Staffing Plan Paper

Staffing Plan Paper Giselle Walton MGT431 October 12, 2010 Lori Gardner Staffing Plan Paper Appropriate staffing can be the key to success for many organizations therefore, the human resources (HR) department must develop a staffing plan. In this paper I will develop a staffing plan for a new division at T-Mobile called Loyalty. Loyalty will consist of marketing, customer service, distribution, and accounting. Specific strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants including the legal compliance of said strategies will be developed in this paper. Initially HR has to understand the need for the division called Loyalty.

The loyalty division will meet the needs of customers who have been with the company for more than two years. The emphasis on these customers is necessary because customers typically join a cell phone provider with a two-year contract, for one of three things, coverage, rate plan pricing, or handset (phone). Customers remain with a cell phone provider after the initial two years because of satisfaction with their current provider. The Loyalty division will be responsible for implementing specific initiatives to maintain customer satisfaction. T-Mobile has 33. million customers (T-Mobile USA, 2010). The number of people needed for the loyalty division is determined by the average number of customer losses during the year. In the first and second quarter of 2010, T-Mobile lost 170,000 customers to other cell phone providers (T-Mobile USA, 2010). By constructing and applying models that predict demand for labor using these statistics, T-Mobile will have conducted a trend analysis using the loss of customers as a leading indicator to determine future labor demand (Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, 2007). Marketing

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T-Mobile will require three people in support of the Loyalty division. The marketing team has to have a marketing specialist, who will design, generate and deliver programs in support of the services and products the Loyalty Division delivers. The specialist will report to a marketing manager already in place covering a different role. The Loyalty division programs will be added to the marketing manager’s list of responsibilities. A marketing coordinator will also be added to the marketing team to interact with customer service, sales and product development to ensure communications reflect the same branded company message.

The marketing coordinator will also assist the specialist in creating sales presentations, report production and analysis of market trends, new products, pricing, and competition. Customer Service The Customer Service positions will be the most critical positions to fill because these employees directly interact with customers daily. This segment of hiring would begin with managers, supervisors and seniors then move to the customer service representatives. As a T-Mobile employee, I am aware that customer service representatives work in teams of 15 representatives to one senior representative and one supervisor.

Each manager has six supervisors reporting to him or her therefore, HR would need to hire one manager, six supervisors and senior representatives and 90 customer service representatives. The T-mobile customer service representative standard for calls works out to a minimum of six calls per hour to receive 48 calls per eight hour shift. With 90 customer service representatives working daily that works out to an average of 4,320 calls per day for the customer loyalty division. At a rate of 10% of customers lost who call in to customer service on a weekly basis, 17,000 customers would call in during a seven day period (T-Mobile USA, 2010). 0 customer service representatives working different schedules that cover the entire customer service day of six am to mid-night would take an average of 21,600 calls in a five-day work week; more than enough to handle the call flow. The customer service representatives would receive training from the marketing specialist on new promotions, mailers, bill stuffers, and offers for long term customers. The representatives would be able use these elements to address at risk customer issues in an effort to reduce customer disconnects and increase customer loyalty. Distribution

When offers of reduced pricing are accepted for equipment, meeting delivery expectations becomes an important part of enhancing the customer experience to maintain satisfied loyal customers. An inventory specialist in the current distribution center would be given the additional task of segregating and maintaining inventory levels to meet the needs of the customer loyalty department. Recruitment Strategies The best strategy for obtaining the right people, for the newly created customer loyalty positions, would be internal recruiting followed by company website if necessary.

The strategy for this type of recruitment requires no additional funding and is the best opportunity for HR to hire employees who already have an investment in customer loyalty because they already work for the company and are familiar with company values (Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, 2007). Additional benefits of internal recruiting are the ability to see performance evaluations for the applicants and the ability to set a requirement that all applicants must be meeting the company performance standards set for their current position.

The move to the newly created division would be seen as a career path for many employees and a promotion for others. Internal recruiting would begin with a job posting announcement via e-mail to all employees. The initial e-mail would include job requirements and position responsibilities in addition to a link to the company intranet. On the company intranet site, employees would have the opportunity to get more information on the new positions and complete an application.

The physical location of the new division would be the best place to start to reduce travel expenditures and increase excitement for the new division. In the event that all positions are not filled within the physical location, the job posting would open to all T-mobile locations with the specification that the company would not provide a relocation package. The application process on the company intranet would include an assessment to test personality and determine which applicants are the best fit for the high stress of the customer loyalty customer service representative positions.

Legal Compliance Internal recruiting of the kind previously described allows the company to remain legally compliant to the complex applicant tracking requirements and Equal Employment Opportunity regulations concerning employment practices. The propensity for unfavorable reports with regard to recruiting internal applicants has created the need for the self nominating process that begins with an employee clicking on a link if he or she has an interest in a posted position (Newman, 2009).

According to Newman, 2009, the regulatory complexities make it necessary for policies like the T-Mobile self nominating process because they limit the risk of legal exposure for the company. T-Mobile can show proof that the opportunity was broadcast to all possible internal applicants also by inserting a link to the job description and application; each employee had equal opportunity apply for the position if he or she meets the given position requirements. Privacy is maintained because each applicant can only see their own information and upon submission, the information enters a HR database to determine eligibility.

Employment eligibility is already met because internal employees have already proven their employment eligibility. The use of a personality assessment test increases the legitimacy of the assessment criteria. The assessment measures and combines several types of personality traits and returns a number that signifies if the applicant possesses the personality traits that would make him or her a good fit for the position characteristics (Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, 2007). HR can use this information to make a fair and unbiased decision that meets all legal requirements. * * * References Newman, E. (2009, March 29). Improving the Internal Recruiting Process: A Strategic Opportunity for HR. Retrieved from http://www. ere. net Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright. (2007). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Second Edition. Retrieved from Raymond A. Noe, John R. Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, MGT431 – Human Resources Management website. T-Mobile USA. (2010, August 5). Company Information. Retrieved from http://www. t-mobile. com/Company/InvestorRelations. aspx

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