Solutions to poverty in Egypt

Solutions to poverty

Poverty increasing in Egypt with extremely rate which causes immense jobs for people and authorities such as increasing rate of offenses and impairment of wellness. More than 20 % of Egypt’s population lives under poorness line, while 49 % of Upper Egypt can non bring forth the chief demands of nutrient harmonizing to studies released by ( Egypt cardinal Agency for public Mobilization and statics, 2013 ) as mentioned in the old essay. Scientists and research workers said that overpopulation and unemployment are the chief causes for poorness which leads those jobs. Scientists and research workers suggested many solutions for poorness such that increasing the size of land that Egyptians live in or authorities gives hapless people and unemployment monthly income such as Switzerland, However, the solutions they said didn’t win. This essay purpose to measure the old solutions to get the better of and stop poorness in Egypt and to show instruction as the most suited solution for poorness because it raises the consciousness of people about the unsafe of overpopulation and enable the unemployed opportunity to acquire a good occupation.

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One of the solutions that the scientists and research workers has been antecedently suggested and failed to work out the job of poorness in Egypt is increasing the size of land that Egyptians unrecorded in. This solution because when it talks is about poorness it should be known that there is a psychological constituent in the job. For many old ages when there is overpopulation in state a little portion of this population has adequate money to populate a comfort life. The remainder of population faced poorness and would increase the rate of birth to do up for who died because of diseases. Families that have been through poorness who need work and to get the better of poorness are the major cause of overpopulation and this is one of the major causes for poorness as mentioned in the old essay. This solution that have been suggested will work out many jobs in the same clip, first overpopulation and that will diminish the figure of unemployed by giving them work in the new edifices and the new mills, this will increase the rate of production and will give hapless people a better life. Unfortunately this solution did non win because Egypt such as many states enduring from overpopulation Egypt is the 16th largest state in overpopulation and the largest Arab state in overpopulation as a study published from ( cardinal intelligence bureau, 2012 ) . All of these Egyptians are populating in a little size of country around the Nile River such as all civilizations built. Egyptians can non populate in the desert where there is no H2O and no installations. Most of Egyptians are uncomfortable for this thought because desert is non safe for human to populate in.

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If authorities could see this necessities that desert does non hold, it could pass a luck and a immense sum of money and resources to do it go on. Egyptian authorities discussed this solution and it is really hard to do it in short clip, it is a long clip solution.

The 2nd solution that scientists and research workers suggested is giving hapless people and unemployed a monthly income until they have occupations and can depends on themselves such as Switzerland and many states. This solution could hold many advantages in the same clip first it will increase the trust between authorities and people. Peoples need to experience that they can a anchor can depend on it and authorities should give people this feeling. Second it will increase self-assured, comfort and quiet head in hapless people and unemployment to develop themselves and seek more and more about occupations they want. Unfortunately this solution did non win because 20 % of Egypt’s population lives under poorness line, while 49 % of upper-Egypt can non bring forth the chief demands of nutrient harmonizing to studies released by ( Egypt cardinal Agency for public Mobilization and statics, 2013 ) and most of young persons are unemployed and there ages prevarications between 18 to 29 old ages old is about to 23.7 % that about to 20 million of Egyptians as a study published by ( Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, 2008 ) as it mentioned in the old essay. Government can non see a immense sum of money for this immense figure of hapless people and unemployed. It will necessitate lucks and immense sum of resources besides to do it go on, it needs besides that state should be really rich and has a immense sum of stocks and that does non satisfied.

After elaborate researches, scientists and research workers found an effectual solution that has the capableness of get the better ofing poorness non in Egypt merely but all over the universe. Many of people who are the cause of overpopulation and faced poorness are consequence of ignorance. The entire figure of uneducated who are 10 old ages old or more are exceed 16 million in 2012 harmonizing to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics ( CAPMAS ) . Harmonizing to describe published by ( Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, 2010 ) , the rate of uneducated aged from 15 to 24 was merely 8.5 % , nevertheless people aged 60 or more are 62.3 % . This indicates should drop in the hereafter and to cut this curb authorities should better instruction system and increase the consciousness of people. Education is solution for many jobs first educate people the danger of overpopulation and how it affects severely on people life and state. Second educate and train young persons to better their accomplishments and increase their cognition to be hold many opportunities to hold better occupations. First authorities should work out overpopulation job and misss are one of the major solution. In developing states poorness is the cause why many misss can non go on their instruction. They marry early, work early the many Fieldss in order to assist their households to hold the nutrient to last. The solution of this job rests on the shoulders of 12 old ages old or more misss that populating under poorness line. Government should back up these misss and their households by supplying them in safe and bettering countries to larn, giving them accomplishments of life, wellness nutrition and mentoring them to travel above this job. Family planning is besides considered as an instruction solution, it aims to implement households to diminish its rate of birth and that will diminish the figure of birth on the universe population non Egypt merely. Increasing instruction system and consciousness about household planning can assist besides. Many people misunderstand the construct of surgical procedure which is related to household planning deter the people, particularly in male thought that procedure could non do them like normal or their households, so they do non do it. Sex instruction should be considered and take in rest in instruction system to work out this job. Many of male parents and female parents see this solution could do their kids more severely by doing their kids more cognizant about the basic construct and natural sides of sex. Most of these parents see this solution from one point of position, if they think about how difficult their kids will confront in the hereafter from poorness and its effects from unemployment, condemnable, wellness impairment as it mentioned in the old essay they will hold to educate them and increase their consciousness and sex instruction and the danger of overpopulation. Hence, it is of import to bury these suppressions and be able to learn ourselves and our kids the danger of overpopulation and the of import of sex instruction for the greater good terminal the common good. These solutions are under accomplishable and treatment from authorities and people to get the better of poorness. The major key to work out poorness is education by cooperation between authorities and people by increasing their consciousness of the menaces that posted by overpopulation which causes poorness. The 2nd manner in work outing poorness is to educate and develop young persons to better their accomplishments and their cognition to be able to work. Some people argue that instruction is the cardinal to many jobs that Egypt economic system faced. In fact, it is really easy to turn out that instruction is the reply to. If it assumed that unemployment is cyclical non structural that means unemployed will acquire occupations in the related industries. Unfortunately, in existent this does non satisfied because companies can non use everyone they are looking for a high qualified and overeducated to better their industry in field of production. If the job is structural, so specific sections of industries should be responsible for unemployment jobs, and so, those workers will necessitate to better their accomplishment to acquire a new occupation.

Bing a university alumnus does non do it easy to hold occupation, although they took many old ages to larn and be alumnus and that prove the statistics that published by ( Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, 2013 ) said that the figure of this immature montage alumnus and mid qualified is besides great with regard to Egyptian young persons who do non hold any occupation. These young persons rates in work forces university alumnuss are 36 % contrasted with 37 % during the old twelvemonth. These young persons in mid qualified is 14 % . These young persons in ladies university alumnuss are 57 % and 25 % for mid qualified. Companies do non seek for alumnus merely they search approximately high qualified which should take from alumnus to better their accomplishments, and there are immense spreads between high qualified and fresh alumnus. High qualified has dependability and movable accomplishments such as working in squads and the ability to work out jobs. As large researches published by ( university universe intelligence, 2014 ) show that there is accomplishments mismatch between the companies demands for employment from shows of accomplishments in the workplace and the alumnus such as, specially the accomplishments that related to communicating accomplishments a determination devising and critical thought.

Solving the alumnus unemployment jobs need a immense attempt and cooperation between the particular section of authorities and society, both to better the quality of university instruction system, to heighten the single life opportunities and to portion in the developments of the society to be portion of it, increasing feelings of citizenship and democracy. Decreasing pupil ratio to go to talks, better the staff and hearing to the voice of pupils about instruction and acquisition, could assist to happen a solution. Experiences and practising outside the instruction room should be a top precedence in heightening employability, such as pupil engagement in excess activities to larn more accomplishments in thought and communications. More specific presentation required besides to demo pupils more information about occupation chances, to do them able to believe in their endowments and better them when it is necessary. Induce closer dealingss with employers, to update course of study and affect the representatives of industry in classs to present to pupils and the quality of occupation demands. Bettering instruction system requires a strong will from authorities and society, resources, researches and analysis.

Finally, poorness is a major challenge for Egyptian authorities and people. Despite the assorted solutions that scientists and research workers suggested either increasing the size of land that Egyptians live in or giving hapless people and unemployed monthly income boulder clay they get occupations such as Switzerland the instruction is the most suited and effectual solution to get the better of the incubus of poorness within a short period of clip without passing a immense sum of money or resources. Education excels all other solutions and reflects much better consequences. Scientists, research workers, authoritiess and persons must work together to promote accomplishment this solution. Increasing of poorness rate in Egypt is go oning and its effects are existent. If it is non taken earnestly, it will hold serious and danger effects that will impact severely on the coevalss that will come.


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