenagers. We should judge them by their inner power, wisdom and knowledge instead of just solely on their appearance.

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