Study Habits

Sometimes a purely quantitative matter, while having the findings of lengthy, comprehensive research published by a recognized journal is also a notable academic achievement (Insane 1983 ). When students get admission in a university, they have no idea about studies requirement. Most of them have old patterns of seeking knowledge at the beginning, they apply the same old techniques but after some time they realize that old techniques are no more effective. Gradually they started developing mature study style.

Some dents, when enter the higher education institution, feel free themselves from all the worries of studies which affect their studies negatively. Even they get failed in their tests or exams and there are some other poor study habits which affect the achievement of the students. These are as follow: This is a very common mistake which is made by students, and also most unavoidable from the side Of students. When students enter, especially in the universities, they think of themselves free from every duty of studies.

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When students leave their classes, due to this, their study habits are also affected. They get used to it and lose their positions. If they want to succeed in their lifer they should be punctual in their studies, attend all lectures which the teacher delivers in the class. Hostel is a place where usually travelers and students live in a supervised environment. Mostly hostels are used by the students, who come from distant places to earn their degrees.

Hostel life has a great impact on the academic achievement of the students. Some students gain knowledge in proper manner but some do not. The reason is that some students do not feel comfortable in hostels and get home sick. On the other side, those students who are day scholars, they also have some problems. Some have home conflicts and other factors which influence their academic achievements. Because of these problems, they can never be able to achieve good results in their academics.

Sometimes students those are living in hostels face many difficulties due to economic hardships or home sickness UT still work hard and achieve good grade and sometime they deviate due to lack of proper supervision and guidance so in the case of day scholars. Present study is design to explore this mystery that whether day scholar’s students have good study habits and higher academic achievement or hostel living students have more effective study habits and higher academic achievements.

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