Speaker Critique of George Lucas Inspirational Speech

This video is in the speech held by Academy of Achievement. The Academy of Achievement is a Washington, D. C. -based non-profit organization that aims to bring high profile, successful people from various fields together with “young achievers” to inspire them to succeed. The speaker of this video is George Lucas, which is the creator of Star Wars and it is in Gag 12, 2013, Washington D. C. George Lucas talk about his life experience and the advice for entrepreneurs and students for about 1 1 minutes long.

In his speech, I feel he really want to share his personal suggestion based on his life experience. He want his audience could accept his suggestion and makes his suggestion be helpful for his audience in future. He always give suggestion after he give a story of his successful life experience. For example, He suggested his audience “do what your parent don’t want you to do but do it inside you” because he is succeed in film industry but his father didn’t want him to do this. The occasion in this speech has two parts. First one is audience expectation.

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Because the Academy of Achievement is a Washington, D. C. -based non-profit organization that aims to bring high profile, successful people from various fields together with “young achievers” to inspire them to succeed. The audience in this speech want to be inspired by his speech and his life experience. They want to learn the key that these people can be succeed in life. Therefore, they really want to hear suggestion from him. The second part is surrounding events. Because of Academy of Achievement is a series of speech, many speaker gave speech before him.

He mentioned these speaker talked about happiness in their speech. Then, he give his own opinion about happiness. He consider these two point in his speech. Therefore, he mainly talked about his success in life and give suggestion. Because of the properties of the Academy of Achievement, the majority of audience of this speech are young students and entrepreneur. Their education level are mainly higher than bachelor degree. Their age is around 20-30. He really consider about this. His speech is mainly talk about his life experience in college and the time after he graduate.

He also give detail about how to choose what you want to study in college. That means he noticed his audience are mainly student. In the first sentence of his introduction, he introduced Indiana Jones and other people that help him write this story and made the movie. This is a good idea to developing interest of audience and makes them feel he is a modestly person. That could help audience pay attention to his speech. Also, he mentioned what he will talk about in his speech. He give two clear point. All of these method using makes this speech really effective.

One thing I think he could improve is interact with some audience by ask some questions like. That would makes introduction more effective. He gave many support material in his speech. The most important part is example or his personal life experience. He give suggestion to audience that not do what your parent think you should do, do it inside of you. Because his father don’t want him to do anything about art and movie. He actually get succeed in movie industry. He also use repetition in his speech as support material, he said not do what peers think you should do, not do what your parents think you should do.

That makes his statement much stronger and reliable. All of these choice are very useful because his own life experience is the greatest example for his audience to accept and much easier for his audience to understand these advices. I think he was using Motivated Sequence in his speech. First, he start to talk his life experience to gain attention from audience, then state the problem or needs he faced in college. Then, he talked about how he solve these problem with right method. He summarized his choice as suggestions for his audience.

That is the action for audience like “not to do what your parents think you should do, do it inside of you and do thing with passion”. He used transition when he talked about another point. For example, he use transition “many speaker talked about happiness in their speech” to start talk about his opinion about happiness. That is effective for audience to transit to other things. The main point is to give suggestion to audience about how to decide our future and what we should do, do what we like or what other people think we should do.

He also discussed how to live a happy life. He spent majority of his speech time on talking about his life experience of study and path choose in college. His conclusion is really effective because he restate his statement about happiness in life. He said he is gone without happiness. His emphasis the importance of happiness in his life. It makes his opinion more clearly for audience to understand. He also establish a costive mood by give a closely conclusion to audience. He is credible for majority of his audience. He got incredible success in his life.

That makes him credible to talk about key about how to be succeed for audience. He also experience life path choose and college study. That makes him credible to talk about how to choose a correct path for life when you are in college. Also, he is a successful director in movie industry. That makes him credible to talk about something about movie. His language is effective because his language is appropriate, no grammar error and clear in speech. He always use simple short sentence in his speech. That is easier for audience to understand the main point of the speech.

That is more important than use complicate and beauty language because he know the target of the speech is to give advice to audience. There is not grammar error in his speech that makes his speech more credible and effective. His main point is pretty clear because of the use of simple word and sentence. Do what you like to do and live with happiness are the main point in this speech. His voice is comfortable and the speed is appropriate for audience to understand his opinion. He talked by using peaceful tone in his speech. It is like the regular talk between parents to kids.

This is effective for audience to accept these suggestion. He talked not too loud could help audience accept is suggestions with positive mood. He always use different gesture to enhance his statement. That’s effective to help audience to understand what he is talking about and his attitude about his talking about. He also keep eye contact to gain attention from audience. He put both of his hand on table means he feel pretty relax and confident in speech. That’s also bring the credible for audience and makes audience accept his suggestion easier.

His did great Job in his speech. 11 minute is not really a long time. But he established credibility for audience to accept his suggestion successfully. He didn’t give too much surprised point. Everything looks peaceful but he really gain the trust of audience for him in these 11 minutes. I feels comfortable when I was watching video. That’s makes me accept his suggestion much easier. Not too loud voice, peaceful tone and sincere heart are important for his speech. Bring confident and feel relax when you give speech to audience is the important point I learned from his speech.

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