Sociological imagination

Green Tea is one of the most famous ways in bringing people together in my society. When I was little my mom was a big Green Tea drinker. Every day after we have lunch she would asked me to prepare it for her. After a while I became addicted to it and even when she is not home after lunch I like to have it myself. As I grew older start making friends, Green Tea became the most influence thing I use to have friends come to my place. It then become a normal routine for me and my friends every day after lunch they’ll all come to my place for a Green Tea.

We use the name gathering to talk about our lives, activities, and even make new friends out of it. People see it from the perspective of being a social activity such as “meeting for Green Tea” an activity that actually focuses less on the beverage and more on the actual activity of meeting with another person. It is also considered as a type of drug because it contain caffeine, and therefore the drinkers of the tea may have a type of addiction because of that many people do not allow their kids to drink it while in Its purest form. Raised in a society where lots of women are insecure when it comes to the color of heir skin.

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Women feels the light skin women have advantage of over in terms of look, finding a boyfriend, getting a good husband, good Job and so on. One of cousin wanted to be lighter than she is and she went through skin bleaching. After several months of applying different skin bleaching creams and lotions the she has a result but not near what she was hoping for and she end up losing a her beautiful dark skin. Some park of her body becomes lighter than other, some parts have a whole different color. She then became even mush more insecure of her skin than before she went under that procedure.

Looking at the sociological perspective that was her personal issue but it was due the influence of the society she lives in. Men of that society then to show more interested on the light skin women than others. Within men themselves they will be talking about whose wife or girlfriend is lighter than the other. They gave light skin women a special name call in Mankind language “sass borrow’ meaning “the cure to my illness”. Men who have more than one wife will be calling the lighter skin that name and be calling the other with a darker skin Just her regular name. That alone would make lots of women to go under that skin formation.

Because of such factors many believe they will need to bleach their skins in other to have the man they desire and get the respect and love they wanted. Growing up in a predominantly Muslim society with very few Christians, Catholics and other religions. My parents and I decided that they will sent me too catholic high school. All my friends went to public schools for not only is cheaper but also has 95% Muslims. The reason I decided to attend catholic high school instead of the others was because they have one of the best schools in the country. There students produces the best result in the country.

They are well recommended and pretty accepted into any college or university in the country even some schools in Europe and U. S are aware of their successful graduation record. Seeing all those great qualities about the school is what motivated me and my parents for me to go to that school despite the religious differences. Because both my parents had the opportunity to go to college, studied abroad, travel to many places, meet different people with different religious beliefs, they understand the fact that it doesn’t really matter which school you go to, the knowledge you get is what matters.

Whereas most of the people in our community didn’t have the opportunity to complete high school much more college education. Lots of people were not happy going to that school, friends and even some of our relatives had to say something about that. I was harassed in the school buses, my family were called names, even losing some friends because of that. The community believe that a Muslim should not attend another faith’s school. Even though it was my personal decision and is my life it still as an influence on the society and my decision was also base on the impact the school making in our community.

Two months after graduating from high school I started to think about what I want, and how I can get that. Living in the society where employment is based on who you know but not what you know. Getting a college degree does not grantee you a Job if you don’t have connection with the employers. Going to college was definitely an option with the help of my parents but still worrying about what life after college will be in terms of employment. People who were lucky enough to travel to abroad are doing the things we all dream of doing. They are driving the nicest vehicles, living in fancy houses, eat healthier, and always get what they wanted.

I wanted to travel to Europe through the sea commonly called “back way’ hoping to have a better living out there. My family discourages me then I went too 3 year institution where I got my Certificate and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The thought of me trying to find all kind of possible and risky ways to get a better living was influence by my society, my country, corrupt Government, and unemployment, which also forces tens of thousands of people in my country to try to go through this so-called “back way’ through the sea in other to find a better living for themselves and their families as a whole.

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