Stone Finch

STONE FINCH , INC. :YOUNG DIVISION , OLD DIVISION Action plan ACTION PLAN BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE CASE STUDY This case study focuses on the problems in introducing innovation strategies into an older manufacturing write an essay below to describe the process by which mrna is formed organization. PROBLEMS:- 1) Motivation of employees. 2) Lack of growth opportunities for the employees. 3) Proper human resource management. 4) Lack of coordination between the subsidiaries. 5) Improper flow of command within the organisation. 6) Subsidiary management. 7) Growth management. 8) Fulfilment of the various level needs of the employees. SOLUTIONS:- ) Motivating the employees by adopting various methods such as regular appraisals, monetary and non- monetary incentives, bonuses,etc. 2) Incorporation of a Training and Skill Development Program in the organisation so that employees seek growth opportunities within the organisation. 3) Reinforcement of employees. 4) Defining proper chain of command by reviewing the policies of the firm. 5) Formulating properly defined channels of communication to avoid chaos, duplication of work and miscommunication among the various departments. 6) Division of work load more equitably among the subsidiaries. ) Adoption of strategies to promote job security among the employees. 8) Bringing in challenging work so that the employees don’t see their jobs as a burden instead making them willing to take up risk and challenges. 9) Providing the employees with recognition in the form of awards, certificate of merit, and other acknowledgments for their achievements. 10) Involving the employees in decision making process and thinking over the ideas and reviews given by them. 11) Conducting regular “Jam Sessions” to know the grievances and views of the people working in the organisation.

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