SMS noyification literature

The application is written in Visual Basic 6. Its task is to retrieve student contact information and store messages in the Activeness SMS Messaging Server database. Activeness SMS Messaging Server is responsible for the delivery of the messages. Http://www. Technocratic. Com/resource-library/actualities/case- study-SMS-student-notification-system-SST-]Joseph-college/ Project Name Multi-platform Grading System with SMS Notification Author of the Project Lea Cell Perez, Estella Maria Amazon, Language Company Santos Toms College

Project Purpose: The purpose of this study is to create a system that allows the students to access to their grades at any given point of time and also in any method (online, mobile, desktop). Their parents can monitor the grades of their child by sending the grades through SMS Notification. Project Overview: Grading System is the method used in computing and analyzing the performance, talents and skills of the students and in identifying the problems of the students.

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Through the desktop system the instructor reduces their workload for recording or lactating the student’s grades and after that they can send an SMS Notification to the parents with the given cellophane number in every grading period. In Online Grading System the student will register first before logging in and after that the students can see all the features inside the system as well as their grades. Goals and Objectives: Goals Objectives The project will provide an improve system for less work for instructors Reduces work load for the instructors in recording and calculating the grades of the students.

Shorten the time in implementing the student grade The system is designed to shorten the process of giving the grades to the students. The system is designed so that the student will no longer approach their respective instructors or the admit office to see their grades but they will Just go to the website or in their android phone. The system will monitor the grades of the student. There are some students lying to their parents about their grades by this system the parents can monitor their children’s education. Http://www. Studded. Com/essays/

Project-charter-44042989. HTML Automated Loaning System with SMS Notification Our Lady of Grace Credit Cooperative CRUZ, Lester jay L. The proposal system design to help the Our Lady of Grace Credit Cooperative in managing the loan of the borrowers. It provides an automated system and methods for providing loans. It handles a large variety of events including rate setting, prepayment, drawn and facility amendments, payment allocation and debt supervision. Payment reminders can be generated automatically before each payment date and can be distributed via SMS.

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