Sparkling Glass

Limited and the evaluation of the options available for the post of General shift in- charge, recommendation and the action plan. It is recommended to promote Mr.. Punjabi as the new General shift in-charge at Sparkling glass limited. Regards Executive Summary Shoo who is the person in-charge of general shift is retiring; there is a need to appoint a new person in his place. It has to be either one of the four shift in-charges- Khan, Punjabi, Guppy and Galatia or request the head office to recruit a new person or give an extension to Shoo. Recommendation for this would be Mr..

Punjabi. Punjabi would be the right person as he has an experience of twelve years in the company, which has helped him earn respect among the workers and have a strong influence on the unions. He is good at training workers, which implies that he has good floor knowledge. He also has enough practical knowledge required for the General Shift in-charge position. Number of words – 122 Contents Situational Analysis As Shoo is retiring, a replacement is required to take up his place in the organization and the candidates for the same are: Khan, Punjabi, Guppy and Galatia.

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The major skill sets required for the Job would be knowledge about production landing, scheduling, costing and people skills. These skills are to be possessed in a person, for him to perform efficiently in the workplace. Khan is the most qualified among all the candidates and has been working with the Company for the last three years. He also has excellent communication skills and is good in solving problems on the customer side. The issue with Khan is that, of late there has been a decline in his performance and he cites marriage as a reason for that.

He also says that he wants to work in a general shift as he is doing a course on Production Planning and management in the evening, but this contradicts with his earlier said statement of not being able to put in extra hours citing marriage as a reason, thus reliability could be a problem. Also his relations with the employees are not good and he again blames the employees and the workers for the same, but this is one of the most important factors that would be required for the position of General shift in-charge.

Punjabi has an experience of twelve years with the company. He has very good relations with the employees and is also respected by the workers. Also he seems to be the most loyal and trusted employee in the company. The only problem with Punjabi is that he does not have any formal training in production planning, but he claims that it would not be a problem and if required he can pick up those skills easily. He also had helped a lot of workers by training them, including Mr.. Parkas for a brief period of time. Which implies that he has good floor knowledge.

Guppy is a Glass Technologist and has been with the company for the last three years. He has been doing departmental planning and so can be concluded that he has enough experience in planning. He as well claims that even without adequate training from Shoo, he has been picking up the intricacies of the Job pretty well. The issue regarding him is that he has been involved in the desk Job and interactions with the employees have been minimum until now, hence his relation with the employees has just been adequate.

Also he warns Parkas, he not being appointed in the post of Shoo might lead to planning going haywire, which is not a good sign. Galatia is relatively new to the organization but has a work experience of four years in a similar field. But as he is new to the organization, he is not familiar with the company processes and the unit in particular. He has good grasping capacity and also is good with employee relations which is evident from the fact that he has been successful in solving critical issue between two workers in the past.

Also he has been performing satisfactorily in his shift so far. The issue with Galatia is that he does not have a formal education in planning so far which is one of the major drawback. Also he’s planning to do an evening course in planning and management which implies that he has not enough knowledge about it and due to this course he wouldn’t be able to work extra hours anymore if required. If not the four of them, either a new person will be circuited or Shoo will be given an extension. Recruiting a new person for this position would cause a lot of problems in the company.

This might a friction with the existing shift-in-charges, denominates the staffs wishing to get promoted, who have been working for the company for many years. The option of giving extension to shoo is not a very wise decision to make as he’s not been performing well and this might commensurate with the company’s ambition to recuperate the losses of the previous two years. Problem Statement The decision that the organization has to make is about whom to select among the our available candidates to replace Shoo. Options There are the options available, 1. Khan 2. Punjabi 3.

Guppy 4. Galatia 5. Recruiting a new person or giving an extension for Shoo Criteria for Evaluation To be considered in the given order of importance 1) Good Relations with the employees and the union. 2) Knowledge about production planning, scheduling and costing 3) Ability to handle tense situations Evaluation of Options 1. In good relations with the employees and the union It is clear from the situation analysis that Khan’s relation with the employees is not good and employees have a dislike towards him. Punjabi has excellent relations with the employees and they respect him.

Guppy has been doing the on the desk Job of departmental planning, hence his interactions and relation with the employees is just adequate. Galatia has good relations with the employees so far. 2. Knowledge about production planning, scheduling and costing Khan is the most qualified among the four which proves that he has the knowledge to carry out the job. Punjabi has little theoretical knowledge in the field of production planning, but with the experience that he has gained during the twelve years of working in the many, he would have more practical knowledge about how the work needs to be done.

Guppy is a glass technologist and has been doing departmental planning. Galatia has a diploma and also has been acquiring other diplomas through correspondence. 3. Ability to handle tense situations Khan has good communication skills and has been good in resolving customer issues. Punjabi has a strong influence over the union and is respected by the workers. Since he has twelve years of experience in the company, he will be able to handle any kind of tough situations and hence has edge over the others. Guppy has just adequate relations with the workers owing to his desk Job.

Galatia proves his ability to handle tense situations by putting across an issue that he solved among two workers from two different unions. Recommendation From the above analysis it is clear that Mr.. Punjabi would be suitable for the position of the General Shift in-charge. Action Plan 1 . Promote Punjabi for the post. 2. Explain Galatia the reasons for not being promoted to that position even though he is doing a good Job so far. 3. Discuss with Khan and Guppy, owing to their performance so far, they would be more suitable for posts in their respective fields.

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