Stream Ecology Intro Essay

In this lab we measured and examined several different factors from Prickett’s Creek. In the undermentioned debut I will explicate what watercourse ecology is and how are experiments will warrant or appeal my hypothesis.

Stream ecology is the overall wellness of the H2O and the environing ecosystem. There are many different constituents that make up a stream’s wellness. The chief factors that affect watercourse ecology are: geology. clime. flora. foods. bacteriums. temperature. DO ( Dissolved O ) . and toxic chemicals. The form of the land and the dirt is besides a large portion and can be changed with human activity. The gait of the watercourse can besides alter the type of ecosystem that the watercourse is.

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Climate plays a major portion in watercourse wellness. The Sun. temperature. and season are all comparative when discoursing the wellness of a watercourse. As I wrote my hypothesis I tried to remember the conditions and Sun exposure over this past twelvemonth. When the Sun is out workss carry out a stage called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when the workss convert CO2 ( C dioxide ) into O2 ( O ) for nutrient. The O2 so is released into the H2O which is great because dissolved O is needed for a healthy watercourse.

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Vegetation is of import in watercourse wellness because they carry out photosynthesis. They besides provide shelter and good for beings. They besides provide stableness and support for the dirt and deposits of the watercourse. No home ground would be able to develop for animate beings and organisms if everything in the watercourse would maintain being washed off.

Bacterias and toxic chemicals are a major factor. but they are non a helpful factor. Toxic chemicals in the watercourse are chiefly caused by human activity. When toxic chemicals are present in the watercourse this could do many jobs and consequence in an unhealthy watercourse. Toxic chemicals such as the cancer-causing chemicals ( carcinogenic hydrocarbons ) that are released by autos. trucks. new waves. and other vehicles can do pollution in a watercourse. These chemicals can do monolithic harm in fish and birds. When many of the fish and birds are killed by bacteriums and chemicals this can do an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Bacterias in the H2O are similar to toxic chemicals in how it affects stream wellness and being. There are many different types of bacteriums that can be found in H2O. Most are risky to the wellness of the ecosystem and can kill animate beings and conflict H2O wellness. E coli is a bacterium that is normally monitored in H2O because they can assist find the sum of pathogens in the H2O that can do wellness issues. Bacterias are introduced into the H2O the same as toxic chemicals are ; H2O and rain can transport these bacteriums and chemicals through overflows.

In our experiment we will be dividing up into groups of four. Each group will take H2O samples at different locations of the watercourse and find several traits of the H2O in the watercourse. We will besides be roll uping organisms and insects that are found in the ecosystem. We will besides be observing the H2O conditions such as olfactory property. colour. and trash.

A batch of of import information that we find will be taken by our investigation devices that step temperature. pH. and more. Since there are so many factors that go into watercourse wellness we will hold to enter several different variables at the site of Prickett’s brook. Hopefully we do non happen any representation of harmful chemical degrees. bacteriums. and toxins in the watercourse. If we do non happen any harmful factors in the ecosystem so I believe my hypothesis will be right that the watercourse will be comparatively healthy.


1- Tropical Stream Ecology ( book )
This book talks about the ecological responses of watercourse home grounds. The book discusses what and how the factors affect the watercourse home ground. The book discusses the largest impact on watercourse ecology which is deforestation and the over usage of land by human ; such as over-fishing. dam building and the usage of pesticides. This book discusses the jobs and solutions to repairing an unhealthy watercourse home ground

Dudgeon. D. 2007. Tropical Stream Ecology. Academic Press. CA

2- Methods in Stream Ecology ( Second Edition )
This book negotiations about all of the variables that affect watercourse ecology. It besides gives a description of assorted organic structures of H2O types and how they are affected. This book discusses temperature. visible radiation. and O as the chief beginnings for fondness watercourse ecology. Temperature affects motion of molecules and besides how animate beings populating procedures are affected by temperature. Light is a big portion in works growing because it is needed for photosynthesis to take topographic point. Oxygen can impact metamorphosis processes in animate being and besides diminish atmospheric force per unit area.

Hauer. F. R. . Lamberti. G. A. 1996. Methods in Stream Ecology ( Second Edition ) . Academic Press. CA.

3- Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists
This book discusses how to analyze a watercourse. It addresses and defines many footings that will be utile to cognize before analyzing your watercourse. It besides discusses all factors that could be impacting the watercourse you are analyzing. The book discusses stream flow. currents. salts. flora. and much more.

Gordon. N. D. 2004. Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists. Wiley. NJ. pp 446. Review Articles:

1- Journal of the North American Benthological Society
This is a reappraisal of the 2nd edition of Hauer and Lamberti’s Methods in Stream Ecology. This reappraisal discusses the major content alteration from the first edition to the new edition. It discusses the strengths and failings that the book has in item. It besides discusses the construction of information.

Stout. B. 2008. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 27 ( 1 ) :223

2- Journal of the North American Benthological Society
This is a reappraisal of the 2nd edition of Hauer and Lamberti’s Methods in Stream Ecology. This reappraisal discusses how it does non hold all the content that a reader on this subject is specifically looking for. The reappraisal provides beginnings to happen specific information on topics that were mentioned but non specifically covered. This reappraisal discusses the techniques explained in the book. Corkum. L. D. 1996. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 15 ( 4 ) :728-730 Journal Articles:

1- Increase in Riparian Vegetation along Peterson Creek. North Queensland 1938–2004 This diary article discusses the Increase in Riparian Vegetation along Peterson Creek. North Queensland. It discusses the alteration in certain variables such as land and temperature and how these affect the flora growing. This article besides discusses many other factors that affect flora growing and the account of the turning.

Freeman. A. D. . Seabrook. L. S. 2006. Increase in Riparian Vegetation along Peterson Creek. North Queensland 1938–2004. 7 ( 1 ) :63-68.

This article discusses the book: “Methods in Stream Ecology. ” Second Edition. edited by F. Richard Hauer and Gary A. Lamberti. It explains how the book is broken down and what parts it is broken down into. It discusses the background of the authors of the book. This reappraisal besides discusses the demand and concluding for the 2nd edition.

Baker. J. A. 2008. The Quarterly Review of Biology. 83 ( 4 ) :392.

Web sites:
1- Stream Profiles. an Environmental Probe.
This web article discusses a group of pupils whose undertaking is based on watercourse ecology. A squad of three working 10 pess apart collected assorted informations on many different organic structures of H2O. They collected informations that would detect what is impacting on the watercourses and its’ environment.

Minnesota Environmental Sciences Foundation. Inc. 1972. Stream Profiles. an Environmental Investigation. National Wildlife Federation. VA

2- Acting for Ecology.
This web article is an article to assist learn and explicate ecology to 4th. fifth. and 6th class pupils. Wayne. A. Acting for Ecology. 1976. Highline Public Schools. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. highlineschools. org/Pages/Home. aspx 3- Mind-Full of Ecology.

This is a series of articles created by highline schools to learn the ecology plan.

Horton. S. Mind-Full of Ecology. 1976. Highline Public Schools. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. highlineschools. org/Pages/Home. aspx

I believe the watercourse ecology of Prickett’s brook will be comparatively healthy. I have read different articles that discuss about watercourse ecology and what helps a organic structure of H2O have a healthy ecosystem. My hypothesis is that the watercourse will hold a healthy ecosystem with many different beings and workss. I back up my hypothesis with many different grounds. One of the chief and most of import grounds is the sun handiness to the watercourse. With sun light the watercourse will be really healthy. The Sun allows all of the workss in the H2O to transport out photosynthesis. which produces O into the H2O. This O in the H2O will assist organisms transport out their metamorphosis rhythms. When the DO is high in watercourses they are considered healthy because of the H2O being supersaturated. Recently the summer has been warm and Sun has been available a batch. So with this known I would hold to state the watercourse is healthy due to recent conditions and season.

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