Social Skills Training and Its Influence on Behavioral Problems

SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING AND ITS INFLUENCE ON BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS OF SELECTED TEENAGERS IN CITY SOCIAL WELFARE COMPLEX, LUCENA A Research Proposal Submitted in partial fulfillment Of the requirements for the subject English IV Presented to the Faculty of the BASIC EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, St. Anne College Lucena, Incorporated By: Chelsy Ann C. Herrera Annalyn K. Reyes John Moises G. Villapando Jules Amiel A. Durante 2011 Statement of the Problem

This study will investigate the influence of the various social skills training (SST) on behavior modification of selected teenagers in DSWD, Lucena City. Specifically, it will try to answer the following: 1. What is the socio-demographic profile of the respondents in terms of: 1. 1. Age? 1. 2. Gender? 1. 3. Cause of being in care of City Social Welfare Complex? 2. What is the factor that greatly affects teenagers’ behavior in DWSD, Lucena City? 3. Is social skills training has moderate short-term effects or limited long-term effects? . What will be the result of the social skills training implemented in DSWD, Lucena City? Significance and Validity The findings accumulated by this study may provide significant benefits to the following groups or individuals: To the Teenagers, this study will be able to know the factors that affect teenagers’ behavior. Thus, they will be able to manage their situations. This study will serve as a reason for them to be more serious with behavior affecting their lives.

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To the Rotarians in Lucena, Khei-Wailea, West Honolulu, Kahului, Maui, Kaneohe, and the Rotarians in Lahaina, this study will be able to realize the role of the Rotarians on the teenagers’ behavior. They will see their help to the teenagers are worth it. Rotarians can also conduct more services, activities, academic programs and seminars that can be sure fit solution to the teenagers’ problems influencing their behavior. To the Teachers, this study helps teachers understand why such teenagers experience behavioral problem.

They will be able to help teenagers cope with their studies in spite of the factors affecting it. To the Officials in Lucena, this study can make them help these teenagers excel in their studies. They can help conduct Rotarians more services, activities, academic programs and seminars that can be sure fit solution to the teenagers’ problems influencing their behavior. Scope and Delimitation This study will be limited to the various challenges met by teenagers who need social skills training.

Social-Competence Promotion Program for Young Adolescents is an example social skills training program that will enhance adolescents’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills. The implementation of the program that directed by challenges will be discussed and analyzed. The study will be conducted in City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Social Welfare Complex located in Old Motorpool, Zaballero Subdivision, Lucena City. The study aims to lower the number of teenagers who have difficulties in social skills due to their behavioral problems encountered before they entered the city complex.

Because of the increasing number of teenagers having this problem, this study will help them lower their chances of having more complications of behavioral problem. Challenges and problem in City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Social Welfare Complex particularly the performance of the teens who are engaging in behavioral problem will be the focus of this research. However, every study has its own limitation, since the researchers are only four, there will only be 40 respondents to be studied and analyzed. Conceptual Framework

Fig. 1. The Conceptual Paradigm of the Factors that Affect Teenagers’ Behavioral Problem Fig. 1. shows the factors and the teenagers are interlinked. As to the teenagers so as to the factors, both runs a well-known epigram. The factors reinforce the functioning of the teens. CHAPTER 3 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter contains the discussion of the research design used, the respondents of the study, the research locale, instrumentation, the data gathering procedure, and the statistical treatment of data.

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